Kelsey Chow: 'Life Can Be Extraordinary'

Kelsey Chow: 'Life Can Be Extraordinary'

Kelsey Chow, dolled up in Salvatore Ferragamo, opens up about her love for learning, acting and health care in the Winter 2011 issue of Hoot magazine.

Check out what the 20-year-old Columbia student and actress had to say:

On giving health care a helping hand: “My father is a physician, his parents were physicians who worked with the World Health Organization in Benghazi, Libya in the 1960s…I knew clinical practice was not for me…[but] I was immediately drawn to the social and political aspects of medicine, and, more specifically, access to health care. I feel strongly that everyone has a right to basic health care. I’m not so naive to think that there is an easy solution to this issue, but I would like to be a part of the process to work toward the solution.”

On acting: “I would like to continue acting as long as I can. It is my passion. I was always told that life could be extraordinary if you find your passion, and being able to make a living doing what you live is just icing on the cake.”

On juggling two lives on two different coasts: “Being able to work and go to school has really opened my eyes to how great it is to be able to do both. School keeps me grounded and accountable. I enjoy learning, and I think or hope it makes me a better actor.”

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Photos: Damian Boo for Hoot Magazine
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  • good-one

    So then when Obama snarks, “Ask Bin Laden if I’m an appeaser”, we can overlook that he sold the country into submission to his Insurance lobby cronies, confusing “single payer” with “single payer mandate”? Let them eat cake? Or how about his thumping his chest about overruling FDA on allowing minors direct access to the morning-after-pill, which shows about as much good sense as his Fast-and-Furious wholesale gun-running into Mexico?

    Let us pray that WHO is a whole lot better than US “Health” posers.