David Archuleta: Shooting New Music Video in Hong Kong!

David Archuleta: Shooting New Music Video in Hong Kong!

David Archuleta lets his fans know what he’s up to in this new video blog uploaded on Thursday (October 27).

One of the exciting new projects the 20-year-old singer is working on is a music video shoot in Hong Kong!

“I’ve spent time in the Hong Kong airport but not in Hong Kong itself so fun times!” David said.

David also added, “It’s also been awhile since I shot a music video.”

David has been doing some heavy traveling lately. He’s recently visited Florida and Las Vegas and will be heading to Hong Kong and Singapore in the upcoming month.

David Archuleta Video Blog
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  • http://www.twitter.com/gc_r0cks DL

    Come to New Zealand

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    Such a cutie! ^^


    Man, this guy has been so under the radar ever since 2008. He should get more publicity or something.

  • http://Ma_nolia Manal

    Come to Jordan\Middle East… :D

  • alana

    LOVE YOU DAVID!! Can’t wait to see the new MV. Trying to get my parents to agree to travel for one of your Christmas tour shows. Fingers crossed!!!!

  • Kingston

    Can’t wait for the new video. Wait is my favorite song off the Asian Tour edition of The Other Side of Down. Hope Sony got him a cool Hong Kong movie director to make it.

  • Paulie

    He’s basically an Asian star now. After flopping in the US and being released by his label, he must be grateful to his Asian fans.

  • alana

    Asians have great taste. They seem to appreciate real talent and not those who need autotune and swagger coaches! David has fans all over the world though, and hopefully the US music scene will start promoting singers who can actually SING, Adele gives me hope this is happening.

    David is enjoying his life, singing for his many fans, and writing songs. He will soon be back with another label as he has had several offers. He was right to leave Jive even though they wanted him to stay. Jive did not do right by him, and now Jive is NO MORE! KARMA?

  • sv18

    I’m so excited!!!!!!! :D

  • Trish

    He’s so funny. He’s all telling us about going to Hong Kong and shooting a video for a song we didn’t even know was going to be a single and then goes right into explaining why he hasn’t had a haircut.

  • Chuckie888


    No, he was SABOTAGED by his label in America (Jive did the same to Ciara) and then David left voluntarily, contrary to reports, because they’d lost interest in him.

    The industry in the US prefers kids who can’t sing because Autotune gives them greater control over the singer (yank the Autotune plug and you’ve destroyed their careers).

    David a big star throughout Asia because no one attempted to squelch him there.

  • angel50

    The future in Archu-land is looking really good! I can’t wait for December 4th! Christmas and David…what a wonderful connection!

  • Kay

    David is far from a flop!!! He is a genuine, star….refusing to compromise his values for fame…like the rest of the music industy is doing!!
    David is pure music and pure heart. He is the real deal, and those who follow him are extremely blessed. David is much happier being true to himself than to be a carbon copy of the latest “flavor of the month”!
    He has helped so many people change their lives by being the wonderful role model he is. He doesn’t have to say anything…he just lives his life being honest with who he is!

    What a breath of fresh air !

  • djafan

    This is great great news!!! Wait is my favorite of the Asia Edition of The Other Side of Down.

    David will also be appearing on Channel V in Hong Kong which is the equivalent of MTV here and doing some shows! Yay for the band going with him.

    Glad to hear David is working on getting the songs released here, Everything and More, Notice Me, Love Don’t Hate, and Wait!

    I feel optimistic that this will spill over to the states. David’s tour has 6 of 12 VIP’s are sold out, VIPnation tweeted that VIP at the Nokia is almost sold out. The venues are on the average over half filled, some almost sold out and we have over a month still to go before it starts on Dec. 1st in New York.

    Very busy David. :)

  • Jacque

    Love David! I hope we get to see the MV for Wait. I love that song!

  • Annie318

    I love David’s vlogs. He’s so charming. Funny too. I’m really happy his career is moving right along. Going to see him @ Anaheim. VIP too! Can’t wait!!

  • TW

    Is he in Hong Kong yet? He’s going to love it there. Great food and lots to do. Also some of the friendliest people in the world. Hopefully he will have some time to do some sightseeing and tell us all about it.

  • Adinson

    He’s awesome!!!