Miley Cyrus: Don't Call Me & Other Girls Fat!

Miley Cyrus: Don't Call Me & Other Girls Fat!

Miley Cyrus rocks a bright blazer while heading to Maxfield for some shopping on Friday (November 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 18-year-old entertainer recently took to her Twitter page to send out a strong message to those who criticized her weight.

“By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. i love MYSELF & if you could say the same you wouldn’t be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others,” she wrote.

“Whoever called you that has it coming. Miss you more than ever,” pal Demi Lovato tweeted back to her.

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  • Helen

    Miley you are an absolute legend!!!! :D

  • joey

    damn why do they let fatties like miley and demi on twitter. if they looking mad chunky and whale-like why can’t others say it and why do they still love their elephant-selves?

  • Marie

    She’s not fat, but why does she constantly makes that ugly fish-pursed lips face?

  • Not a huge fan of her, but I got to give her props for standing up to what is essentially bullying

  • Nina

    Whoever called her fat is crazy!

  • James

    Anyone who calls Miley Cyrus fat needs to get their eyes checked. Miley Cyrus is a very sexy woman.

  • Beth

    She’s not even fat! Anyone who called her fat must be blind.

  • jason


  • http://loltayror Lauren hashima

    if miley cyrus is fat, i must be obese.

  • http://Justjaredjr Maryjane

    She is f**king fat u can change f**kin fools

  • Patworx

    @Maryjane: You are crazy. Very crazy.

  • Maxine

    If Miley is fat than I must be some kind of whale. Miley is not fat. She goes to the gym of course to get fit. If she was fat, I would see blubber but I see none. I am proud of Miley for standing up for herself, Not only is she an amazing person, she is a good rolemodel for young girls dealing with body image issues and props to Demi as well.

  • MM

    Oh yes, she’s really standing up to bullying. Never mind that she and the “fat girls” and, well, hell, everyone are “bullying” people about all kinds of things all the time, particularly in high-school. What about the girls who are bullied for being ugly? The guys who are bullied for not being athletic or tall? Hey, guess what – you can change being fat, at least you’ve got that going for you.

    Wake me when she’s defending the skinny girls, the ugly girls, the short guys, the people in band, the people in whatever-club that gets mocked, blah blah blah.

  • Verity

    Miley isn’t fat; she’s got a chubby looking face. Miley is incredibly arrogant, self-absorbed, and self-entitled. If someone calls Miley fat in Miley’s delusional mind, ALL GIRLS SUFFER and are at risk for eating disorders.

    Talk about delusions of grandeur.

    Here’s a clue for Miley: Miley’s not the center of the universe and the whole world doesn’t feel her pain. And Miley’s threatening to destroy anyone who calls Demi fat? Isn’t making threats a form of bullying? So now MILEY’S THE BULLY. Between Miley and Demi no one whines more about bullying, and yet, Miley and Demi are two of the biggest bullies around.


  • Vanessafan

    The first part of her tweet doesn’t really make sense unless you go to her actual page and view the image she links.

    Is this an explanation as to why her cheeks are so puffy? Anyways, she looks good, i like her outfit. Her eyebrows need to go, though.

  • kaya

    he face is wide…her body is fine :P

  • charlesetta washington

    Miley,you look just great and perfect.don’t worry abt wht people say cos u rock!

  • Ahmed

    if she’s fat, then 99% of the world population is OBESE !

  • good-one

    Miley knows a thing or two about haters. When I saw the fat comment on the Demi Lovato: Latin Grammys Gorgeous thread, I wondered, why doesn’t somebody have her back? Ultimately, Jared removed the ugly comment, he had her back.

    Miley chimed in too, on Twitter. Celebrities withstand such deliberate attacks designed to maximize hurt.

    Haters will find ways to inflict pain. Maybe they are in pain themselves and just want others to experience some of what life is like to them. Celebrities soon develop a thick skin, or they couldn’t stay in the limelight for very long, they would have to retreat and lick their wounds.

    I’m glad Miley was there for Demi and was able to console her over mean remarks that had absolutely no basis in truth.

  • ezzy

    not the biggest fan of miley but whoever called her fat is just a jealous low life who is not happy with who they are.miley is confident in who she is and you have got to give her credit for that

  • whitney

    LOVE her for saying that… big since im not a fan of her. but girls/women need to stop spending so much time criticizing their bodies. What a joke, cause everyone knows miley is NOT fat

  • what!?


  • TRB

    It must be girls saying this stuff, cause most guys I know think she’s hot and share their disgusting thoughts about her. Especially if she’s wearing something sexy. I personally like when she wears more girly/classy outfits. It shows off how pretty she is.

  • Warren

    Miley is as sexy and beautiful as always. Just jealous haters trolling.

  • Nurain

    wtf miley is not fat so do demi! gosh im a fan of their music they’re beautiful damn i want their body!! haters just stfu!

  • J

    I’m not a fan of Miley but the person/people who called her fat needs their eyes checked. She is far from fat and I’m glad she spoke up about it. No wonder more teens are developing unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders these days. I admire celebrities like Miley and Demi who take a stand about these issues since it’s not something to be overlooked.

  • fan10l

    Who the hell would call her fat she is a stick.

  • Nicky

    @Maryjane: You’re really more than stupid.
    I’m sure you love and adore people who look like this already dead model:
    One the picture she had a weight between 50 and 55 lbs. That happens to people when they listen to someone like you . Stop that crap. Thousands of girls, boys, women and men die every year because of that. Switch on your brain and think a little bit about that, if you’re able to.

  • javi

    unfortunatley twitter and Facebook has become a playground fro bullying I’m not a fan of miley but she’s got balls to stand up against this idiots they attack other celebs like selena and demi because they feel powerful behind a computer thinking is cool to attack others with problems like demi lovato they think its funny calling her fat or sending death threats to selena just because they have a forum like twitter i just hope those messages this idiots send them bite them in the ass someday.

  • havana

    How could you call Miley and Demi fat?! Call A.Jolie super skinny, but don’t call Miley or Demi or other normally looking celebrity fat. As I said, criticize for example Angelina, she’s a very bad role model for young women – Brad and their kids must have a feeling that they live with a living skeleton.

  • http://christinevmsd christine


  • mike

    Miley is not “fat” she’s ” Phat”. Miss her on the tube , looking forward to more movies and when is your next album ?

  • JMO

    not a fan of miley. but good for her. she did the right thing :)
    and she isnt ballsy to stand up to people. its the internet. easiest thing to do. in reality thats a different story.
    but she is not fat at all. she has curves, but nothing wrong with that, we all do!

  • kwame

    Why is Hollywood so obsessed with weight?

  • Warren

    I’ll say it again. Miley has the most sexy body and the most beautiful face in the world! And the best personality too.

  • JGL

    People call that fat? lol Some people are really blind!

  • JFA

    They are blind she is not fat she is skinny.Why are people so obssesed with weight?

  • amber

    @havana: You’re missing the point entirely.