Demi Lovato: Tiffany Thornton Wedding with Wilmer Valderrama!

Demi Lovato: Tiffany Thornton Wedding with Wilmer Valderrama!

Demi Lovato poses for pictures with Wilmer Valderrama as the pair celebrate pals Tiffany Thornton and Christopher Carney‘s wedding in these exclusive photos!

Wearing a pretty purple one-shoulder dress from BCBG, and custom bracelets from BesoBeso, the 19-year-old singer and actress was a bridesmaid for Tiffany who celebrated the special day at Garvan Woodland Gardens on Saturday (November 12) in Hot Springs, Ark.

Demi and Wilmer attended the wedding together, where sources say they were affectionate all evening long.

Could Demi be next in walking down the aisle?

“Ps…. Guess who caught the bouquet…… ME!!!!! :D” Demi tweeted.

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  • Tia

    Demi Looks beautiful.

  • Gary B

    These two need to just admit what is going on, because except for the nov 1st photo and the wedding we do not see them doing any relationship stuff together.

    I take it that these two are busy, she as a upcoming tour and he did a pilot for a TV cop drama.

    I doubt these two will be walking down the aisle any tie soon. If they do I fear it will end up like Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, he gets caught cheating with some skag.

  • Dan

    Demi is beautiful as always.

  • Music_girl

    Demi looks so beautiful!! The dress looks amazing on her. Got to say Wilmer does kinda look cute with her in the photos.

    That wedding tradition of whoever catches the bouquet never seems to come true but Vdemi would look amazing in a wedding dress. Lol :)

    Love Demi. Glad she is happy & heathy. :) <3

  • amtfan

    shes so beautiful :) and her and wilmer are a cute couple<3

  • http://indym3 megan

    I don’t understand older guys with really young gilrs like this. I’m not saying he has bad intentions, I just wonder why he isn’t with someone is own age. Maybe they don’t want him??? Oh well, their life…if they are happy, ok. Demi looks beautiful though as always. I love Tiff’s dress and she is such a beautiful bride and beautiful person. Congrats Tiffany!!!

  • http://indym3 megan

    oops, meant to leave that comment on Jared. That’s the one with pics of Tiffany, she really does look gorgeous!

  • elise

    i cant wait to see wilmer face when demi and joe come together and sing a song and find the chemisty joe and demi have sorry wilmer im team Jemi all the way

  • Elise

    I can’t wait for wilmer to see Demi and Joe together and sing a song together and wilmer will figure out that Joe and Demi have the Chemisty and let her go to be with Joe who she should be with and Marry. I’m team Jemi all the way and not team dilmer/wemi and that doesnt fit right

  • elise

    i cant wait to see wilmer face when demi and joe are back together to sing 2gether

  • tim

    I love Will and Dem they look great together!! Tiffany’s dress is just gorgeous!! I would LOOOVE to be there tbh!! ^^

  • Gary B

    So far all the pics I see of Demi and Wilmer together just look off. The are not super affectionate like Selena and Justin, and the Nov 1st pics both of them did not look like they were in a good mood.

    As for Wilmer being Her date, He was a groomsman which means He was picked and invited by the Groom. I just want them to both come and and explain what kind of relationship they have.

  • jd

    aww they such a cute couple shut up about the age !!!

  • Gary B

    Here is the thing, some of those pics, Demi and Wilmer are doing the same type of behavior I see from dating coworkers who end up getting in some nasty spat. For two people in love, I see very little hand holding. At the dinner table there is a pic of WV texting while DL is not giving him any attention. One pic you see them in the background where WV looks like he is trying to explain himself to her about something.

    For a couple I find it strange the only pic on his twitter is of his DRINK on the table. According to his twitter he went off to Memphis after that.
    While Demi went home. A good explanation is that Demi does have her upcoming tour.

    This is after I read reports of them being “very affectionate” toward each other.

  • Dania


  • Nik

    From the pictures you can definitely see that not only did they attend the wedding together but were both a bridesmaid and groomsman. The matching sneakers and purple boutonnieres (pinned flowers) of the men; the matching color purple dresses and bouquets of the women. They were probably paired together. Maybe this is how they became close through mutual friends like Tiffany and Christopher. Hopefully this means their relationship was more thought through and much safer for Demi. Hopefully he has good intentions = for being a man much older than her.

  •!/bambiadoresyou Bambia

    Demi loooks so beautiful! (:
    Cute couple too^_^