Demi Lovato: Latin Grammys Gorgeous

Demi Lovato: Latin Grammys Gorgeous

Demi Lovato turns heads in a plunging magenta gown as she arrives at the 12th annual Latin GRAMMY Awards at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Thursday (November 10) in Las Vegas.

The 19-year-old singer and actress has been looking forward to the event.

“So excited for today :)” Demi tweeted earlier.

Demi, who appeared on the cover of the December/January issue of Latina magazine, shared, “In 2012, I really want to be at the Grammys. And I don’t want to go unless I’m nominated, presenting or performing. It’s my lifetime goal to be able to say I’m nominated. So I really want to make that happen.”

10+ pics inside of Demi

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • 8585

    i love this on her but she needs to stop curling her hair it never suited her ever….

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Ew! Cover your man chest. You are a beautiful young woman Demi but you wear clothes that don’t flatter your body. You feature the wrong areas. Show off your curves but keep you little boy chest covered.

  • mmbop


  • Nik

    She looks beautiful and the color and style of her hair and her dress both flatter her. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bold outfit, and she does it well.

  • Ego

    @mmbop: I know. She looks great and your mom is a whore :)

  • Maria

    Excuse your comment! Demi is stunning in Whatever she wears!!!!’

  • Ego

    @Listen to mayday parade: I wasn’t aware that Man chests had cleavages and bosoms. Not to familiar with the female body are you friendo?

  • lc

    my god! what is she wearing?! she needs to wear clothes proper for her body type.
    she’s definitely not fat but this dress doesn’t make her justice.

  • Naomi

    Yeah, this is a bit too much. She doesn’t even look 19. She looks like she’s 30 or something. She could easily have a wardrobe malfunction in this dress. At least her makeup looks nice, I guess.

  • amtfan

    you guys are way too mean. way. I can see why she went into treatment in the first place, for people like YOU.

  • Naomi


    we’re not being mean, we’re just saying that it’s a bit too much. no one said anything hurtful, so calm down.

  • jaslyne

    People she look great and ur all haters she’s 19 an adult she can wear what she wants

  • sam

    she looks veryyy pretty buuut too much taaaaaan! i don’ like it :(

  • sam

    shee looks veryyyyyy pretty buuuut too much taaaaan! I don’t like it :/

  • Koree

    It’s her body, she can wear what she wants. She is confident enough to wear that outfit and I love it! She looks great and she has the perfect chest for the dress, not a boy chest at all. Just because its too much for you guys doesnt mean that its too much for her. Calm down.

  • menna

    @Naomi:Agreed. She’s not fat by any means…she’s curvy but I think the dress looks good on her and it’s a lovely color, however I’ve always noticed she has a really broad shoulder/chest area. It always looks like she’s in a stiff, saluting position. I just think it would’ve looked better if it wasn’t entirely plunging.

  • menna

    …by the way….am I the only one who forgot she changed her hair color? It still looks brown to me. lol.

  • menna

    She looks pretty but eeeeek….she looks like she’s well into her 30′s:/
    Certainly doesn’t look like someone who’s still in her teens, I think she should lighten up on the make-up or she’ll age pretty fast. Just an opinion…don’t crucify me for it.

  • good-one

    Ha ha ha ha. No, being mean about high fashion usually goes something like, “Doesn’t she have that on backwards?”, or “Shouldn’t she have worn a bra with that?

    Gorgeous Latin formal cut. Demi Lovato looks fantastic.

  • menna

    ^^that last comment was my friend’s;) hahaha

  • pandora

    Ha ha love the comment about the dress being backwards!!! Usually love Demi but skin too orange dress too low and looks too trashy for my taste.
    Really wish these girls would go for a classy look not a trashy one. You dont have to show it all to look beautiful.

  • janiece

    I actually don’t have a problem with the dress, it compliments her curves….its her damn makeup that I have a problem with. WHY OH WHY does she continue to paint a whole new face on?! She has a pretty face, she doesn’t need all that product and bronzer

  • Claudia

    God!..don’t like the dress or the make up and the color hair..just NO!..terrible!..didn’t like anything. But she’s a beautiful girl, i don’t know why she did that really, but well, it’s not a big deal…

  • James

    Demi looks great. And you people saying that she’s revealing too much need to stop being such prudes.

  • Ego

    @Naomi: @lc: I guess you are unaware of what takes places and what people WEAR at the Latin Grammys. This is kind of tame actually for their standards.I guess you are unaware of what takes places and what people WEAR at the Latin Grammys. This is kind of tame actually for their standards.

  • Ego

    @Naomi: Ok that statement didn’t make sense the first time you stated it, it doesn’t make sense now. Am I the only one who actually WATCHES the Latin Grammys in a yearly basis? This is actually quite typical to DRESS like this during LATIN award shows. In fact some people are even stating its quite calm. She doesn’t look 30. A 30 year old doesn’t look this young. Your statement is stupid.

