Daniel Radcliffe: 'Don't Shy Away From Your Own Weirdness'

Daniel Radcliffe: 'Don't Shy Away From Your Own Weirdness'

Daniel Radcliffe has a chat with MTV News about what he’s discovered in his acting abilities.

“I think the most vital thing I’ve learned ” and this is a thing I have to adapt and be able to find throughout my career, be it onstage or film in comedy or drama ” is that the more I try and suppress my own natural oddness, the less successful I am,” Daniel said, “I have a slightly staccato way of moving and talking … the realization hit me that I’m working so hard to try and be something else, and actually, I just have to learn to be my most natural self onstage or onscreen, however that comes across.”

Dan also learned this lesson: “Don’t shy away from your own weirdness. Own your oddness.”

Check below for more of MTV‘s interview with Daniel!

Daniel Radcliffe — MTV News
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  • good-one

    There is a lot to be said for authenticity. And there is a reason that the great directors garner so much acclaim. DR’s aspiring to direct, is a righteous goal.

  • courtney

    lol i agree with him but it is just funny coming from him because he is just so strange himself but i think thats what makes him lovable lol