Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holding Hands in Venice Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holding Hands in Venice Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler hold hands as they take a romantic stroll on Saturday afternoon (November 26) in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress and the 20-year-old actor grabbed lunch at 26 Beach restaurant before hopping onto their bikes and riding down the boardwalk.

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Vanessa recently announced via her Facebook page that she is going to be sending out holiday cards. Make sure to subscribe to her updates if you want to receive one!

FYI: Austin is wearing a Levi‘s trucker jacket.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin‘s romantic afternoon…

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Credit: Premiere2/Miguel2; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Selena


  • amtfan

    and the zanessa fights start.. NOW. anyways their cute.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Oh.. that’s cute. :D If people start complaining about these two, then they’re not fans of Vanessa at all. Don’t people care for her happiness? If she’s happy with him then let them be!!! Baby V is happy and I’m happy for her. :)

  • justine

    awww cute <3 although i miss zanessa, i’m just happy because van looks happy again, they look like they really like eachother <3

  • yets

    as long as she is Happy im OK.

  • amtfan

    @zac/vanessa/ashnessa: THANK YOU. THIS. Like its annoying how vanessa fans hate on her even though shes SMILING!!

  • mhay

    im happy for her.

  • ehryle

    It could be the start of something new! Well let’s give them a chance to prove there love if Austin is really want to win her heart and Zac if u still love her fight for her but I can see that Zac is just going with the flow!! As long as Vanessa’s happy I’m on her side she deserved to be happy!! Xoxo

  • Gwen

    I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF VANESSA and am DISGUSTED. I honestly cannot believe this. Zac and Vanessa all the way. Can’t she see that she was a better person with Zac? Now she’s just attention seeking & my gosh, I have totally and utterly lost my respect for her. Guys leaving her home in the wee hours of the day? WHAT? Vanessa have you lost your mind? :(
    I liked you better when you were with Zac. You were grounded, now you’re just…. floating.

  • bob

    lol zac used to leave her home in the early morning too. it’s called dating.

    2 guys in a year, what a TERRIBLE person.

  • Boji

    Honestly and Seriously!!! What’s so disgusting about Vanessa hanging out with her bf Austin?!!!
    Get over it, Gwen. You are not the biggest fan of Vanessa and you certainly do not qualify it by the way you are going on. She is not with Zac anymore. Gwen, it is you who have lost your freaking mind.
    I’m just happy to see Vanessa out and about with someone she cares enough to be seen publicly holding hands and showing some PDA. She is not public property and there is nothing indecent about her behaviour. They look like a couple very much in love to me. Why didn’t you condemn Zac and her when they were in and out of each other’s abode, then. Talk about double standards, sheesh.
    I’m just happy for Vanessa and happy for both of them that they need not hide their feelings. Besides they are not answerable to anyone. I like Austin, he behaves like a true gentleman. JJjr you have truly made my day. They look so adorably cute together.

  • sky10

    they look cute!…but i missed her seeing with Zac,i can’t hide why i liked HMS bcause of Zac and Vanessa love team but now,,well,as long as she or their happy together it’s fine….huhuhu

  • gummybear

    I’m a massive zanessa fan and hope they really find there way back together , but I’m also really happy for Vanessa at least she gets to spend a lot of time with her boyfriend , coz zanessa were hardly seen public And spend time together. Ps miss my zac and nessa why can’t their friends set them up?

  • Juddy

    Baby v I’m so happy for you… Ok haters what about zac and Ashley beach pics they are worst 1000000×1000000 than Vanessa and austin at least van and Austin are couple

  • NiNi


    i totally agree with you here …

  • Boji

    You fans, stop living in the past. This is the present, people do grow out of relationships and move on. Missed Vanessa when she was in Alaska. Just happy that she’s confident enough in her relationship with Austin not to care about the public. He must be treating her right.

  • NiNi

    okay now my opinion… if anyone reads this !!
    —-> i dont care whom she´s dating or not – i think its more important that she´s happy and if u look at the pics, then you can see and feel that she IS HAPPY !!! … its about vanessa and not zac …AND SHE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY !!! so leave the old realtionship behind you guys …. its her choice !!

  • Nicky

    Well it seems the old war here is on again.
    It is definitely time for all the so called “Zanessa” fans that they move on.
    Zac and Vanessa are not together anymore. They are also no friends anymore and they also have no contact to each other anymore, between them is everything over.

    Vanessa always needed someone in her life, now she has a new bf. Zac is still single and concentrates on his career, which was always the most important thing in his life. Anything else is now second-and third-rate. If he ever should want a gf again, I’m sure he will find one some day. Leave especially him alone, he’s going through enough and doesn’t need haters who make his life more worse than it already is. All that he wants is a little bit of a normal life, not more and not less.

  • Amy

    Awwwwwww I love her :) guys your not a true fan if you now hate her because she’s going out with someone else, leave her be move on and concentrate on what shes doing in movies and tv

  • http://fanpopgirl dylan

    can’t wait for them to breakup

  • Nessa’s Fan

    I still don;t get Zanessa’s Breakup because it happened one day before Vanessa’s Birthday….

    I want Zanessa Backkkkkkk, I respect Vanessa’s private life but please If their’s was real love, how can it end just because of their jobs?????

