Zac Efron: 'The Lucky One' Poster & Featurette!

Zac Efron: 'The Lucky One' Poster & Featurette!

Zac Efron keeps it cool in a pair of dark shades as he walks through LAX Airport on Monday (November 28) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor traveled light for his flight – only one small suitcase!

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The poster for Zac‘s upcoming flick The Lucky One was recently released, as well as a featurette featuring Zac and the film’s writer Nicholas Sparks. Watch below for a sneak peek, and be sure to look out for the film on April 20, 2012.

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Credit: Justin Erik; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Miranda

    BAM! Best.Movie.Ever.

  • lo

    love you zac, but i’m not going to watch a nicholas sparks movie. Cant wait for your serious movies, like the paperboy or something like that.

  • Selena

    OMFG that movie looks HOT. He looks SOOOOO grown up in it. I can’t wait to see it.

    His hair in the pics looks SUPER odd. O_o

  • whatever

    He can not act. And those pics above are GAY, GAY, GAY.

  • Claudia

    i totaly loved it!!!…i wans’t too excited about this movie, but after this, i can’t wait..Zac looks really good and so does Taylor..

  • melody


  • Tammy

    Zac, i love you, but seriously, GET THAT HAIR SORTED! it looks like you have some kind of toupee on your head, LMFAO! can’t stop laughing right now, i still love u tho’ bb! yr not justing bieber (thank god!) your sooooo much hotter! Express yr sexiness! (start by removing that horrendous outfit!)

  • Candela

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    I luv the book….. now i cant wait to see the movie… OMG… ZAC EFRON LOOKS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s a great actor!! it’s my fav!!!! XD

  • yay

    haha lol at his hair… anyway not matter what he is still a hottie!!
    and about TLO… hmm AMAZING!!!!!!! this can be better!! i’m so proud of him!!!!!!!!


  • beatriz

    i love him even more.

  • Vivi

    OHMYGOSH! I cannot wait to watch this! Its one of my favorite books! And Zac looks sooooo HOTT

  • Belen

    Nobody watched his socks? he used a green star socks!!! :s i think that he is a lit gay and broke my heart ;(

  • LULI

    TE AMO! ♥

  • http://@TEam_Zacefron stefanie

    Zac is an AMAZING actor!!! I CANT WAIT APRIL 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Wanda Lynn

    Will be seeing this movie can’t wait to see Zac in this Hot sex scences Everyone has been talking about.

  • Lame

    No offense, but between that hair, those shoes and that horrendous outfit..he looks like an Eastern European gigilo who just rolled out of a club. I’m talking one of those janky clubs in Serbia or Bulgaria. He just need some gold chains. I know Vanessa is through with him but maybe she’ll take some pity and at least help him with his wardrobe.

  • SE

    Sexy Zac

  • rain

    OMG SO EXCITED YAY ZAC! Him in a sex scene, him playing a soldier, looking forward to this one!

  • No offence

    He doesn’t need van to help him with his outfit, he can afford a stylist.

  • durrrr

    My gay senses are tingling.

  • florence


    That’s all his future movies apart from The Lorax and NYE will be ss their the only kind he’s interested in wonder how long into promo he will telling the world how he enjoyed the sex scenes just like he did with CSC with a stupid grin on his face. How about doing a film with substance efron and not just taking your clothes off and doing sex scenes both of them get boring after a while.

    That’s why it makes me smile when he says he wants to be a serious actor and be a leading man both of them are many year’s away yet try keeping your clothes on first and maybe not always getting the girl that’s not being realistic.

  • merlin’s mum

    soo looking forward to this!!! The trailer is fantastic!!! perhaps the hair is for a new role or maybe it is better if he gels it? Normally a reason for wierd hair with actors. :)

  • Tini

    OMG HE IS IN HIS BOXERS!!!! I was over him for a while but I just can’t resist him! The movie seems great!! (damn i miss zanessa… irrleveant but yeah)

  • eat me

    @florence Does it affect you if he does a serious role and do a sex scene in the movie?

  • eat me

    @ florence i mean how much does this sex scene affect you?

  • Moni

    Oh florence what has this guy ever done to you? You are sounding like a broken record. Can i ask your age range thats if you don’t mind.

  • lauren

    your hating on a kids movie?
    really? just stop.

  • ………

    oh please .. what should he say when the interviewer ask him , how was the sex scene ?? it was disgusting ?? it was horrible ?? yeah that would be nice … -.-
    search for a new reason to hate him !
    (sorry for my english)

  • http://facebook me

    oh come on bitches i have never seen a movie of him but i defenitely will watch this i mean wow i love it zac boy became a man i am really starting to like him he became a man but yes he looks really bad at the photos and the sex sence he is an actor he not doing kidy movies anymore and the same goes with vanessa

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://lala aiwen

    I AM GONNA WATCH THIS!!!!he is so hot!!!!!

  • Deb

    You continue to show your ignorance and stupidity with your idiotic comments. Do you know anything about the other two movies that Zac worked on this past summer? Do you know what other actors he worked with on those movies? Obviously not. And, are you saying that for a film to qualify as “one of substance,” it can’t have a sex scene in it? Are you saying that “serious” actors do not do sex scenes in their films? Why don’t you go back to whatever planet you came here from.

    @durrrr and @whatever – Why don’t you take your homophobic selves and comments and join Florence on that planet. We don’t need people like you around here.

  • VanFan

    OMG!! Grow up already. Why are you so hung up on sex scenes? The movie is a romance. Why wouldn’t there be a sex scene in it? PLENTY of romance movies have sex scenes, probably most of them. It’s not like they are actually doing it. It’s not porn. What is your problem?

  • gummybear

    he really needs to put his life together and get his girl back .whos his hair stylist btw ?

  • Deb

    His life IS together. He’s working more than ever and has several projects coming up. One bad hair day does not mean that he is down. (And, BTW, she is not HIS girl.)

  • pita

    oh ! definitely see this movie the trailer is very good.Zac perfect as Logan…..

  • gummybear

    deb that’s why I said GET HER BACK and btw I’m aloud my own opinion without you correcting me

  • cutie

    Zac you going to be amazing…..Can’t wait I loved the book…

  • stephanie

    I am pretty sure the haircut is for a movie.I dont thnk zac would want his hair like tht….so excited for The Lucky One…I read the book and its amazing!!! I also heard the movie was supposed to be close to the book.

  • Deb

    You said that he needs to “get his girl back” and I am saying that she is not HIS girl. She is her own person and belongs to no one.

    I don’t know if you’re A LOUD person, but, yes, we all are ALLOWED our opinions.

  • whatever

    @Deb: If you’re going to correct the spelling and grammar around here, you’ll be here all day and night. You knew what that poster meant, and you had to argue semantics. So rude.

  • Deb

    I wouldn’t have even responded, except the poster obviously has a problem with comprehension also. Normally, I ignore the spelling and grammar, for the very reason that you stated.