Are Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Back On?
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  • sam


  • Selena

    Jared do your darn research. That article was first posted back in Jan. ITs an odd article. I’d think YOU of all people would know that seeing as you love them.

  • lauren

    this story is from january…so yea.

  • Sara12

    Why Jared why? Zac and Vanessa are clearly over, it’s been damn near a year and I think Vanessa is dating that Austin guy so….

  • Selena

    You can tell the story is old because it says “at the OPENING of Eden.” Eden posted in Jan. of this year so its clearly old.

  • Jasmine

    You’re an idiot if you believe this

  • joanne

    that was an old post. lame

  • Emem

    Twist was an idiot in the first place.. They reposted the story– check out the new date: October 31, 2011.

  •!/EfronHollywood zacharyfan


  • Selena

    @Emem: oceanup and other sites are posting this article as new also, I have no idea why.

  • proudofzacnessa

    Ok, i’m a Zanessa fan, i love this couple but
    ZAC is alone
    Vanessa..i dont know if she is dating with Austin but WTF
    U are so bad!

  • Tsquared

    If only….

  • http://@cyruslovesmafia lu


  • cess gabunales

    oh..please make it happen..c’mmon you guys..these two couldn’t be any lovelier than ever

  • zanessa fan


  • eat me

    noooooooooooo waaaaaaayyyyyy jjj aaargggghhhh i cant believe this they’ll nevvvver hook up again are you kidding i want a proofff jjjj

  • eat me

    i think they post this cuz it’s been almost a year they broke up i bet this twist thing wnt some billion so they came out with this….

  • Selena

    @eat me:

    But that doesn’t make sense. Re-posting this isn’t going to do anything. CLEARLY they are NOT together right now (Vanessa is in Alaska and Zac just got back to LA on Friday).

  • kami

    ha, that article must be what made that austin dude tweet this:

    “The past has no power over the present moment.”- Eckhart Tolle

    got him worried. lol

  • annii

    @eat me:
    zac has a movie coming out next month… sooo?? he needs his name out there…

    people should leave Vanessa alone… she is so happy in Alaska filming her movie and hanging out with friends, and Zac was yesterday at Miley´s Halloween Party… they’re not really friends anymore.

  • Selena

    @annii: Haha this has NOTHING to do with Zac having a movie come out. If people wanted to start something up it wouldn’t be that he got back with his GF.

    I agree I don’t believe they are friends anymore at all.

  • annii

    the tweet was like a week ago, when he was back in LA

  • annii

    everyone loves the zanessa relationship, and what better to bring Zac´s name out there again than this… He looks like the good guy who was in love with Vanessa and needed her.. this is better than talking about all her “meaningless hookups” or his nigths out. Zac fans are most of them little girls, they loves him and think he is pèrfect, so he always put the clean good boy image, out there.. it works for him…

    IA Vanessa looks more happy than ever, i hope they could be friends someday. but pretty sure they are not friends right now…

  • demiandlovatics

    this article is old. anyways as a fan of zanessa i really don’t care
    if they get back together or not, but if they did that would be great(actually that would be very great then maybe the media would pay more attention to them instead of the drama filled couple, jelena) if they dont whatever its their choice. i just hope they become friends and hang out like friends…

  • Selena

    @annii: I see what you mean but not ALL Zac fans are little nor do they think he’s perfect. I just think its stupid people are trying to pass this off as “new.” I LOVED zanessa just as much as the next person but I think its time people give it a rest. IF they do ever get back together we’ll for sure hear about it because it seems the media still cares about them. Just let life happen, ya know?

    I wish they would be friends as well but tbh it HAS to be hard to go from being lovers to JUST friends. Going from friends to lovers is easy, but taking steps back is VERY hard.


    YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS PLEASEE!!! <:D ZANESSA FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOS AAMOOO <33

  • jojoxx

    okay before all you freak out, if you check the link, its actually from January of this year, so like a month after their break-up. This is a false rumor, so don’t get your hopes up!

