Stella & Vanessa Hudgens: Grateful Thanksgiving!

Stella & Vanessa Hudgens: Grateful Thanksgiving!

Stella Hudgens takes her bike out for a Thanksgiving ride on Thursday (November 24) in Studio City, Calif.

Vanessa‘s little sis kept warm in a red hoodie and brown scarf.

“I’m so grateful for my family & my new and old friends i have grown close to. Thank u for helping me find englightment in my present <3" Stella tweeted.

While Vanessa is filming The Frozen Ground in Alaska, she also gave a Thanksgiving shout out on video! Check it out below:

Vanessa Hudgens says Happy Thanksgiving

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Credit: Sharpshooter Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • loo

    Vanessa <3

  • londonlipton

    Jared, please for once do some accurate reporting,Filming has wrapped. Vanessa Hudgens is back in LA.

  • lolhaha

    i dont get why they have to put an own post about nessas sister in here,is she like famous or so ? its her sister who pushes her actively/inactively …

  • andrea

    why are the paparazzis following to stella if she’s not famous?

  • amy

    Umm why does a non famous person have paparazzi following them?
    No hate on Stella. But she looks as confused as me right now.

  • londonlipton

    @andrea: My thoughts exactly.

  • Haters Suck!

    @Andrea and londonlipton
    well happy thanksgiving to you guys too.

  • Jason

    I just saw some teenage girl riding her bike down the street… why don’t you publish photos of her, too? What’s the difference?

  • Susan

    Maybe JJ knows something we don’t. Like up coming photos of the girl. Following in her big sis’ footsteps.

  • maria

    Not sure why Stella is being followed by paps, unless they mistook her for Vanessa. It’s just not right that they follow her. But I do love their Thanksgiving greetings!

  • daniel

    yeah and where is her sister???????????
    sorry but i was expecting to see vanessa besides i saw the thanksgiving video already. come on jjj couldn’t you bring us to vanessa

  • Boji

    Vanessa arrived just in time for thanksgiving and probably has a lot of catching up to do, family, friends and errands. She has responsibilities you know. I think the paps followed Stella in the hope of spotting Vanessa.

  • eat me

    that’s what i thought i’m not surprise at all??????

  • Shem

    Wow. you guys are haters? The paps are following stella because she’s famous! How can you not know her?! she’s been in enormous shows before! She’s famous. She’s an actress! GTFO.

  • http://lala aiwen

    i want vanessa… ==

  • sky10

    I missed Vanessa….

  • Isa


  • danni

    Maybe one of the photographers is creepily stalking her. Although, she probably calls him to get photographed. It’s probably a very creepy relationship.

  • merlin’s mum

    Ummm? What has she been in in the last three years then? Just explain to us why she is famous other than who her sister is? Not bitching honestly!! Just don’t get the obsession with this nobody!!

  • anny

    @merlin’s mum: What do you have to do with it?

    Go to Zac’s bulletin board and play there

  • maria

    @Shem: We’re not being rude, but you DO have to be a lot MORE famous to be followed by paps. I think they were trying to find Vanessa, not Stella. But I wouldn’t be so rude and say she’s a nobody. I wonder the same about Pippa Middleton, but they’ve never followed just Stella like this before. Paps are creepy.

  • yets

    where is vanessa right now hope she is OK.

  • justme

    merlin’s mum
    calling stella a nobody or anyone else is so rude i don’t think you would love someone to call you nobody
    me too i don’t like the fact that the paps followed her she is not famouse

  • gummybear

    why can’t they just give her privacy

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    why don’t u pick on someone your own age? Seriously you’re older then stella’s mother Gina and u pick on both her daughters. I don’t like when you pick on Vanessa but I can deal with that a little better but Stella is still only 16 and you’re 3x her age so how bout u get off her back.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I agree, Haters. Stella is a kid, who happens to have a famous sister, has her own talents, the same wonderful positive outlook on life, and has her own life ahead of her. It’s just mean to call her a nobody. Bet they’d be all over us if this was a post about Dylan and he was called a “nobody”.

  • merlin’s mum

    @Haters Suck!: @maria: But Dylan doesn’t get his own posts on here, does he? I just want someone to explain to me in what way she qualifies to be on a celebrity gossip site? And so my age means I am not allowed to point this out? Tell me what films and TV things has she been in lately?

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    when a 44 year old calls a 16 year old a nobody yes I have a problem with it, that’s just wrong in my opinion. She’s 16 and has her whole life ahead of her so I’m saying get off her back. It’s not Stella fault the paps took her picture. Heck I wonder why tisdale still gets paped but I keep my mouth shut.

  • Chris

    ya know, sometimes it takes less than being someones sister to be famous. The paps do what the paps do, and most of the time i think they are serious jerks about it. Stella has famous friends, a famous sister, so shes gonna get photographed. The fact is, she also puts herself out there in social media so we KNOW who she is. She is prolly setting herself up for acting or singing.

  • Jason

    Here’s the problem – I understand that the paps were following Stella around in hopes that Vanessa would show up. I get that. BUT WHY DO NEWS AGENCIES BUY THE PHOTOS!? Why does JJ Jr. publish the photos!?

    The only thing Stella is “famous” for is being seen in photos with her actually-famous sister. But since Vanessa ISN’T in these photos, Stella is just a kid on a bike.

  • Haters Suck!

    the answer to your question is because it gets them hits. Besides the bieber contest post this one has the most comments. Look at all the other posts on this site and look at the number of hits they get. Two people get this site most of it’s hits Vanessa and as much as it kills me to say it zac. Selena will get a lot of hits sometimes but not all the time, when her and Justin are togther they generally get a lot. Demi sometimes will get some hits but not all the time. Plus I think jjj was looking for a way just to put up Vanessa thanksgiving message.