  • http://facebook me

    everybody knew that they are dating so i dont see the surprise here i see a couple who like eochother spend time together and they look cute and i love vanessa here she looks peaceful and happy i hope the best for them i like them even if i dont find austin handsome he is cute so good luck to them as for zac and vanessa THEY ARE OVER ITS BEEN A YEAR SO SHUT THE FUCK ABOUT THEM they are not even friend so zac and vanessa together again? i really dont think so they are over for good

  • Boji

    Nessa’s Fan, Zanessa was your fantasy. It is over. We don’t know what went on in their private lives. Their love was real while they were together but they both have chosen to move on with their lives. It is possible to love more than once in your life. Be realistic, you are living your life through theirs which is not right. Some things are hard to explain if you have never loved and lost love. Explaining that their work and distance drove them apart is much easier than having to reveal the true cause of the split. That is their business and no one else’s. They ie Zac and Vanessa do not owe us the public an explanation if at all.

  • musicgirl

    awww thats so cuute!!!!!! so happy that she is happy!!! <3

  • caitlin

    From Zac to that?!!

  • http://facebook forever

    ohhhhhhhhhh come on zac is not godness i mean i have seen hotter l guys in the street , hollywood i cant stand it anymore shut the fuck up

  • Emma

    lovelovelove. i’m so happy for them. :’)

  • yets

    i think we need to moved like V .
    im just happy for her Austin is a nice guy people.

  • http://facebook me

    Gwen austin its her boyfriend that what boyfriends do leave you house when they want they catch you ass and others thing dear believe that i cant tell here the same has done zac its not different its her fucking boyfriend

  • Lucas

    once a beard, always a beard

  • http://facebook me

    ok i guess stella is a sister of famous person but like maria and haters suck said tell me why pipa noah suri cruize are famous they are doing nothing so calling merlin mum one girl a nobody its fucking stupid and i bet you wouldnt like if someone called your children nobody so stop it so why the fuck are you here i dont see efron anywhere so please shut the fuck up ok we get it you hate vanessa you dont like her ? we dont give a shit

  • http://facebook me

    my 28 comment wasnt meant for here sorry

  • robyyyn

    Nice way of getting more recognition Austin! :L
    Just kidding. I’m sure he’s lovely and they look happy together but it just come’s across that way.
    I like Vanessa but I just don’t get why her and Zac broke up because of distance (yh, right!) because they are actors and all that, but then she starts dating Austin? Isn’t it just going to end up the same way? Or did they have the ‘Let’s face it Austin, your not a popular actor so we can be together!’ talk. I’m not slagging them off but…

  • vancrazed

    I love, and forever will love, the joy that has been evident on her face since last march. if that doesn’t make people wonder how miserable she was and to ‘dehalo’ Zef then i don’t know what will. Its so obvious,

  • em

    omg sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • em


  • me

    she’s holding him like she used to hug zac .one years everything changes but i love her so i’m happy for her

  • me

    she’s holding him like she used to hug zac .one years everything changes but i love her so i’m happy for her

  • me

    she’s holding him like she used to hug zac .one years everything changes but i love her so i’m happy for her

  • gummybear

    forget to mention she looks bueatiful , austins a lucky man just like zac was

  • em

    they broke up because they weren’t happy together anymore, Vanessa is happy now!!!

  • lauren

    how long have these two been together/hooking up/whatever it is?

  • lehogfarts

    this honestly breaks my heart. Vanessa was so much better off with Zac :( but what can we do right? I miss Zanessa. I really do. Vanessa and Zac get ur asses back together. </3 please.

  • em

    since may-june, there were comments back at the SFA premiere and they are friends since years..

  • Lauren lipkin

    Wasn’t Vanessa with Josh back in may and June? I think it’s been since September?

  • thetis

    ZANESSA FANS! Do you have any idea how creepy you sound! Zac and Vanessa were not dating YOU so your behavior and attitude border on obsessive and a bit psychotic.

    Zanessa is done they have moved on and are busy with their livers and new loves (we may see Zac with a new love soon I’m sure).

    And for those trashing Austin cause he’s not Zac – how shallow and fake you are as people. You don’t have the faintest idea what Zac is like as a man in private or what their relationship was like. If you judge a man by physical appearane only then you are in for a world a hurt in your own lives. Outer apeaance has nothing to do with inner character.

    And why do I get the feeling that the same people trashing V for being with Austin will be so excited by Zac and a new girlfriend? You are not Zanessa fans some of you your Zac fans – you are in the wrong post!

  • peggy

    @Lauren lipkin:

    We were all hoping your family had found an adequate mental facility to put in in but I see not.

    V was never with Josh even he says they were BFFs and nothing more fans and the press made it into more.

    I thought you’d at least leasrn how to read

  • Boji

    Nope, I think Vanessa had a connection with Josh but they were not a couple. She was way too busy filming Gimme Shelter and remained single for a time after. Austin and her were papped as a couple in September but my guess is that they’d already hooked up way before that. She’s known Austin a long time. He is Ashley’s good friend. Anyway, what is it to you Lauren? What are you trying to get at?

  • Lauren lipkin

    @ Peggy
    Are you done yet?
    Seriously just stop

  • Kro

    this made my day! im giddy now, i respect V and she doesnt need to hide and she is not an attention seeker, if u see paparazzi are always following her, it is clear and was clear before this that they were dating and V is happy,, im happy, life goes on, and no one knows what the future will bring