Mitchel Musso Leaves, Adam Hicks Joins 'Pair of Kings'!

Mitchel Musso Leaves, Adam Hicks Joins 'Pair of Kings'!

Adam Hicks has officially joined the cast of Pair of Kings!

The 19-year-old actor/rapper will portray a new character on the island of Kinkow — a long lost brother!

For season three of Pair of Kings, potential future king Brady (Mitchel Musso) will leave the island.

Mitchel shared in a statement of his departure, “Since I was 12, Disney Channel has been an extended family to me and I want all of my friends there to know that I appreciate the opportunities that have come my way and I look forward to focusing on acting and music projects that are in development and sharing the news with my fans around the world soon. I wish the cast, producers, and crew nothing but success on the next season of Pair of Kings.”

Production on the new season will start in February.

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  • Licia

    Even though I don’t particularly like Mitchel, he’s a great actor and his character is amazing. I can’t believe he’s leaving PoK, wow.

  • Yuki


  • Alex

    Mitchel, if you are planning to focus on music, I suggest that you actually learn and try to sing live. I don’t know if your younger fans can tell or not, but it is very obvious that you lip sync, every time you “perform”. People who can’t and/or won’t sing live shouldn’t be performers or musicians. I think you will go a lot farther, and have a lot more respect if you do so. Good luck.

  • foreverdclove

    i guess , he wants to leave disney and be illegal :P

  • Damn

    Is he not in jail?


    What’s going to be disney’s excuse for Mitchel’s departure? He’s one of the best actors who wasted his talents on disney, a kids show that will not allow artist bloom to their full potential, i only feel grief for Mitchel. For losing this lead role where he is referred to Mitchel Musso, Co-main protagonist of Pair of Kings not Miley Cyrus Co-star. To disney, you are making a terrible decision!

  • ZanessaGaily

    Not watching it anymore.

  • http://1631221 mitchel musso lover 4 erver


  • Lilly

    OMG!!!! I loooove mitchel musso. i’m so upset! i only watch the show because he’s a great actor and for brakayla. I’m not gunna watch it if he’s not on it!

  • Matt =)

    Yay! No more Mitchel! I’m so excited for Adam to be on the show! He’s way better than Mitchel! He’s extremely funny, too! Mitchel was so boring and not funny at all! Pair of Kings might actually be a good show now! =) Mitchel should have thought before he decided to get drunk and hop in a car.

  • danica

    I <3 mitchel musso
    pair of king would be nothing with mitchel
    i ain’t whatching the show anymore :(

  • Donna

    No offense, but I think Mitchel is annoying and his replacement is annoying. The only reason I watch the show is because of Kelsey Chow and Geno Segers. The two “twins” are too cheesy and try too hard…

    BTW, Mitchel Musso looks too old for his age. There is NO EXCUSE for DUI. What if he would have killed someone in their car?

  • patty

    I Love that adam is going on Pair of kings!!Scince Zeke and Luther is going off I wasent going to ever watch Disneyxd anymore…..Now I have a reason to watch at least one show only because Adam is on It Good luck Babe!!!!

  • patty

    Im all excited that Adam is coming back to tv!!!Hes the onley reason I ever watched Disney xd!I wish him onley the best I hope Disney dosent screw him over like they did buy canncelling Zeke and Luther!!! I just wished he was on a better network!!!

  • lewis

    listen u made pair of kings, it got popular everyone got used to the characters it gets better, now you are making a massive mistake, if he leaves im not watching it anymore he is the best character and alot of people agree with that, give mitchel musso a chance, if i watch the 1st episode of season 3 and this adam guy is in it well im not watching it anymore and your show will just fail, i hope u read this and change your mind.

  • ddomi

    I like Mitchel Musso as an actor and NOT a singer, but Adam is really funny and also a great actor. I guess i’m on both sides.


  • Tahloolah11f

    I LOVE Adam<3<3<3<3<3 Him on that show will make me watch it<3<

  • Elena

    I’m done with the show then, simple

  • MCF3778

    I view all DUI arrests as attempted murder… there are a few things in life that you have complete control of and driving drunk is one of them… I hope his career is over and he works a drive through from now on!

  • joe macintosh

    by the way luis im on your side with the comment
    anyway just give mitchel a chance i mean look at all his fans and look at him always flirting with mikayla ITS HILARIOUS…..everyone thinks its hilarious and nobody wants him to leave the show
    the viewers will go down by at least 70%
    il watch the season premier to see if its any good and if its not well il stop watching the show
    adam hicks is decent……….DEFINITLY NOT AS GOOD AS MITCHEL!!!!!!
    but he is decent i guess

    i am definitly gonna miss brakayla(brady and miayla i think correct me if im wrong btw)

  • ehmagawd

    I love Adam Hicks, but I hate that Mitchel’s leaving! I mean seriously? A long lost brother? No, just no.. The only reason I watched the show was because of Brady. I can’t believe Brakayla never happened :( Disney sucks now that all of the good shows stopped. Shake it Up and Good Luck Charlie are the only decent ones now…..

  • lyyi7t1313

    not a big mitchel musso fan but gonna miss brady

  • Emily

    Ok why would they just cancel Pair of Kings because of Mitchel Musso’s DUI arrest?

