JJJ Book Club: Cast Marie Lu's 'Legend'!

JJJ Book Club: Cast Marie Lu's 'Legend'!

Before the JJJ Book Club shows off our pick for December, we have to know how many of our readers picked up a copy of Marie Lu‘s “Legend.”

We read a cool new interview with Ms. Lu on MTV about the book, concept and casting for the upcoming movie.

“Right now I sort of have a general look in my head,” she shared about casting the parts. “I see them in a particular way in my head, and I can’t think of anyone at the moment. I’m sure whoever they pick will be someone who matches up well. It will be exciting to see who they pick.”

So, let’s cast it for her! Check out the character descriptions below and tell us who’d you think would make the perfect fit:

Day: 15-year-old male with blonde hair and blue eyes. He stands 5’10″, with a Mongolian-Caucasian ethnicity. He’s also the country’s most wanted criminal.

June: 15-year-old female with dark brown hair and gold-brown eyes. She’s 5’4″ and is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles.


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  • magic

    maybe vanessa hudgens for june

  • lalalaa

    is it an open casting call?? :)

    i hope so!



  • pansy25

    Please cast an unknown! i like the actresses but we need new and fresher faces to make this work!

  • lalalaa

    ik! thats why i hope its an open casting!!!

  • Kisha21

    Vanessa Hudgens as June, and Logan Lerman as Day

  • evettenatasha.f.
  • Leah13

    Are the auditions open to anyone????:) I hope so!!

  • Nora

    For June: I love Malese Jow, and the entire time I was reading Legend, I pictured her with some slightly Asian features- black eyes, dark hair, etc.


    Plus, she’s an extremely talented actress!

  • Nira

    Unknown actors please!! Although I wouldn’t mind Sam Tan as Day. :)

  • Sarah

    I agree with those who recommended the open casting call. Everyone love to see an unknown actress…there could be someone just perfect for June, but no one’s discovered her just yet.

  • Callie

    Malese Jow for June and Ezra Miller for Day.

    Ezra: http://blogs.independent.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/KEVIN_DAY_7_2813.jpg

  • alyssa

    I agree with the others who suggest an open casting call. It’d be more… awesome, I guess? And choosing unknown actors and actresses would be much cooler too. I just hope they find someone who seem relative to the characters. If not, I just hope they would find actors and actresses that could portray the characters from legend beautifully. I really hope the movie goes great.

  • http://escapingrealitybookreviews.wordpress.com Lynette


    Yes! I’m in 100% agreement with you!

  • Daisy

    Lucas Till as Day, Hailee Steinfield as June. William Moseley as John or Thomas, maybe?

  • Liz

    Hailee Stienfeld for June

  • olivia.cini

    i am an up and coming actress who is dying for the part of june i need it what can i do

  • Meghan

    I thank zendaya should be June

  • Meghan

    What movies have you played in


    I agree with Liz and Daisy. I think Hailee Stienfeld would be a perfect match for June’s appearance. Got no idea for someone like Day since he’s a special character – a criminal with blond hair!

  • Elizabeth

    ok i keep seeing jennifer lawrence as june

  • Rosy

    Olivia Holt with her hair dyed brown

  • http://_wearedivergent Meghan

    I hope it is an open casting call. I match all of the descriptions and am very flabbergastic about the series.

  • Rosalie

    Open casting….. There is a beautiful girl a few years younger than me from Boston who looks just like June– I’ve been saying it ever since I read the book! What is the casting agency being used??

  • Distrapluc

    Day: Anton Yelchin
    June: Troian Bellisario….. Or me. I fit the description exactly.

  • Distrapluc

    @alyssa: I’m in total agreement an open casting call would be amazing.

  • Distrapluc

    This is kinda random but Benedict Cumberbatch as Elector Primo! He does great in villain roles.

  • Rachel

    Ok June isn’t an Asian (as much as I’d love that). I think Hailee Steinfield would make an awesome June and her preformance in Ender’s Game is just proving the obvious. She looks just like how June is described…for Day though I have nothing. Also aren’t they supposed to be like 14 or 15 in Legend?

  • booksforever

    i thinkl hailee steinfelf or saoirse ronan should play june
    then booboo stewert as day…course he’ll dye his hair pale blonde and apply blue contacts! im so happy for this movie! make sure you dont make day white because hes NOT!

  • nyajhai

    Zendaya Colemen… I think she would be perfect. please tell us if its an open casting call. i would love to audition.

  • allison

    pick me! i have dark brown hair but blue eyes, im 14 an 5’6.

  • http://any allison

    pick me!! i have brown hair but blue eyes im 14 and im 5’7 extremely athletic

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