Ashley Tisdale: Night Out with Haylie Duff!

Ashley Tisdale: Night Out with Haylie Duff!

Ashley Tisdale is all smiles as she heads out for a night out with BFF Haylie Duff at Trousdale in Los Angeles on Friday night (December 16).

The 26-year-old actress and her friends hit up the club to watch Robin Thicke in concert.

“With @HaylieK @jennaldewan and @channingtatum watching Robin Thicke. The night has just started :)” she tweeted.

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Earlier this week, Ash was spotted at a trip to the salon before hitting the shops of Beverly Hills with her mom Lisa.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNews
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  • Naty


  • Mara

    She’s looking super HOT lately ;)

  • amtfan

    gorgeous. I love single ash ;)

  • ??.

    isn’t that guy the singer from boys like girls?

  • sara

    ashley tisdale life :
    partying tweeting going to gyme and salon

  • kami

    wonder why jj didn’t mention the guy she’s with? oh, wait, because it’s not zac. lol

    he is martin johnson the lead singer in the band “boys like girls,”

  • Ivy

    Well, at least this time she didn’t have to call the pappz since she was going out with so many celebs (fame wh0r3 alert!)

  • gummybear

    Ivy ; I so agree with you

  • F OFF

    haters gonna hate
    while ASHLEY TISDALE lives her life :)

  • gummybear

    Amtfan; why u bringing Vanessa into this get a life coz you seem to be the a only fan standing up for her , so were are the 5million fans of her she hardly gets any comments on her posts

  • Ivy

    @amtfan: 5 mill twitter followers, 10 mill likes on facebook, and yet, not ONE project besides the sh1tty abc tv serie haha I honestly feel sorry for her, really, I guess it’s what they say: You can call the pappz, but you can’t call the directors ]=. And Me and Gummybear are not the same “people”, we just happen to dislike your little miss plastic lol

  • Ivy

    Yeah, I don’t see why she brought Vanessa up, that was terrible unnecessary

  • Kim

    lmao it’s so funny how yu guys are so pressed . Iv never actually written a comment in here& probably never will again but I just have to right now ! Because If only @ivy and @gummybear knew ho STUPID and immature yu guys sound ! Sweety here is some advice gtfo of Ashley threats if yu don’t like her simple as that! whether she does any movies shows or whtever that’s her problem . she’s still more successfully and has more movie then yu guys ever will ‘

  • kim


  • Ivy

    @Kim: Frist of all: learn how to write, then people may actually consider anything you say :)

  • kelly

    I wish i could look like her. now i know why the people on this thread is so jealous. such a sexy girl!

  • Unbelieveable

    Here’s an honest and i believe fair question. What has Ashley done that she deserves the amount of attention she gets? Since hsm she’s had one tv show that got cancelled fairly quickly. She still cant seem to break away from Disney or get any other roles. She kind of reminds me of Rachel bilson they’ve both had one big project and have really done nothing since. The floor is yours.

  • amtfan

    why are you guys hating on her? for fun? who the hell does that? it’s not funny at all and it does nothing but make you all look like pathetic bullies. you are lucky celebrities never read these things or their feelings would get hurt big time. Shes beautiful. Don’t like her? Then why the hell comment on it? oh yeah, because you do like her and you are obsessed with her. It’s pathetic. Honestly but whatever. You live your life hating on my girl, and I’ll live on my life NOT hating on ANYONE because I’m a nice person ;)

  • vancrazed


    bahahaha..this comment rules all of life and since her and zef both share the same PR, their actually perfect for each other. one famwhore to another.

    and what is everyone on about with her legs. There is no shape. I mean, they are sticks.

  • amtfan

    @hhh: thank you.

  • Haters Suck!

    At the risk of getting yelled something said here made me curious. What are the 3 movies Ashley will have next year? She has none listed on her imdb page or anywhere else. Just asking don’t bite my head off.

