Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama: Kiss Kiss!

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama: Kiss Kiss!

Wilmer Valderrama gives Demi Lovato a smooch as he walks her back to her car outside his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (November 1).

The two were linked together last year, just before Demi, 19, entered rehab for an eating and bipolar disorder.

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Demi recently told EXTRA that she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, though. “I don’t have a boy,” she declared on the program while talking about future music singles.

Looks like the photos tell a different story…

DO YOU THINK Wilmer and Demi make a cute couple? 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Midz

    She deserves to be happy after everything she went through!

  • lovatic

    isn’t he like a little too old for her?!

  • TaylorAnn

    Awww I think it’s cute :) they’d make a cute cupple. If it’s true then Im happy for her

  • amtfan

    I think they are cute.. I mean she probably wants a more mature man for once.

  • me

    Demi Lovato IS AN IDIOT. She should know better than be a toy for this douche.
    They’re both so gross.

  • alana

    He seems to always date really young girls.(lots younger than him, anyway) I hope for the best for Demi but..this guy in the past has talked about ex GF’s. Not in a nice way.

  • rebecca

    Wilmer is not right for Demi I prefer Joe

  • Tia

    I love you Demi but please drop the douche you deserve so much better.

  • ashley

    yeah i agree with u, joe’s better BUT do u remember what happened at that time when they were dating?
    he messed her up….
    and i personaly think that its cool that shes dating wilmer..i mean shes happy….thats all that matters…. :D and i think that we should support her not matter what, at the end of the day its her choise and demi must see something [special] in wilmer something that we dont….

  •!/vale_jonas_demi VALENTINA

    I Love Demi & I Love Jemi…But, I Support Demi & Wilmer!!!! ;D

  • http://@vale_jonas_demi VALENTINA

    I Love Demi & I Love Jemi…But, I Support Demi & Wilmer!!! ;D

  • caroline

    I think they’re making a great couple

  • Maria

    LOL to the one saying Joe is better. Remember who broke her heart and kept bringing his new girlfriend in front of Demi’s eyes ?

    Stop judging people, you’re not God, you don’t know them as much as they do. And Wilmer has been there the whole time Demi was in treatment.

  • Cat

    They need to be left alone. Yes he’s done douchey stuff in the past and *might* still be one, but we don’t know that. We just have to hope he has matured since then and Demi won’t get hurt.
    Unless of course she hurts him. Could happen that way round as well!
    12 yrs is not unusual of an age difference these days.

  • Val

    Wow. Demi certainly has a douche magnet. I’d prefer she find a guy with a lower profile maybe and who doesnt have a record of ex-girlfriends but STILL I hope he proves me wrong and makes her happy.

  • Daniella

    Hmm 11 years older is sorta pushing it but hey if they’re happy i guess that’s all that matters. But watch out Demi…your only 19 and should be in college while he’s 31 and is at the age where he should be married and have kids. So i don’t know :/

  • Amanda

    Wilmer is not right for Demi I prefer Sterling Knight :X

  • Jacks

    WEMI :D

  • Licia

    I think that’s WAY too much of an age difference. 19 and 31, that’s a huge gap. If they can make it work then more power to them, but I don’t think it will.

  • eliza

    I think tht love has no age…bt I dnt thnk thy wrk…I mean I love thm both bt jst nt thn again its thr lol

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She makes bad decisions… Just don’t get knocked up demi! Trust me you don’t want to have fez’s baby at 19

  • your mom

    fez likes them big, fez likes them small, fez likes them all

  • Cindy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Cindy

    Noooo i don´t like him…I hope she finds someone better.

  • Reyfanny

    @Amanda: AGREED!

  • http://twitter sandy

    @maria , u judged joe too , u donot know the whole story and who is wrong and who isnot so stop hate on joe inorder to make demi look good

  • j-ann

    what happened to Rob???? i like him way better

  • Lex

    Well, she wasn’t lying, he’s not a boy, he’s a man. If he makes her happy, that’s all I care. You guys should give him a chance. He was there for her when she was in TC and after.

  • http://@iluvlovatodemi MC Dlove

    ok.. i just think they are cute :) and really its up to the beautiful miss Lovato to make her own decisions :) and i think if she’s happy then i am happy

  • Kate

    TOO OLD! DO NOT LIKE IT! her and Joe were perfect together (and yes I know they may NEVER get back together) but that dosn’t mean she has to be with this DOUCHE!

    Move on Demi, find someone who is GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!!

  • http://doroteiime34 Unfaithfulgirl

    Hey,don’t you think Demi can date who she want? It’s her life. If Wilmer makes her Happy,I’m Happy. And He is not Bad man. -_- He was in WOWP and he is favorite caracrer in carootn of my brothers and sister.
    So what if he is 31.? -__-
    If you are true Lovatic you will accept fact who is she dating.! Be Happy.gosh.:$ !!
    I think it wold hurt her if you didn’t accept that.:’( ♥ So please,
    Support her.Only thing is important is that she’s happy.!
    Ages are nuber.! My grand dad was older then my grand mom 10 yrs. And same for my other Grand dad and grand mom. Now they are 41 and 43 yrs together. ! so please STFU. !

  • Anonymous

    What does the note in her hand says? Heroin killed???