  • Jason

    To “Haters Suck!” – that didn’t actually answer my question. You said that posting Stella pics gets them hits, but then proceeded to tell us that the reason people visit this site are because of Vanessa, Zac, Selena, Demi, etc.

    I just don’t understand why news agencies would buy photos of someone’s family member riding a bike. Yes,we’re all posting comments about it, but most of us are in agreement – she’s not famous enough for this much attention. Just Jared Jr. may get the “hits” you talk about, but they lose a lot of credibility in the process.

  • Moni

    They will keep getting hits as long as you guys keep up with the arguements.

  • Haters Suck!

    Maybe I didn’t explain it as well as I thought I did. I was just trying to make a point as to why jjr may have posted it as they do need the hits as not many people that are posted on this site get that many other then the people I mentioned. As far a “cerdiblity” is concerend, jjj really isn’t a “news” site per say nor do I think they’ve ever pretended to be. It’s just all about busniess my friend.

  • merlin’s mum

    @Haters Suck!: You didn’t answer my question. What has she actually done?

  • Xo

    I’m guessing the paps thought she was V at first, that’s why there are only a couple pics. As for jjj posting the pics, Stella does have her own tag here. There have been posts of just her & Sammi before and they get more comments than some actual celebs do.

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    didn’t intend to answer your question. Just making a point that you should pick on someone your own age and not pick on 16 year olds and call them nobodies, it’s pathetic. I don’t like that you pick on Vanessa but at least she’s older, still sad that u do it but I can at least grasp it a little more. But fine Stella hasnt done anything, there are you happy now?

  • merlin’s mum

    @Haters Suck!: I made a comment, did not ‘pick’ on her as you accuse me of. But since when has my age got anything to do with it?

  • maria

    @merlin’s mum: Please explain to me how this post is her doing……….it’s not HER fault that JJJ bought the pics and posted them. Just like it wouldn’t be Dylan’s fault if a post was ever about him. Why are you faulting her? Being so nasty about a KID just because she is Vanessa’s sister, whom you hate so much, is just plain mean. Please put your Efron love aside for one damn minute, and realize this is not about him. It’s about being mean to a teen, who had no control over her pic being posted here.

  • maria

    @Jason: Explain to me then why Pippa Middleton is always photographed. It’s just because she’s Kate’s sister. No other reason. Now I’m in no way comparing the future queen to Vanessa, but there’s no reason we need to see freakin’ Pippa every day.

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    for the love of God I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over. Can you not read or something? I’ll say it again pay close attention, my problem with it is, Stella is 16 years old she’s still a kid you are 3x her age and yes I see you pickng on her and this isn’t the first time. That’s my problem with it.a 44 year old calling a 16 year old a nobody isn’t right in my opinion. Calling her a nobody was rude and uncalled for she has pleanty of time to do something with her life. Like Maria points out it’s not her fault jjj made this post yet you act like she asked for it. Whatever your problems are with Vanessa keep them with Vanessa at least she’s older and leave her sister alone. DO YOU GET IT NOW?!?!

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn man not even the haters take the holidays off. Maybe that’s why they’re so grumpy.

  • Boji

    Merlin’s Mum, fancy giving yourself a name like that. Indeed, Merlin’s a mythical magician and you his mythical mom, fancy that. Well, I’m a mom and a lot older than you. It really surprises me to see you here. I don’t see a Zac reference anywhere, do you?
    Leave Stella alone.
    If JJjr wants to post a pic of her here is because they can’t get ahold of a recent pic of Vanessa. My guess is she was seen cycling around Vanessa’s neighbourhood. As to Dylan , he does not live with or near Zac. Anyway, why the bitching?!!
    Stella like many other siblings of celebrities get papped because of who they are. Take Noah Cyrus, the Jonas littlest bro and as mentioned Pippa Middleton who has been getting a lot of press coverage not forgetting the offsprings of celebrities like Suri Cruise who graces the adult JJ website.

  • Boji

    @Haters Suck, they’ve been bored out of their silly minds, nothing to b it ch about so pounce on a thread every chance they get to let rip their frustrations. Simple, they’ve got no life period.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’ve known that for a while. This isn’t the first time me and merlins mum have had a “disagreement” if you will. Hopefully this will be the last time but for some reason I doubt it. As to your point there have been no recent pics for jjj to post. It’s like a point I tried to make earlier I think the only reason for this post was so jjj could put up that Vanessa video.

  • sunny

    @merlin’s mum: Shut up So what..

    Zac’s crazy fanatic fans get it started again here.

    This board is for Vanessa

  • bella

    Austin uploaded two new pics, time to sit back and wait for comments from Vanessa.. *cough* I HAVE NO LIFE K

  • bella

    Austin uploaded two new pics, time to sit back and wait for comments from Vanessa.. *cough* I HAVE NO LIFE K………………….

  • Nessa’s Fan

    Vanessa is the Best :D, Thank you Miss Hudgens :)

  • em

    @merlin’s mum:
    if you look back at the agency who got the pictures first she was tagged under the “Vanessa Hudgens” tag. So clearly they thought she was Vanessa.
    I understand your point, but she has some work in the industry – she even has an IMDB profile- and she is only 16 now. it looks like you forgot your idol back when he was 18 and his people used to call the paparazzis everytime he was out at the gym or going out with his girlfriend or friends…

>>>>>>> staging1