  • Ego

    @Naomi: I agree with you. You’re not being mean. You are being stupid however. Have you seen past Latin Grammy dresses? This is quite typical for an award show like the Latin Grammys. You’re just uninformed.

  • Ego

    Man a lot of you idiots are uninformed about the Latin Grammys and young performers. Its common and NATURAL for performers to dress OLDER than they are. Especially young performers like Demi Lovato AT the Latin Grammys. Not to big on common sense are we guys?

  • cami

    i love her. seriously, a lot. but im gonna be honest and she keeps wearing things that doesnt look good on her.
    she is not fat AT ALL and she is georgeous but that dress looks really trashy :(

  • Nicole

    She looks fine people! It is daring for sure, risky, but she still looks elegant, she looks mature, it is tasteful. I agree that she doesn’t need all that makeup, but she is thin, she is happy, and she is wearing the dress with confidence. Who cares that she is from Disney. She is 19-years-old, an adult and a woman and whoever says this dress is trashy is crazy. It is very classy and tasteful. Also, anyone who says she has too much cleavage… she does not have that much cleavage because shes not that big in that area..she doesn’t have that much cleavage at all.

  • Alison

    Is this how the teenagers are dressing these days? my goodness. i’m always hesitent to make any comments about her clothing choices because i know she’s been through a rough time, but demi, if if read this, i want you to know that you have so much natural beauty, you don’t need to let it all hang out in order to look good. i wish girls didn’t feel like they need to show it all off in order to look pretty or sexy.

  • krystal

    shes very pretty she looks lIke mexIcan baIrbe doll!!!!!:-)

  • http://Justjaredjr Maryjane

    She is f**king fat

  • JANE

    @menna: she said on her twitter that she bummed that the red didn’t stay very well.

  • moi

    I’m agree with people saying that this kind of dress is too much for her. She’s 19 and not 30 or something. Maybe she is beautiful but, to my mind, she should dress like a girl of her age.
    And no, this is not mean at all, I’m just giving my point of vue.

  • Lyndz

    She’s wayyy to tan and her dress if a little risque, but i’m not here to judge. Demi is amazing, and I completely agree with what she wants to do about the Grammys. She should be nominated.

  • Naomi


    Excuse me, how is my statement stupid? I never said anything rude about her. Even though I don’t watch them, I AM aware that is what they wear on that show, so you don’t need to come and attack me. I’m just saying that the dress makes her look older than she actually looks. I’m not being stupid about it either. There are other people out there saying worse things about her in this dress than I am, so calm down.

  • a

    I don’t know why some young girls think that it’s necessary to show as much of your t!ts as humanly possible to look good. She is a pretty girl, but that looks like it would be seriously uncomfortably to wear.

  • kayle

    I love Demi but god she needs to lose some of that excess fat. THAT is not curvy , Sofia Vergara is curvy. Shes fat.

  • alex

    yikes. i am happy that she is healthy but she is not sexy .and this too much and doesnt even look sexy.

  • Missydawnd

    She looks happy and healthy. Good for her. But I’ll have to agree that this dress was the wrong shape for her lovely frame. The color is good for her skintone though. Halfway there.

  • wow

    Too much skin showing. Not cool – no need to show so much chest – showing less with a hint of cleavage in much more sexy. Leave someting to the imagination – it’s much more sexy that way.

  • Natasha

    I literally went mad scrolling through these comments and flipping back to the photo trying to understand why nobody sees what I’m seeing.

    I think she looks absolutely GORGEOUS.
    the dress is flattering, her body is perfect just the way it is, her hair is amazing, and her make up complements it all.
    The only thing I’d complain about is how ridiculously orange she is, but HEY! it still photographs well in the end. :)

  • http://mell_britneyxox mell

    i think demi is gorgeous but i just dont like how she dressed. she OFTEN wears something that reveal her cleavage or what ever it not flattering way! like she’s trying to be so sexy. this is my opinion, k.

  • good-one


    Cliché? Platitude? How could we prove that? Don’t you think the world’s greatest fashion designers know what they’re doing?

    The fashion designers and top models are to beauty, as rocket scientists, are to space exploration — and here you seem to be saying, “Houston, we have a problem!”

  • sarah

    Why do teen girls want to be a whore? Called attention deficit syndrome. When she doesn’t get attention, she may go back to rehab again. Poor soul.

  • Dania


  • Dania


  • eve

    I’m agree with you sarah,unfortunately she’s suffering deficit of attention .poorly ):

  • Chris

    First of all, the statements about the Latin Grammy’s is correct. Its the culture, Latin women tend to be a little more showy and sexy, and then add to the fact that people that are at award shows wear over-the-top dresses as a matter of course is well known. I think she looks sexy as hell, if she has the body to wear this, she should. Demi is an adult, confident in her body. And the comments about make up, actresses that are going to be on camera tend to wear heavier make up for the camera. You need to be able to see facial features in heavy light that will wash out your features. Hell, you even see male actors wearing eye makeup so you can see their eyes. And to the person saying he is fat, get a clue, she is healthy and sexy, not every girl needs to be rail thin, curves are a good thing.