Vanessa Hudgens: Saturday Stroll with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens: Saturday Stroll with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens cuddles up to boyfriend Austin Butler as they walk to lunch on Saturday afternoon in Burbank, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the new couple were seen out lunching at a fave eatery before going their separate ways.

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Austin, 20, is currently filming on the new ABC Family series, Intercept, opposite Danielle Panabaker and Chloe Wang.

Intercept follows four college students, who get roped into solving crimes when one of them creates a high-tech communication device that intercepts conversations throughout the West Coast.

10+ pics inside..

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Tini

    she looks great! I’m happy for her. She found someone who makes her happy again. She deserves the best <3

  • Lauren lipkin

    Thts nice

    Guess she Dorsnt seem to care about her privacy?
    Btw I’m not hating

  • Tini

    @Lauren lipkin: she is just going on a walk with her boyfriend. She didn’t say anything about the relationship or anything like that, that will harm her privacy. It’s natural. She did the same when she was with Zac (:

  • NJ


  • Haters Suck!

    Damn I love seeing Vanessa smile if she’s happy then I’m happy that’s what’s important.
    why should she hide? They are doing nothing wrong. They are dating not robbing banks.

  • amtfan

    she does care about her privacy. she said nothing about it but shes not allowed to hold hands with her boyfriend in public? is that bad because hes not zac or something? no. Vanessa has a new boyfriend, they go on dates. its normal for celebrities AND us obviously.

  • Boji

    What’s so private about walking out with your boyfriend and handholding? Lauren, your remarks are laced with sarcasm.

    You know, what I like about Vanessa and Austin? She’s not afraid to show the world that they are together and neither is he. I think she’s learnt a lot from her previous relationship and I can see that Austin genuinely cares for Vanessa. I wish them the best. Vanessa looks very happy.

  • masbonita

    Privacy….she doesn’t get any privacy went she goes outside her home, she needs to be HERSELF and keep going out and have fun. She enjoys life, no matter what people have to say about it. I don’t expect them to hide all the time because people are having a hard time with them as a couple.

  • Lauren lipkin

    Well then

  • lol

    @Lauren lipkin:
    you are hating!
    she actually cares, thats why you didn’t even know they were dating until we get the firsts pictures of them both together!

  • Boji

    Career wise, I believe Austin can hold his own. Don’t underestimate him. I like that he finds time to be with her in between filming his ABC series.

  • lol

    she looks so gorgeous and happy! look at her eyes!

  • Kayla

    Is this what people wear these days?

  • lol

    @Lauren lipkin:
    BTW her whole relationship with her ex was always public, they both always had a “friendly relationship” with the press and whole zanessa thing was pure pr, maybe thats why she is now just living her life with the ones she loves and don´t giving a shit about the press, maybe this is more real for her.

  • Xo

    They look really cute together. Austin is really growing on me.
    @Lauren lipkin: lol you again. They are walking down a street like normal people. Quit trying to start something over innocent pics.

  • lol

    that Vanessa´s style! lol
    tgh she can wear a plastic bin bag and still look effortlessly chic

  • lol


  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    Look at the glow in her eyes….it’s undeniable!!!

    I am beginning to see the chemistry between the two.:)

    @lol, correct!not to mention even in a sack, she would still be waaaay more gorgeous than other celebs.

  • Christine

    It’s funny that he’s so tall he has to lean down to talk to her. And the way she’s smiling at him is really adorable. They’re actually a lot cuter than I thought they would be. Not that I thought they wouldn’t be cute, it’s just I didn’t think they’d be THIS cute.

    Apparently they’ve been together for a while, a couple of months actually. But I guess they were just keeping it underwraps for awhile. I can see why. I do think the response to them has been slightly better than they were when she was rumored to be with Josh. Not good, but better. I guess people just need time to let go and move on.

  • elendur

    Vanessa seems to have really calmed down since summer. She and Laura were all over the place having a great time.
    I like her smile and Austin too. Nice to see that they are just living their lives an not letting the paps bother them!
    I think Intercept finished filming last week though. It sounds interesting.

