Selena Gomez: Jingle Ball in Sacramento!

Selena Gomez: Jingle Ball in Sacramento!

Selena Gomez sparkles in the lights on stage at 107.9 The End’s 2011 Jingle Ball held at the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, Calif., on Thursday night (December 1).

The 19-year-old actress/singer took the stage in ruby red heels and a mini-Santa like outfit. So cute!

Sel shared on the stage, “One of my inspirations is Katy Perry. She’s been really wonderful and really good as a person to me. She’s given me two songs of hers so, in honor of Katy, we wanted to do this song for her.”

Check out Selena‘s rendition of “The One That Got Away” below!

Selena Gomez — “The One That Got Away”
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Credit: C Flanigan; Photos: WireImage
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  • good-one


  • cam

    Beautiful indeed!

  • shaun

    she definately not a singer she just butcher the song and she really bad. Poor katty I hope she don’t see how bad selena butcher her song, katty singing this song so beautifully and selena is really terrible at it.

  • Naomi

    Ok, she looks pretty and that is a cute dress, but she can’t sing live. I’m sorry. It’s like she’s forcing herself to sing well, when she can’t. She also tends to whisper when she sings.

  • laurent

    @shaun too bad katy loves selena and think shes amazing, so stfu jealous hater!

  • laurent

    @shaun too bad katy loves selena and think shes amazing, so stfu jealous hater!!!

  • laurent

    she looks gorgeous and so flawless love it<3

  • Michael

    I was at the show and was able to meet her! It was so cool and she is super sweet. :)

  • badabing.

    I can’t put into words how much of a fan of Selena I am.
    But, she REALLY can’t sing. :(
    I could state several things she does that she could change.
    But I won’t.
    Love you, Sel!

  • shaun

    @laurent too bad katy loves selena and think shes amazing, so stfu jealous hater!!!
    so what if katy loves selena that has nothing to do with selena butchering her song. selena can’t sing, the only reason she is selling is because little kids can’t tell the diffence between a good singer and a horrible one. she can’t even keep her breath in properly and she not even dancing, she has zero singing abilities and zero stage presence and her dress looks like is made for a child did she forget she is almost 20?

  • maria

    Lol at the haters. People, she sings because she loves it. Not because she thinks she’s amazing and she’s trying to impress people or whatever. That’s the case with pretty much all of us unless you have some serious self obsessed issues so stfu. If you think you were better, why aren’t you famous? Quit fucking hating because she isn’t that bad, she’s trying, and it’s not like she knows you exist anyways. She doesn’t care. She’s the bigger person, and she has this thing called maturity which evidently, you guys don’t have. Got nothing better to do with your time it seems. She’s actually improved a lot and lol Katy Perry is not known for her musical “talents”, we all know why she is actually famous so please stfu. Her voice is naturally soft, but you don’t have to have a powerful voice to be an amazing singer. She did really good with her version of this. Her emotions were spot on, and this sounded so beautiful as a ballad. I like this better than the original, it even sticks better! Anyone who says she isn’t talented is nothing but an idiot, no need to hate and talk so rude though.

  • Naomi


    I just said that she can’t sing live and she tends to whisper when she sings. I know that she’s not a pretty good singer and she shouldn’t be singing and focus on acting because that the field that she’s somewhat good in. I just feel like she was forced into singing by Disney, which everyone knows by know, but they want to believe she did it because she loves to sing. No one is hating on her, so calm down. By the way, I don’t have a problem with her. It’s her singing I have a problem with. The only reason why her music is selling is because of her image, not because of her voice.

  • Melissa

    i think the big thing here is that she was emotional, you could here it in her voice during her little speech. he voice is equal to that of Justin Bieber, fitting ha?