Aly & AJ Michalka: Halloween with Zac Efron!

Aly & AJ Michalka: Halloween with Zac Efron!

Aly and sister AJ snap a pic with Zac Efron at a Halloween party over the weekend in Los Angeles.

The sisters hit up gal pal Miley Cyrus‘ party before heading out to Kate Hudson‘s.

Aly and AJ tweeted, “Off to some amazing Halloween parties tonight:) x pics coming soon” — and they delivered!

AJ donned a Queen of Hearts costume and Aly chose to be a cigarette girl (FYI — the cigarettes are fake!).

Zac is a cop from Reno 911. Emma Roberts is also pictured.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the costumes you see?

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  • Sierra

    I love Aly and Aj! Their costumes rule an I love zacs too!! Emma looks amazing!

  • amtfan

    zac looks so hot ;) and miley looks stunning <3 I’m glad zac and miley are friends!

  • vanessa’s love

    he is gay..he looks bad i hate him..gaygay he is loser i hope he die.

  • Nicky

    @vanessa’s love: I hope there are people out there who wish you the same. you’re such an idiot. it must be really crime that he wears such a halloween costume. do the world a favor and disappear and save your idiotic comments for someone who wants to hear/read them.

    and according to your nickname: vanessa isn’t the angel you think she is.

  • Selena


    Rock those hot pants. <3

  • Kay

    I agree with Nicky, Zac’s just having some fun, which is nice to see as we don’t see him much anymore

  • vanessa’s love

    iam who iam and am proud,.and your goldingboy is aloser and gay i hope he die today before tommorw..i hate him and i said onec that you will not like it, loser ugly gay.

  • pandora

    Love Zac but Hmmm that is a very gay looking outfit!!!

  • alyy

    Aly & AJ Looks gorgeous!!!

  • ehryle

    That Vhudge short lol they all gorgeous :)

  • Merlin’s mum

    @vanessa’s love: I have reported your posts. Regardless of who the celeb is wishing death on someone is hateful and offensive.

    Really, some people have no humour. It is Halloween, costumes are supposed to be fun! He probably knows just how gay this makes him look and he is laughing at ya!
    Still one hell of a sexy guy though!

  • vanessa’s love

    what do you mean of {i reported your posts}idont understand

  • vanessa’s love

    do you know who he went to the party with?

  • http://facebook me

    vanessas love shut up ok are you stupid or what i laughed really hard with his Halloween costume its really fun and gay come on people its halloween of course you are going to dress ridiculus that the concept but i hate alys costume and i love ajs costume maybe it is because i dont like aly and i like aj but his costume was a really good idea

  • Booksbunny

    zac looks so hot!!! loving the reno 911!

  • Merlin’s mum

    @vanessa’s love: Your posts can be removed for being offensive

  • mike

    like the costumes

  • Skylar

    @Merlin’s mum and @me thank youuu :)
    Agreed x1000000000000000000000000000000000

  • maria

    @vanessa’s love: That is just going way too far. There is no need to hate someone enough to wish death on them. Please. He’s done nothing to you, and Vanessa is just fine. Please.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Hahahah so funny :D@vanessa’s love: Hey man!watch out ur words!u are cursing ZAC u know??? And I know u cause sometime I saw u appear on Vanessa’s post,and I know u are Vanessa’s fans but please this guy has done nothing to u,u curse him just because he is a gay boy?oh please go see a doctor!@Nicky: and Nikki,Vanessa is not an angel that u think,u! are the angel that I think! :))

  • http://Lala Aiwen


  • eat me

    @me first i apologize bashing you on zac’s thread the last time :) i was wrong i was just mad at that time hope you accept my apology… I learned my lesson ”peace” @vanessa’s love hope you realize what your saying or you think before you say that that costume is look good on him i find him hilarious and it was halloween every body can wear crazy costume… A woman wear johnny deep costume here in my place no one consider her as a tomboy!!!! may i ask you do you consider jim carry a gay when he wore that skimpy bathing suit of his wife? NO right it’s just a fun thing and considering that’s not halloween!!! and we know zac is a joker so sorry to disappoint you but that’s a very stupid comment.