  • Lubarus

    shut up!!! Ashley is the best singer ang actress in the world!!! go to ass all together with ugly vanessa hudgens!!!!

  • get a life!

    for all the haters!(: She is working as a producer,, if she don’t like you don’t make any stupid comment..!

  • Bradley

    She is so gorgeous and just pure hotness.

  • rah

    she has her own production company…blondie girl productions look it up. she has been producing a few shows one is to air on bravo.

  • sam

    looking good ash~ hope u’re really ok with the breakup. stay strong!! and to those who think she did nothing but a tv show since hsm….. so what?so she havent done any movies yet but she IS a great actress. she has a production company which she directs and she’s fliming a show she co-produces. she keeps in touch with her fans. she makes appeareances in tv shows, voice characters She does little things in all aspects and she did a spinoff for HSM even after she left disney because she cares about hsm and her younger fans. ‘she’s not just another celebrity who uses disney to get famous and just “grow up” and leave and do “adult” stuff. haters are just pathetic. she’s not wasting her time. u’re wasting ur time commenting on someone u don’t care ~

  • MariaTyler_

    @Haters Suck!: I agree with you. I don’t think she has any movies coming out next year. No offence to anyone who likes her but it seems like all she does is go shopping, tanning, get her done & party!

  • amtfan

    Actually she has her own production company and shes working on a new tv show called “Under Construction” guys. That she herself is producing and starring in! Its gonna be on abc family :)

  • amtfan

    btw she tweeted a pic saying “all the single ladies ;)” so she isnt dating zac. just clearing that up. :)

  • someone

    Some people need to get over themselves and cut out the childish talk, like “She’s so fake” “Attention whore” or “she calls the paparazzi” and whatever people are saying.
    To hate on her for just what you THINK she did/does is pathetic. It’s like you’re living in your own world where Ashley and Zac are an evil couple where they have an evil master plan to ruin Vanessa. Well this is real life, and since day one, Zac and Ashley have been really close friends and nothing more as she has said over and over again.

    And when it comes to her career, if you don’t think she did anything good then that’s your own opinion. But to judge a TV series as ‘shitty’ that hasn’t even aired yet, is just plain hate, which is sad.
    As for “Under Construction” the series – if it gets picked up – will be on ABC, not ABC Family. And Ashley also has a movie in the works, which still has to be announced officially/confirmed (it’s on her IMDB page), “Lost in L.A.”…
    And as to what she’s done since HSM3, since some people were asking, she did “Aliens in the Attic” (#5 in the US Box Office), released an album “Guilty Pleasure” (#12 on Billboard), starred in the series “Hellcats”(for which she got great reviews) as well as “Phineas and Ferb” the series & the movie (which is the most-watched movie on TV in 2011), plus the HSM spin-off “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”. And along with all that she has been working on many projects (a few series and a TV movie) in her production company.

    Finally, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. I don’t see the reason to spread hate just to hate. I mean do you find anything fun about that?

  • eat me

    this vanessa fan’ always bringing her name ethier ashley or zac’s thread they want to outshine thier idol in every post of jjj…. Their seeking attention they don’t trust thier idol capability to outshine on her own….. Gosh i’m sick of her name i regret i idolize her before thank GOD i am not now thanks to her annoying and judgemental fan…. She’s not good actress as you think she is you know…watch out your obsessed to much you don’t know she might dis appoint you someday that’s bad you know…. You might get sick….

  • justme

    eat me
    you are right i’am her fan all i care about right now is that sucker punch maybe will get and oscar nomination and about journey 2 promotion and also about her future movies why would i care about what her ex and her bfff are doing ?
    and about she is not a good actresse now one said that she is a great actresse just like zac they are young and they are proving them self

  • wonderstruck to Paulie

    why does every girl who had a break up they always go to clubs etc..


    her nose is getting big again. has anyone notice her fakr boobs!