  • Viv

    Austin, can you like go away please? Everytime I see you it makes me sad. Youre killing us ZV fans here. I know Vanessa looks happy. But hello, its totally for PR

  • vancrazed

    i really love how there is a sparkle in her eye and how happy she is. So thankful for that. That’s what love is all about. That kind fo inexpressable joy that you just can’t wipe the smile off your face.

  • vancrazed


    bahbabh at this and his fans thinkin Zac kept that private. He used it for the good of himself even the birthday party he gave her. He made sure he got that picture in people’s with a right up of how great he is . (roll eyes and chokes on spit). He is just sneaky and so his fans can’t see how underhanded he is.
    I mean really?!! Was Charlie St. Cloud so bad that you had to talk constantly about your relationship to sell it? Cuz that is something he said he’d never do, and he couldn’t shut up. And the movie still sucked and bombed.

    IDK….I think he’s always been full of it.

    spot on saw things that his fans can’t even see. YOU’RE GOOD!!!!

  • lol

    lol you guys should stop listening some “zanessa fans” out there. this is obviously not a PR thing (if you know how the whole Public Relations job´s work, you would already understood this ), they been dating since a couple of months and just now out in the public eye, so sorry to break your zanessa heart, but is this is PR, the whole zanessa thing was so much bigger pr than this hahaha

  • Haters Suck!

    why is is so hard to believe another guy might want to date Vanessa and find her attarctive and a special girl? I’m sick of this “pr” bull.

  • Zanessa


  • lol

    being a private person doesn’t mean “hide your face when you have paparazzis all over you” or stop living your life just because someone is intrested in you. Being a private person means don´t talk about your private life with the press, don´t make an intimate moment public and use it in your own benefit, dont make your life a reality show and don´t let others talk shit about the ones you are in love (supposedly).

    Being a private person means you are just living your life and dont giving a shiiiiiiiit about what other people say.

  • anonymous

    This is gonna take some getting used to…. sigh..

    but happy for her.

  • Roxy

    cant people just let go of the past??? Vanessa has moved on, let it be…. she’s been single for almost a year and starting something new with someone who looks quite handsome. It is rude to judge someone w/out knowing that person. Vanessa’s smile is finally reaching her eyes. I see her happy and as a true fan i only care about that. I have nothing against her ex, they were beautiful and of course it was true love but they had their time and decided to finish it. He doesnt want her back or hasnt tried to get her back(dont look like it), he wants to be single, as for Vanessa she’s found someone who wants a relationship and makes her’s her choice, not yours.
    be happy for her!

  • yets

    i really want to see Vanessa That happy.

  • musicgirl

    awwwww they are soo cuute!!!!!!

    and she looks so happy!

  • ….

    I love her outfit!!!!

  • Rhamon

    Well, her smile it’s not the same

  • Natalie


  • eat me

    can you atleast talk about austin at this time leave zac alone you should be happy she’s over him how annoying…. Every time jjj post a pic of vanessa here i didn’t read a single post that no one mentioning zac and accusing him if your reason cuz of zaness fan who brought up gis name and started it’s a bull shit who cares if they’re still dreaming on zanessa let them dream what they want you know already zanessa is dead already it’s burried under the ground even zac and vanessa doesn’t want to dig it back…. Why don’t you talk about austin do you know whats his backround except his a friend also of ashley i did’nt even read here you fans of here mentioning where his from…. Leave zac alone he live his life with out you accusing him and his minding his own bussiness with out you judging him….

  • eat me

    and i thought your happy for her she’s out of that oh what you call him douche bag so why still judging him i don’t under stand….

  • amy

    @eat me: Shut up

    There Zac’s psychotic fans go again.

    The posts here belong to Vanessa.