  • Raphaela

    Look at his mouth…I think he was kissing someone :s

  • mattie

    I think Zac looks very hot. @vanessa’s love: i think you should really think before you write because really wishing someone died is so offensive and not for. If you don’t have anything nice to said, don’t said anything at all.

  • mattie

    Sorry I forget to said call for. But seriously stop writing you wish someone died.

  • annii

    hahaha lol zac as gay cop

    she is not a Vanessa´s fan, she goes to her post and talk shit about her too…

  • Nicky

    @Aiwen: I’m no angel. I personally and people who know me would describe me as the devil himself. I’m an ice cold, incalculable, uncaring person. Important features that I need for my work and I also use for my private life.

  • amtfan

    @vanessa’s love: how is zac gay if he dated vanessa for FIVE years? last time I checked.. she was a girl. and hes being a cop from reno (I think) so stfu

  • say what?

    His costume is the Thomas Lennon character on Reno99-very clever

  • claudia

    hahaha..soo funny!!..loved all their customes!!..
    i just want to say something: all the bad things someone wish, will happen to that “someone”…
    Loove u Zac♥!

  • beatriz

    he looks so hot (:

  • claudia

    hahaha..soo funny!!..loved all their customes!!..

    i just want to say something: all the bad things someone wish, will happen to that “someone”…

    Loove u Zac♥!

  • Zacgirl

    Omg there’s a new rumor Vanessa died in car accident last night(I hope it’s true) Yayyy so happy I hate her to death zac is so much better without her ugly face

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    Lool .. love Miley’s costume

  • http://none HERRO

    omg theres a new rumor Vanessa hudgens died in car accident last night i hope its true yaaaaaay i hate her to death ,babe zac you looks sexy

  • pandora

    Really love Zac and just a little sad that this very gay costume confirms rumours that he is indeed gay. Sorry but I really dont think a straight guy would wear something like that.

  • say what?

    Unreal- obviously he’s wearing it because his former co-star is the character whose character he is- which was a gay detective in Reno 911. People make such lame comments

  • http://@jmacluver jasmine bazinet

    I think Zac looks GOOD lol!! O_o short shorts… lol!!

  • amtfan


  • amtfan

    @vanessa’s love: he made your idol happy for five years, if anything you should be worshiping this guy.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    yeah,then why don’t u change urself instead of people describe u till this?
    Vanessa is fully innocent here,why involve her in? u hate her?

  • cali_luvr93

    Haha LOVE this picture! Did not expect to see THAT much Efron, but he makes anything look good! ;)

  • Tomparker!!!

    Well They look awesome so just leave Zac alone!!

  • zanessa fan

    @vanessa’s love: YOU + YOU = IDIOT -.-’


  • Riley

    I saw alyand her sister aj at 6flags with there pretty blond friend! they are all so gorgeous

  • hate sucks

    vanessa’s love and pandora –
    What is wrong with you two? Why would you say that Zac is gay when you don’t even know him personally? How dare you make statements about someone when you have no proof that what you say is true?

    pandora – For your information, Tom Lennon, whose character Zac is copying, is married and has a child. Do you really think that just because he’s wearing a costume, that confims that he is gay? Are you really that stupid?

    vanessa’s love – You are just a racist, homophobe. Why would you wish that Zac would die? What has he ever done to you? If you don’t like him, then fine. Don’t read stuff about him. Don’t go to his movies. Just plain don’t have anything to do with him. People like you make me want to throw up.

  • maria

    @amtfan: Let’s turn that around and say how happy you should be that SHE also made him happy for 5 years. When are you haters gonna admit that he loved her for good reasons? Don’t you trust him or respect his choices? Obviously not. I have no problem admitting that she must have loved him, and she had her reasons. It was great while it lasted. But you all act like he was God’s gift to her and she didn’t deserve him. That’s what makes me sick about some of you.