Miley Cyrus: 'Liberty Walk' Remix!

Miley Cyrus: 'Liberty Walk' Remix!

Check out this new mix of Miley Cyrus‘ song, “Liberty Walk!”

The actress/singer — who just turned 19-years-old — posted a video of “Liberty Walk” featuring news footage of the Occupy movement on her birthday.

The song is remixed by Miley‘s longtime collaborators Rock Mafia.

“This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in,” Miley wrote in the video description.

Take a listen and look at the “Liberty Walk” remix below!

Miley Cyrus & Rock Mafia – IT’S A LIBERTY WALK!
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Credit: FayesVision; Photos: WENN
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  • good-one

    I agree with what Patworx commented in a previous thread.

    Others are telling me that in the long run, it is the artists we end up counting on to remake civilization. Thanks for your part, Miley.

  • Warren

    Good Going Miley!

  • http://Facebook Leah laustsen

    Way to go Miley! Keep on rocking love you always.

  • Naomi

    Ok, good for her, but she does realize that she makes up that 1% of wealthy Americans? Just putting it out there….

  • ha ha

    How was your birthday cake, Miley (cough, cough)?

    Yeah these rich celebs should stay away from real world causes, just makes them look more clueless, while they can afford to get stoned in their 50-room mansion, right miley?

  • ashleylovestaylorswift

    occupy are failures. they all failed in life. thats why there their. get lost. no one cares.

  • JM

    Keep on rocking Miley..

  • Jazz market

    Keep on rocking Miley. Good for Miley

  • Naomi


    You can’t really call them failures. How do you know that half of them tried to get a job?

  • good-one


    And if Taylor Swift makes a video, might that sway you?

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i love this video!!!! love this song !! in short i love mileyyyyy

  • Taylor

    I’m glad she speaks out for causes she believes in. Celebrities have the power to create publicity for good causes and educate those who may be in the dark.

  • jessica

    I love liberty walk. definitely one of the best songs off cant be tamed except for the embarrassing rap part but other than that the song is pretty legit and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even listen to her music.

  • Naomi

    I thought the news this morning would be the YouTube Video for “Liberty Walk” instead of a joke about the cake Ms. Osborne planned for Miley’s birthday party. I think the” Liberty Walk” video is awesome and speaks a lot about the maturity of this young girl knowing what’s going on in this country. Even some older adults don’t even know the problems this country is facing and want to dismiss OWS as homeless, drug addicted people (like the media try to portray for people to believe). If you are involved in what’s going on today, you know different and know this country is in deep trouble. People need to ban for power of the people, (not be run by corporations and Congress who have been bought by Corps.) or there won’t be any rights for them. GO MILEY! And thanks for the video and statement for the American people and glad you are so informed at such a young age!

  • angel123ina

    very good videos

  • Map2x

    i love miley she stands for wat she believes in…

  • chucky

    Is this the same person who had “dwarfs” at her birthday party to amuse the crowd. Kind of reminds me of the Kings of the past with their “Court Jesters”. What a hippocrite she eats caviar while we starve, but hey thanks for the “song”

  • Cherry

    OAKLAND BABY!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAAA!!