  • eat me

    @amy that’s right why always accusing him here he has nothing to with this he’s out of her life can’t you just live with it… I know your happy already she’s dating austin .Now it’s time for you to judge austin not zac leave zac alone… if your problem cuz fan of him commenting here then ask your self why do you think they have to comment here….

  • proudofzacnessa

    @eat me:

    AMEN girl, AMEN!
    I’m Zanessa FAn
    I’m Vanessa fan and Zac’s Fan

    Now, i’m seeing this photos, Vanessa really looks happy again and That doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy before with Zac.. she is dating with Austin :)
    SHE LOOKS CUTE! for me, he doesn’t look cute,,, xD
    I hope he cares for his girlfriend…because any person who hurt her, earns my hatred xD

    :) and @AMY i’m zac fan too and im not psychotic…
    is true, dont speak about Zac here, let him alone ok?
    He is no da vanessa’s boyfriend anymore..

    Speak about Austin, Vanessa, da new couple..ok?

    God bless her new relationship, because would be very sad to see Vanessa bad

  • proudofzacnessa

    @eat me
    AMEN girl, AMEN!

    I’m Zanessa FAn
    I’m Vanessa fan and Zac’s Fan too

    Now, i’m seeing this photos, Vanessa really looks happy again and That doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy before with Zac.. she is dating with Austin :)
    SHE LOOKS CUTE! for me, he doesn’t look cute,,, xD
    I hope he cares for his girlfriend…because any person who hurt her, earns my hatred xD

    :) and @AMY i’m zac fan too and im not psychotic…
    is true, dont speak about Zac here, let him alone ok?
    He is no da vanessa’s boyfriend anymore..

    Speak about Austin, Vanessa, da new couple..ok?

    God bless her new relationship, because would be very sad to see Vanessa bad

    and sorry but i speak spanish, no hablo muy bien el inglés

  • eat me

    you can’t shut me up @amy i am vanessa hudgens fan but i just can’t be quiet here when you guys judging zac he doesn’t deserve all your accusation he did his best to be sweet and a supportive boyfriend to her i don’t understand why do you have to judge him that way…. if you think his being an ass hole it’s your problem your being paranoid that’s why…. Your stressing yourself with this non stop argument between this two…. Why you just leave him alone and focus judging austin butler…. It’s hes turn… Not zac any more….

  • Megan

    This is so hard to see :( i love Vanessa but it is going to take me a long time to get used to this ;( sometimes i wish i didn’t love zanessa as much as i do! Then it would be easy for me to get used to Vanessa dating someone else.

  • Luthor

    @Megan: WORD

  • eat me

    @megan i understand you but life goes on with this two…. I’ts really hard believe me it will pass when you find something to focus with…. Don’t get me wrong i wasn’t happy when zac and vanessa dating at first i hate zac efron but when i see how he cares and supportive to vanessa and how people accept them it really change me maybe you can call me a zanessa fan too but i’m not that crazy on zanessa thing…i’m more of vanessa… and i’m sure you read here im defending zac cuz for me he really put all of his effort to make vanessa happy and support her on her problems and her ups and down… He’s really there for her i’m sure you see that… Every one does except to those who can’t appreciate him…and reading all this judgment and accusation againt’s him that’s really annoys me… That’s why i can’t stop myself to bash vanessa they can’t blame me they have to realize what they are doing and saying… hope you understand what i mean…

  • Janelle

    He’s ugly!!!!!!! lol shes just trying to make Zac E jealous!!

  • Mags

    Omg! I like him already he’s tall/handsome, good choice vanessa

  • maria

    @Roxy: Well said. What’s done, is done. It was amazing while it lasted, but there are good reasons why it’s over. Life has all kinds of twists and turns; we never know where it’s going to lead.

  • isf


  • Disney17

    Vanessa has God awful fashion sense! Horrible!

  • rockstar

    It’s nice to see her genuinely happy. These two make a nice couple…But, I’ll forever be a Zanessa fan. I’m not going to bash their relationship, though. If Vanessa’s happy, I’ll be happy for her.