Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: American Kisses

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: American Kisses

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler share a sweet kiss at the American Airlines ticketing booth at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday night (December 3).

Earlier in the day, the twosome were spotted on a walk after lunching with a friend in Burbank.

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There are just 10 more days until Vanessa turns 23! Have you been participating in her birthday project on her official site?

Also take a peek at the new character posters for her upcoming flick, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • gummybear

    I love Vanessa but I really hope Austin doesn’t last long with her , where are they going btw , and yes I’m a huge Vanessa,zanessa fan so don’t judge me and say I only love her because of who she dates

  • gummybear

    god Austin go grab fame attention with someone else ,Ashley might be a good start she probably set you up with Vanessa anyway

  • Ashleigh

    vanessa maybe happy but she is doing alot of PDA with Austin compaired 2 wat she was when she was with zac. x x

  • thetis


    It’s time for you to get past this silliness – Austin seems like a nice guy.

    Those of you who can’t let go of Zanessa and simply wish both zac and Vanessa well need to realize your attitude is really unhealthy and will effect the rest of your lives. Life is about letting go when needed and moving on.

  • NJ

    This won’t last it’s not the chemistry Zanessa had trust me they won’t last

  • ….

    I’m still not completely over Zanessa, but seeing these picture…. they’re so cute!!! and Vanessa seems happy :)

  • amtfan

    they are cute. give your idol a break. at least shes happy.

  • Xo

    I think they’re cute. I just hope wherever they are going they we don’t get pics. They deserve their privacy.

  • Chanon

    I can’t believe it has already been a year since Zac and Vanessa broke up.

  • Tata

    I can just hear her go kiss me now, like they are showing off for wonder who. Ashley and this guy are friends so she probably set them up, which only means that the ex doesn’t really want her back as they say cause if it were true then ash would be betrayin the ex so i think they all know best. So stop with the zanessa nonsense. She looks like a girl who suffered a heartbreak and as found someone again or so.

  • maria

    It doesn’y matter how long it lasts. She is happy, is trusting of being in a new relationship, has 3 movies coming out, a new one to film in February, and life is good for her. That’s all that matters. She doesn’t have a big ego, nor expresses grandiose expectations of herself. She knows she has to work hard, challenge herself, and things will happen for her, like they have. She appreciates all she’s been blessed with, loves what she does, and that’s good with her. I admire her personality, her charm, her loyalness, her ability to move forward after mistakes, her passion for life, and her ability to see the beauty in like everywhere she goes. Life has thrown her curves, but she is motivated, positive, and willing to try new things in life. So much to admire about her spirit!!!!!!!

    I hope they have a great time wherever they are headed. He is very sweet to her, and that is so nice to see.

  • Tata

    @ Xo will get pics alright. She needs to show off .

  • Tata

    @ Maria life has thrown her curves, what exactly has she gone through? Her life has been easy compared to most people and pls don’t call nude pics tough thats her doin.

  • lalalaa

    AWH! HOW SWEET!!! :)

    in about an hr this post will have like 60 comments!

    haha just you wait and see!

  • Tini

    OMG People! It’s been a year! Get over it already! Zac and Vanessa broke up! She deserves to move on with her life and not just sit there and cry a river over a lost month. She moved on! He moved on! She is happy! Isn’t that what really matters? He makes her smile and she’s glowing! It’s been a while since I’ve noticed that on her! If you care about her, give her a break! Just be happy about her and stop the hate!

  • masbonita

    I love the fact that while everyone is hating on them, they are having a great time living their life……Have fun and a safe trip back.

  • lauren

    im guessing their going to mexico.

  • Viv

    I’m glad she looks so happy. But I so don’t like Austin. At all. He just makes me mad seeing him. I don’t want them to be real. I try so hard to think that they’re just doing PR but I don’t know. It’s getting hard. I wish Austin would just go away.

  • Viv

    I wish Austin would go away. Or go date Ashley or something. They’re both attention hoggs anyways. That’s a good match. I kind of hate Ashley for setting them up. And I hate Austin for using Vanessa. It’s clear that’s what’s hes doing. All this PDA, it’s unnatural for Vanessa. And he has movies coming out. And because of this he’s getting attention for them. Fame whore. Leave Vanessa alone.