  • meghan

    Awh look at all the “haters” yet again obsessively commenting on Ashley’s post…why? Oh yeah they have nothing else to do other than hate on a young beautiful girl who is more famous and successful than you guys will ever be in your lives. :)

  • meghan

    Looking super HOT btw Ashley. ;)

  • http://facebook me

    eat me
    you are right i’am her fan all i care about right now is that sucker punch maybe will get and oscar nomination and about journey 2 promotion and also about her future movies why would i care about what her ex and her bfff are doing ?
    and about she is not a good actresse now one said that she is a great actresse just like zac they are young and they are proving them self

  • eat me

    @just me exactly my point just focus on her then… why bother commenting on someone else’s thread? This tread is all about ashley not vanessa nor zac… they want to talk about thier idol here but you and the other fan of her wants vanessa to be the topic instead i don’t think you realize that… ok cross your fingers then if that ”oscar” will happen wich i doubt it any way it’s yours wish her luck then…. I don’t want to argue in that matter…

  • justme

    eat me
    me ??????? seriously i didn’t see my name in any of ashley’s post or i’am dreaming ?

  • Unbelieveable

    ok she did one movie and #5 at the box office, is that supposed to be impressive? It really isn’t. Both zac and Vanessa are younger then her and have done multiple movies in that time and have moved on to more serious roles like gimmie shelter and frozen ground for Vanessa and the paperboy and heartland for zac (no I’m not counting journey 2 or the lucky one as serious roles.) #12 on billboard, again is that supposed to be impressive? Good reviews not good ratings it still got cancelled. Phines and ferb is ok but she’s 26 is she going to do that forever and I don’t see the other actors getting the kind of attention she gets. The sharpay movie really? That’s still hsm. Even under construction shows she can’t get away from Disney, abc is owned by Disney. And there is no lost in la listed on her imdb page. I’m going to ask again answer honestly. Does she really deserve the amount of attention she gets?

  • gummybear

    Unbeliveable ; I know what u mean ,I get the feeling

  • gummybear

    Unbeliveable ; I know what u mean ,I get the feeling , she gets the attention for being best friends zac and Vanessa (yeah with her best friend in the world Vanessa when she hardly ever hang around with her or go to her premiers .

  • eat me

    @unbelievable why not? every one deserve that cuz they put thier effort and hard work to make thier dream possible right? i think ashley prefer tv shows than movie’s it depends what they really like there’s nothing wrong with that as long as she entertained people that is entertainment is all about doesn’t matter what genre she prefer…Doesn’t matter if she’s still on disney why not she’s happy with it she’s happy what she’s doing and she made this kids happy i think that what she cares about…no big deal people let them be where they are happy you can’t control them like they can’t control you arguing none sense about them…

  • gin

    im curious if anyone knows , if ashley is dating zac efron

  • eat me

    oh @gummy bear you think she can’t live with out vanessa on her side? why it such a big deal for you if she’s not attending on her premier?? As i said ealier your not trusting vanessa enough on her capabality to make her movie a hit on her own?? I thought like some of you said every vanessa’s movie will be exciting than zac’s and ashley but i have a feeling you stillhave a doubt on her if she can do it on her own with out ashley or zac on her side I can sense it the way you comment…. If you trust her or believe in her your not gonna say that…. You don’t need either zac on ashley to give her a support cuz you know she can do it by herself…. You should be happy for her… vanessa showing it to you even though she’s alone there she is happy… just be contented…

  • lol

    who cares ????? she’s nothing


    @lol: ur nothing and ur a NOBODY

  • Salim


  • kkkl

    Why does a celebrity need to be INFRONT of camera to able to say that she’s DONE something? Ashley’s got meetings and she is working currently as a producer BEHIND the cameras. Get lives ppl you’ll never be her anyway so stop crying and try build your own life – If you haven’t f*cked that up too – yet.

  • Brian

    Never Again, Jared.