  • Maria

    Demi doesn’t need a man to make her happy. This guy is older but that’s not the problem. He dated other girls and talked bad about them. Demi should focus on her issues and herself. She is still recovering. Like i said before, she doesn’t need nobody but God to make her happy. Sorry but i lost a little respect for her but i wish her the best

  • Cat

    People who complain about the age gap do know Beyonce and Jay-Z have 12 yrs diff? And Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. don’t judge on age gaps!
    Plus, she needs someone who will support her and make her feel loved & beautiful. He seems to be doing that and he was there before, during AND after treatment. Can’t ignore that.
    Don’t judge so harshly on the past. People can change. Granted not all, but some do. Give him a chance to prove it.

  • A small story

    “People who complain about the age gap do know Beyonce and Jay-Z have 12 yrs diff? And Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. don’t judge on age gaps!”

    Wilmer Pedorrama has been dating Demi since she was 17 and underage while he was 30. Idk how someone can defend that. He’s a pedo and a creep end of story. He also went to the HALO awards last week and was creeping on the young teenage Nick stars. ewwww

  • mariana

    people are complaining about the age only because demi is not 21 yet. but it doesn’t matter.

  • VONiE

    I hate them as a couple. either she’s gonna get hurt (again) or he is. wither it’s not gonna last at all. I think its disgusting. I mean if he was Fez it’ll be a diff. story. but he’s not. it just ewww. idk. but I mean if he makes her happy I guess

  • Crystal

    Hopefully he treats her with respect when they eventually break up by not sharing private details about their relationship like he with Mandy Moore.

    I can’t help but be gross out over him dating a 19 year old. It was one thing dating teenagers when he was in his early 20′s but at 31, it’s creepy.

    @Maria: Your not God either. People are not going to follow your orders, you can’t control what others write. If people judging celebs bother you so much, there is a simple solution…avoid entertainment sites forums.

    It is amusing though how you act like you have never judged a celeb (which is ironic considering that you assume he broke her heart. She has hinted that she had her heart broken but she never revealed which ex boyfriend it was). It must be nice being perfect.

  • rebecca

    @lovatic: yes

  • N

    For everyone who says that Joe “broke her heart” by bringing Ashley to the tour STFU, SHE started dating Wilmer in May.2010 (That’s even before Joe and Ashley met) did you think about how he felt ?? i really like Demi but i’m just sick of people hating on Joe for a completely no reason ..

  • just my opinion

    demi doesn’t need a man to make her happy. I think and that’s my opinion that she should focus on her recovery and her issues. There’s something about the Wilmerguy that i don’t like. I wish demi the best and she deserve to be happy. She only need herself and God to be happy. Guys/men can come later. A rolemodel doesn’t date a man that talks about his former lovers. Like i said: Demi you don’t need him to be happy.

  • Cat

    These is no proof of when Demi and Wilmer started dating so don’t start drama. And Joe and Ashley had met by the time Demi and JJ split. Or rather he dumped her. As the dumpee Demi has the right to start dating when she wants and she didn’t seem to flaunt Wilmer in Joe’s face, like Joe did to Demi with Ashley.
    There is no right or wrong here though. This isn’t even about Joe! This is Demi’s private life, that she is not flaunting.
    And who cares if Demi is 21 or not! She’s an adult and could marry and have babies if she wanted to!

  • Nati

    Looks like she has the “Federline” Syndrome. Poor Girl! She goes from Bad to worst when it comes to men. First Joe (Not good! Considering how it ended) then Rob Kardashian (Bad!!!) and now Wilmer Valderrama!!! (WORST!!!) The only guys that can be worse than Wilmer (in my opinion) are Chris Brown and Jon Gosselin!!! (STAY AWAY FROM THEM DEMI!!!!) But if she’s happy, who cares? (She doesn´t look too happy in the photos though, but maybe she’s just sick of the Papparazis)

    As for Wilmer, all I hace to say is that I know what you are, what you are baby:

    Womanizer, woman-womanizer, you’re a womanizer,
    Oh womanizer, oh you’re a womanizer, baby
    You you you are, you you you are
    Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer

    WOMANIZER!!!! lol!!!

    See ya!!!

  • valencia

    I support them. I think that they make a cute couple. Who ares about the age difference. If he makes her happy, then that should not matter.

  • edna

    He is so not good for her ’cause he is just too old. I love ‘em both but this is a disaster


    Who kisses with their eyes open? Gosh, that annoys me! But they look cute together non the less.

  •!/shajanie_honey Shajanie villaver

    wooowss….i’m a bit shocked!…that the guy is already 31 while demi is still 19….they have 12 years in gap…’s not like i contradict demi’s decision but i am bit shocked for the guy….he’s a bit older to demi….but no worries…I LOVE DEMI LOVATO….EVER!!♥♥♥(*_~)♥♥♥ I like her quote “Love is louder than the pressure to be Perfect”……love you demi…

  • Valery


    He’s rude. Really. I mean, it looks cute when a guy hugs a girl while he kiss her, but he looks like he wants to break her neck or something.

    And all of you are saying “Joe’s better” and bullshit -that’s your opinion-, but I personally think she deserves someone better than THAT GUY and someone who deserves her as how Joe didn’t.

    But… if THAT GUY makes her happy then I’m ok :)

  • Kim

    That guy is just kissing her for the cameras! Who kisses a girl with his eyes OPEN?????
    I hate him but i wish Demi the best

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