  • http://Facebook Rosie

    Ugh! What is wrong with you people?!? Mitch is the best actor you’ve got Disney, at least there are some new episodes with decency left in them! WORST DECISION IN DISNEY HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jenna

    i really like pair of kings but its mitchell’s decision you never know maybe adam hicks will be real good =-)

  • jay

    Man, I love POK and all the actors, I like boomer and brady both as a team. I don’t put one over the other, but with one missing it’s like the whole show is just ruined. And why are they taking Mitch off POK but keeping him on Phineas & Ferb? That makes no sense! Now, I like Adam, but only as Luther when it comes to XD. having him on POK is gunna be so.. ehh. I’m really hoping Disney changes their minds ASAP

  • Alema

    What?Im not gonna watch pair of kings anymore!Mitchel FOREVER!

  • Celofis

    Gonna miss him, but you gotta watch your every step. Doc Shaw is a great actor and Adam will make a great addition.

  • http://@nyxnikiM Nicole

    OMG, I love mitchell and Pair of Kings is nothing without him. He is the BEST disney actor alive and if hes out, so am I. Im gonna miss him ALOT


    it will not be the same show again bacause brady and boomer are funny as hell and adams acting looks fake,stupid,and not funny so i think it will suck

  • makern

    ok frst of all.. if u guys are gonna watch the frst episode of the season nd see if its good or not disney will just focus on getting the frst episode to b the best. i bet tht all the other episodes of the season vill b horrible. i will miss brady and michell too from the whole disney shows. but its disneys decision. disney makes a mistake.. in my oppinion the whole show will be a trash in season 3. yes adam is a funny actor but i think hes just best as luther in zeeke and luther. so just leave him there.

  • mmmmm

    im not going to watch it now. its gonna suck. there gonna be like, ya brady left to pursue his gutuir carrer then that would be it. how they heck are they going to explain it??

  • mmmmm



  • bobby

    WOW I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER WATCH THIS SHOW A FREAKING GEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LIKE ALL 3 BUT FOR A MAIN CHARECTER JUST TO LEAVE BIGGEST MISTAKE DISNEY HAS EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    Aww. Don’t think i’ll be watching this show anymore…i’ll give it a chance but honestly, the main reason i watched Pair of Kings was for Brakayla..x). I’m a sucker for romantics. I never liked Adam Hicks and i thought his acting was just plain terrible. Let’s just hope he does better on this show and that Disney doesn’t do anything stupid like make him Makayla’s(is that how you spell her name?) new romantic interest…

  • mitchel lover

    i love adam he is cool and all but mitchel is better he is hot he is funny and when he scream it sounds so funny he the only reason i watch it in the first place he gone im gone and so is my 28 bffs and then there friends are so not gonna watch it so its gonna not be such a good show with out mitchel. brady is the best charecter if he gone this show will be before season3 is even done.

  • pairofkings

    pair of kings became my fave show after wizards of waverly place ended why must he go then i will have no fave show why must you break the hearts of so many

  • alexa


  • Luke

    This is like Sonny With a Chance all over again :(

  • Eric

    sad news 2 me cause i really like 2 watch pair of kings and zeke and luther………..gooooooooooooood luck man wish u all the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    adam is a good skater and actor, dont hate at least he is on disney XD!!!!

  • May Blake

    Aww. It sucks that Mitchel is leaving the show, but I’m Really excited for Adam!! I hope he’s a triplet, but younger will be fine too, but NOT older please! Boomer has to stay king! It might take me a little while to get over the idea that there won’t be a Brakayla.

    At least Ryan is here to stay!!!!! <3 <3 <3 ( does anybody agree with me by any chance? just curious if he has other fans)

  • May Blake

    @jay: Maybe he quit, instead of being pulled off. But I totally agree abou the team thing! I think this will be the first Disney show ever, where the 2 people you expect to get together don’t! It’s a little shocking that there won’t be a Brakayla, considering this is Disney, right?

  • May Blake

    @mitchel lover:

    I totally agreee with the scream thing! And his crying is cute too. In the last episode of season 2, when he was at the dark throne with Boomer, his cry was soooooo cuuute!! But apparently “only someone evil can fake cry that well” (stupid Boomer).

  • Teresa

    Man. I mean, it is Mitchel’s fault for getting drunk and driving, but I just can’t imagine Adam Hicks as Brady. He’s a great actor and all, and I wish him the best on Pair Of Kings, I just don’t see him on there as a major character.

  • Kaitlyn

    nooooo the show wont be the same without mitchell Dont leaveee!!!!!!!!!!


    Their parents have some explaining to do…

  • KAitlyn

    I WISH THERE WAS A WAY FOR MITCHELL TO STAYYYYYYYYYYYYY THE SHOWS NEVER GOING TO BE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    i dont want mitchel to leave the show it wouldnt be the same plus adam isnt really that funny i hate zeke and luther please dont get rid of mitchel

  • marissa

    I hate that he’s leaving i probably woulnt watch the show anymore cause he’s my favorite and he’s a huge part of the show and when you take out a huge character the show usually doesn’t get better it get’s way worse even if you replace that character. I wonder how there going to have him leave the show. I wish he wasn’t leaving i wanted him and mikaela to end up together. The show will probably suck now.

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