Honor Society 'Spreads The Love'

Honor Society 'Spreads The Love'

Honor Society gathers in a vacant theater in their new music video for “Spread The Love.”

The guys — Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee and Alexander Noyes — are seen around several cities in the video lending a helping hand at the Salvation Army and highlighting many fans who also give back to the organization.

Honor Society is currently on the road for the Salvation Army’s Rock the Red Kettle Tour, which also includes a big concert at Universal City Walk on December 17th.

Alexander shared in a statement, “We wanted our new album, A Tale of Risky Business: Part 2 to inspire change, both musically and socially, and to encourage the next generation of philanthropists. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity and to support the important work being done by The Salvation Army.”

Michael added, “It’s been such a life changing experience working with the Salvation Army and we’re ready to be out on the road, playing concerts, encouraging our amazing fan base to get in the spirit of giving and to be part of this iconic Salvation Army tradition.”

Honor Society – “Spread The Love”
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