Demi Lovato Covers 'Latina' December/January 2011

Demi Lovato Covers 'Latina' December/January 2011

Demi Lovato shines in Mandalay on the December 2011/January 2012 cover of Latina magazine.

The 19-year-old actress opened up to the mag about going through rehabilitation, staying healthy and her hopes for 2012. Check it:

On rehab: “I thought I was going to lose everything when I checked myself into treatment. I didn’t know if I would have a career at all when I came home. So it really hit me — I hadn’t been grateful. In that sense, I can honestly say I’m glad I hit rock bottom when I did. Most people don’t have those moments. I see a lot of young people in this industry who feel entitled because they haven’t hit rock bottom yet. I feel blessed when I get an opportunity now.”

On airing out her problems: “It wasn’t my idea, to be 100 percent honest. It was influenced by management, publicists and family. But they were all bringing up a good point: What teens need most is someone that they can relate to — someone they connect with on serious subjects like eating disorders, cutting, bipolar disorder, depression and bullying. I’ve been there. I get it. Why wouldn’t I be honest about it so I could help someone else?”

On staying healthy: “I continue to have moments. I still think sometimes that I’m not strong enough and I need extra help. I can’t tell you how many people I have working with me in recovery. It’s good. It’s positive. [But] it’s a daily battle. Things can still get me down sometimes. But nothing keeps me down.”

On her big career dreams: “In 2012, I really want to be at the Grammys. And I don’t want to go unless I’m nominated, presenting or performing. It’s my lifetime goal to be able to say I’m nominated. So I really want to make that happen.”

The issue hits newsstands on November 15th. Bigger cover inside…

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  • Leslie

    Demi look beautiful I am so gonna buy that magazine when it comes out, and Demi you will for sure get a Grammy soon, you deserve it!

  • claudia

    i’m not her fan, but i wish her all the luck of the world. Take care of yourself, girl! :D

  • GG

    Wow…now that is one smokin hot Demi!

  • Disney17

    It was a treatment center idiots! Lindsay Lohan went to and needs to be in rehab! A treatment center and a rehab facility are two different places!

  • Dan

    Demi is not latina. Her sister Madison is half because of her dad which is Demi’s stepfather. So I guess she has taken the culture as her own because she considers Eddie her real dad.

  • PK

    I wish she would just fade away. She is riding Selena’s coat tails. And she looks like a cow now. Why does everyone want to give her a pat on the back? If a non-celebrity person walked up and hit another person, they would go to jail. She gets an award. What a fake, horrible person.

  • kanani

    @PK: Wow, she’s horrible? I don’t think so. She suffers from Bipolar disorder, if you don’t know what that is then google it. She went into rehab to get help for depression/cutting/bulimia. She’s not a horrible person & she knows she was wrong for hitting that girl, she’s said it before. Don’t judge someone when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • indhira

    people are so ignorant! i think demi is a true role model, she is not fake and she talks about her struggles just to help teens who are going through the same thing! ever since she opened up about her depressions, eating disorders and stuff, people are calling her a mess, a troubled girl! like really? she is human and she goes through things like we do.. i dont know where people get that idea of seeing celebrities as they have to be perfect! im sure demi is not the only one with those problems, at least she sought help and was honest! she is a true role model cuz there are many celbes out there who people think theyre perfect or better than demi and they are in the same situation or worse! not every1 likes to take out their dirty laundry!! only brave and strong people like demi lovato, im not a hugeee fan but this girl is a true role model nor a fake role model like amolst all celebrities!

  • Lyssa

    @PK: You’re fucking stupid. She should fade away? No, fuck no. She has and amazing voice, way better than ALL of those stupid lame teen singers right now. She doesn’t ride on Selena’s coat tails or whatever the fuck it is. She suffers from bulimia/cutting/depression in case you didn’t know. She looks like a cow? Excuse me, you fucking bitch? That’s exactly why she had bulimia; because you stupid fucking people call her fat! She was once so skinny. Have you seen the photos? She is gorgeous now. VERY. You’re one of the reasons why many people go anorexic nowadays. You have no idea how your words affect others. Pshhtt.. Well, Selena can’t even fucking sing and she got an award for that. It was wrong of her to hit that girl and she knows that. She has said that a lot. She got an award for being strong and pushing through and getting back up on her feet. She went to rehab to deal with personal issues and now, she’s better than ever. Fake, horrible person? No, bitch, just no. She’s not fake. If she was fake, she wouldn’t have wasted her time in rehab. She’s not horrible. She’s one of those few celebs who actually go through the same stuff as non-celebs. If non-celebs went through what Demi has, NO ONE WOULD FUCKING CARE. Demi is an icon, a beautiful one, that is, and she does not deserve all this hate. You have no fucking idea how much she has inspired people to love themselves for who they are and to get back up their feet after being pushed/bullied or cyber-bullied (as you did) by ignorant people with no hearts. That’s the reason why people look up to her. They look up to her because what they see is someone who got back up. She was also bullied when she was very young. It was so bad that she had to be home-schooled. That explains the cutting and bulimia as she grows older. You should be so ashamed of your words. You are obviously part of that so-called muthafucking ‘society’, where people judge you by how you look. You’re a fucking disgrace. She’s happy and healthy and that’s what matters to her. Her health, happiness and family comes first before all the fame. She deserves one hell of a lot more of awards than other people for being strong and actually having an amazing voice. Don’t judge others before walking a mile in their shoes. Before you judge or say bad stuff about her, make sure you have more than 3 albums, 10 awards and 15 nominations (not including her wins) first. No one is perfect but people make it seem as though celebrities ARE perfect. No, they’re not. They go through everyday struggles as everyone. They have to act perfect all the time because that’s expected of them. YOU deserve the hate, not Demi. And once again I say this, NEVER JUDGE OTHERS. Spread love, not hate. :)

  • Lyssa

    Sorry for the long rant up there but that bitch just pissed me off.