  • kami


    the hl article came out on the 26th and he tweeted on the 27th. lol

  • eat me

    @selena i agree it’s hard to get back to the old time and i agree not all zac’s fun is youngster i’m a fan im way older i’m a big fan of zanessa before i have thier poster and downloaded her song and watch their video’s over and over again that’s how obsessesd i am but now i accept the fact that this two are over and i dont think they’ll be friends their in hollywood world people will anticipate things like this write something not true so i don’t believe with this crap.

  • http://none its me

    there is a new rumor Vanessa hudgens died in a car accident (I hope it’s true) lol i hate her to death, zac is so much better without her ugly face . love you zac 4 ever.


    By the way she is not dating austin, her own mother said there only friends. also there pr people haven’t come out, to say this is not true, by the way i have known people that has broken up, then they have gotton back together, one was two years, then they got back together, and got married, it does happen.

  • Selena

    @BARBARA: I see what you’re saying but I’m not exactly sure why so many are so quick to believe Gina. OF COURSE she’s going to say they are only friends. Gina’s not stupid, she knows how Hollywood/fans/the press word. Like most mothers she’s going to do everything to protect her child. If Vanessa doesn’t want the world to know she’s with Austin of course her mother is going to help make that happen. All I’m saying is take what Gina/Stella say with a grain of salt. They aren’t stupid, they know what fans are trying to get at.

  • Selena

    @BARBARA: Their PR people also never confirmed their breaking so they for sure aren’t going to comment on something as silly as an old article coming out. Its their personal lives therefore their reps won’t comment on it. Just don’t expects a comment because its not going to happen, I’ll tell you that right now.

  • yets

    hope that next time i read this headline Hope its true and there is a Picture of them together.
    ok i still hoping for that.

  • peggy


    Stop making stuff up Gina has had nothing to say AT ALL regarding Austin and Vanessa. And I don’t know what planet you are on but it is unlikely he went all the way to Alaska a week or so after she left to visit “just a friend”.

    And Vanessa’s people aren’t going to come out with a statement true or not – they didnt through 5 years of Zanessa and they won’t now.

    FINALLY this article was posted in January and it is verbatim along with the fact Vanessa is in Alaska and Zac in LA.

  • thetis

    He looks like one of the Village People

  • bella

    No one knows what’s ahead in the future.

    If it’s their destiny, they are bound to meet again

  • peggy

    Pants a bit short? Not sure about this one

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Omg..I hope this is true,even though I know this was not true….

  • eat me

    @peggy LOL he’s hilarious!!!!!

  • Lorena

    I’ll be jumping up and down if thats true, yes!!!

  • getoverit

    They’re supposed to be that short. He’s going as Tom Lennon’s character, Jim Dangle, from the TV show Reno 911. Tom Lennon’s character always wore those hot pant-type shorts as part of his uniform.

  • Serene

    Zac shouldnt go back to her… Who you think you are…

  • http://isalovesnessa isabellaaa

    nooooo they not get back together! The whole article is fake! Cause Vanessa is filming in alaska so they can’t be in hollywood!

  • pandora

    Dont think so after looking at Zac’s Halloween outfit I am sadly thinking he is gay gay gay.

  • Ivana

    @pandora isnt the whole point of dressing up for halloween is to potray a character? So the person who dresses like a hooker is a hooker? Hold ur peace girl. He went to the party with Rumer.

  • eat me

    @ivana that’s right i don’t know what this pandora thinking!!!! I find him hilarious in that outfit and it should be hilarious tom reno is hilarious i think he pulled that off….

  • Merlin’s mum

    @annii: No. Not everyone loves the Zanessa relationship. And I believe he is perfectly capable of promoting his own films.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @pandora: I dressed as a serial killer this year. Does that mean I am one? You do understand that Halloween costumes are just for fun and not a reflection of your inner self don’t you?

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @Ivana: How do you know he went with Rumer?