  • Katie

    If you don’t like Austin then GTFO. Vanessa is HAPPY, they’re clearly dating and if you think its PR then you honestly need to go back to living in a little dream world.
    At least try to tolerate Austin, for Vanessas sake. Don’t come on here being all mad because he’s showing affection for someone that he cares about.
    It’s been a year. Zanessa is over. Move on. You can still dream I suppose but accept the fact it’s over okay.
    Vanessa likes Austin now. Deal with it. I’m sick of hearing about Zac
    on posts that don’t even concern him.

  • tina

    @Viv: He’s sweeping her off her feet. Remember she said she never had a boyfriend who did the whole rose petal and the bath thing. I’m thinking she’s getting that now. And she also has movies coming out, are you saying she’s using him.

  • None

    im still not over zac and her breaking up!. but she looks happy, so im happy for her.

  • michelle

    IDK about you guys, but im done with Vanessa. I will always love and support her but the fact that zanessa not together really hurts. I know you all would say that ‘ love vanessa not zanessa ‘ or ‘get over it, they are over’ but I can’t help but think a dream has ended. When they fell inlove with eachother, i fell inlove with them. I pray everyday that they will get back together but am really losing hope. I have to move on, i can’t keep following her and wishing they are together soon and turn up with nothing. She is living life and not caring, so why shouldn’t I. goodbye Vanessa.

  • fan

    I could see some of the fans negative comments and their concerns regarding Austin being questionable for Vanessa. As well as, the positive comments. I am bit of both…I do see what @Vuv is commenting about too. If Austin has the acting resume of someone like Josh, then I would not even think twice about the relationship. Plus Austin is a friend of Ashley.

    Ashley’s friendship with Vanessa and Zac alway seems very questionable because she was always trying to use their appearance and names for publicities and attention. Ashley seems alway deseparate for her career to get ahead and probably tried to see what Vanessa next plans for getting new projects; therefore, Austin will get that by dating Vanessa. Anyone that is a friend to Ashley like Austin is also questionable. I think Vanessa’s friendship with Laura Knew and Britany Snow are more trusting than those are associated with Disney.

    I hope I am wrong…and I do know that Vanessa is just having fun and exploring her times with dating.

  • fan

    I do see @Viv’s point of view. Let’s just hope Vanessa is being very cautious.

  • Roxy

    omg So Adorable!!!! im so happy for her :) wonder where they’re going???? hopefully they’ll get some privacy even though i want to see more cuteness haha maybe this is Vanessa’s b-day present from Austin :) <33333 i love that she’s happy! GET IT PEOPLE, SHE IS HAPPYYYYYY….her ex hasnt done anything to get her back in a year, he wants to be SINGLE…and is happy for her…why cant you move on like her….she deserves all this.

  • amtfan

    @fan excuse me? Leave ashley out of this. Ashley has been there for both zac and vanessa for forever now. boohoo, zac and vanessa are over. get over it. oh wait you cant. most of you were fans of vanessa’s just for zanessa. PATHETIC!

  • Xo

    If you’re going to quit being a fan of her because of Austin, then you were never a real fan to begin with. You’re supposed to be a fan of someone’s career, not their love life. She doesn’t owe us anything. As long as she is happy, and it looks like she is, then you should have nothing to complain about.

  • eat me

    @xo yes she owe you some thing your one of her loyal fan you give that to her and she owe you for that with out you she can’t be vanessa.

  • tina

    @eat me: She was born Vanessa.

  • eat me

    ok i think vanessa looks happy with him but still i have a doubt on austin dating her… And vanessa really change a lot she’s not like the old vanessa i know i adore… But i can’t do anything with that it’s her life hope and i cross my finger with this that someday she won’t regret what she’s doing she maybe happy now but there is really a cerain thing in life that that you can’t contol….don’t get me wrong with this he may look handsome and nice but i agree with every one here he really use her and she let him do that to her… I’m very dis appointed with this…

  • amtfan

    @eat me: shes not vanessa because shes not dating zac? LOL oh my god. come on now. people break up and move on all the time. you aren’t a real vanessa fan. at all.

  • eat me

    @tina you made me laugh any way i know she was born vanessa what i meant was she can’t be known as vanessa hudgens in this industry with out you as her loyal fans so she owe you that get it?

  • eat me

    @amtfan omg your delusional gosh your annoying you make me laugh… You know what i don’t need to explain anything to you just read my reply to tina gosh you sound childish…

  • HOUSTon

    I know they are young. They must be used to the photographers so why the constant laughing? Are they smoking something?

  • maria

    I’m a bit confused by this “he’s using her” mentality. She’s a beautiful, charming, talented, vivacious girl. Why can’t a guy like her for WHO she is? Is that such a hard concept to grasp? He has a lot of famous friends, and he doesn’t “use ” them, by name -dropping, or needing to be seen with them. He has been friends with Vanessa for awhile, and she knows his character. And believe me, if she so much as senses he’s using the relationship to be seen, she’ll dump him fast. She’s a big girl…..she can take care of herself.

  • maria

    @HOUSTon: They got caught kissing by the paps….they were laughing about it. Why make a ridiculous comment like that?

  • Christine


    I know. The comments here are baffling.

    Honestly I’m glad that she and Zac have broken up. Now we can finally see who was in it for their relationship and who was in it for them individually.

    The problem is so many fans built them up into some kind of fairytale and tried to live vicariously through them and are mad that they didn’t stay together like they were “supposed to”. They need to get over that. Real life is not as cut and paste as the movies. I’m so tired of people defining Zac and Vanessa as each other’s “true love” or “soul mate” and thinking that no other person will ever compare. If that was true, they’d still be together. Obviously they didn’t think they were meant to be together forever. That’s why they’re both moving on.

  • Xo

    @eat me: I’m her fan because I like her movies & music. Along the way you learn things about their personal life because you follow them but that shouldn’t be why you’re a fan. She doesn’t owe me an explanation about anything to do with her personal life just because I watch her movies & buying her magazines.

  • eat me

    @amtfan leave zac alone we’re talking about austin here why bringing zac’s name again focus on austin this time you better prove him that his much better and can do better and fulfill your expectation as the better one for vanessa hope he won’t dis appoint you….

  • shanghai

    People are in love with the fantasy of Zac and Vanessa but its done so let them both move on and be happy with someone else. Vanessa is doing well with her work projects and looks happy so just be happy for her if you are a real fan.

  • eat me

    @xo i got you your right she don’t need to explain anything bout her personal life i really agree with you…. Igot your point now…

  • eat me

    no ones laughing about them being caught kissing who does?

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    Hey everyone!Fan or not a fan, isn’t it nice to see happy people around?So, try to stop all the hates.Smile everyone!

  • Viv

    @Tina no he’s not. He’s just using her. He needs publicity for his new movie and show. All his past works have been big fat flopps. If anyone has ever done those types of things for her, it would be zac. Have you been living under a rock these past 6 years?

  • Viv

    @fan thanks for backing me up.

  • maria

    @Viv: Zac also benefitted from the relationship when they were together. He became part of a young power couple, invited to powerful events like the Oscars WITH her, and I don’t believe he’d have quite the popularity he has today, if he hadn’t been photographed with her for years. He hasn’t done that much since HSM, so what would have made him stand out from the many young male actors in Hollywood??? Yup, his relationship with Vanessa!!! Now, his work will have to speak for him, but their longevity as a couple is what kept him in the public eye, NOT his work. He also shamelessly used that relationship to promo a bad movie. So don’t you dare say Austin is using her. You have no proof of that. And like I just said, she’d dump him in a heartbeat if she senses he is doing so.

  • vashleyforever

    @Viv: LOL hes not using her. hes DATING her because he LIKES her. sorry your idol is smiling..

  • amtfan

    @eat me: im delusional..? says the one still obsessing over zanessa…

  • amtfan

    @Viv: he LIKES HER!!! HES NOT USING HER. get out of your zanessa forever fantasy because its pathetic as hell.