Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kissing Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kissing Couple!

Austin Butler lays a big smooch on girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens as they stop by a local flea market in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (December 17).

The new couple headed to a church service just before and walked out with smiles on their faces.

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Vanessa just celebrated her 23rd birthday last week!

Younger sister Stella wrote on her Instagram wall, “”Today is my beautiful sisters birthday. She is truly the only person I can trust 110% she has been there for me through everything. She’s seen me at my worst and my best and she never judges me for my mistakes. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She keeps me sane and INSANE at the same time(; hehe I love you nessa. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend/sister than you. #happy23rdbirthdayvanessa xo ❤”

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Credit: CPR; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • lol

    so cuteeeeee!

  • cute.

    must admit. they make a cute couple.

  • telle

    oh HELL YEAH ¡¡ I’m really excited to see Vanessa again after so many days.. so COOL &she looks so cute .. whta about the PDA?

  • loo

    they are so cute!
    Vanessa looks so happy! glad to see her smile like that!

  • loo

    they look adorable together

  • pff

    getting tired of them.. he odviously just want attention.. and he looks like a barbie… that make vanessa looks lesbian..

  • telle

    @loo: judging by these pictures i must admit that they look very happy but i’m not 100% fan of the couple however if she’s happy, i’ll be.

  • ROXY

    OMG one word ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for Vanessa :):P love is in the air!!!

  • Xo

    Whoa they seem super into each other lol good for them

  • sony

    WOW she’s back¡¡¡¡¡¡ BEAUTIFUL girl¡¡ but the guy…shmm no comments on him

  • babyvlover

    I love seeing her smiling like that. Seems like Austin’s making her really happy and that’s the only thing that matters. They are a cute couple. I bet her life’s just fabulous with so many new movies and a great private life.
    Btw. her outfit rocks.
    Missed her.

  •!/kokoTooLegit koko

    I have to say that it still breaks my heart to accept the fact that ZANESSA is over and that all the HighSchoolMusical days are officially done; I’ve always had this hope in my heart that they’ll get back together. but seeing how HAPPY Vanessa and Austin are, they seem to be so genuinely in love and happy. so, I guess I have to be happy for them too. They do look cute together.

  • loo

    haha ok
    i just find adorable the way she looks at him….

  • troian

    damn Vanessa’s smile¡¡¡¡ I’D DO ANYTHING TO MET HER
    ANYWAYS is this guy for real?? c’mon He’s taking advantage of vanessa.. if you have eyes, use them

  • loo

    i’m in love with the way she is looking at him

  • Mrsvagabunda


  • kaKI

    her hair is extensions theres no way its that long because a couple days ago she had it as short as his hair

  • loo
  • Haters Suck!


  • amtfan

    AW LOVE HER SMILE!! :D so cute!!

  • sony

    that’s bad for Zac we all know he wants Vanessa back but Austin keeps getting in the way but i don’t blame him at all i mean tha’s ashley tisdale’s fault and it’s pretty obvious why ..EASY¡ she introduced him to her for her own benefit / now that she broke up with her bf i understand zak&ashley want to be lovers HA … busted¡¡¡

  • ehryle

    Well this is getting really deeper Vanessa and Austin is truly INLOVE and church together that was very nice to be with your love and family! VANESTIN :)

  • loo

    i lol´d so hard… WTF!!!

  • Katty

    We havent seen her smile like that in a long time. If Austin is the one doing it, then I am all for it.

    To me, it seems as though Vanessa is one of those people who is lovey-dovey when in a couple and while I’m sure Zac loved touching her, he didn’t like doing it in front of paps. Austin doesn’t seem to give an eff and I’m glad V is smiling so big and laughing so much.

    Vanstin? What shall we call them? ;)

  • loo

    Vaustin.. lol
    and IA

  • sony

    im sorry i was joking around XD lol drama

  • zanessa fan


  • mykamicks

    when 2 people are in love , no matter what kind of pda it shows, it doesnt really matter. Its nice seeing a couple doing some PDA or being intimate with each other than doing some cuddling or kissing not ur BF..

    I have seen that Vanessa is emotionally stable … the smile on her face is so genuine to tell the whole world that Im proud of this MAN. Hope Austin is a BF for life..

  • fan

    At least Vanessa will be referred as Vanessa Hudgen and not some star’s girlfriend. Also since Vanessa is the bigger star and more popular, he will be referred to as Vanessa Hudgen’s boyfriend.

  • Viv

    PR PR PR I refused to believe that Vanessa would fall for a douhe like Bulter. He should go date Ashley. They can be fame hogs together. Zanessa all the way.

  • Viv

    This is PR PR PR I refused to believe that Vanessa would fall for a douhe like Bulter. He should go date Ashley. They can be fame hogs together. Zanessa all the way.

  • Susan

    i think vanessa likes austin but i dont think austin likes her…it seems like he just wants a girlfriend but never loves her…..

    Rumor says he is a playboy…..

    If he is a playboy and uses her for the sake of his reputation, she had better break up with Austin right away

  • ROXY

    @mykamicks – AMEN! and for those thow think is PR…you dont really know Vanessa. This is our Vanessa Hudgens we are talking about and she is NOT the kind of person to seek attention!!!!!! she wouldnt fake it because she is not like other fake celebrities wanting attention, especially those who tweet their whole life. it is really sad that some fans think that of her,,,,i respect my idol choices and i respect her live. this guy obviously makes her happy and is not ashame to show pda in public….live your present and enjoy it as much, past is past, future who knows but for now her present is him and hes the only one at this moment who can put that beautiful smile on her…i care about her happiness and nothing else.

  • fan

    She is happy. Austin’s intentions are questionable because he is a friend to Ashley, which both are very desperate for attention and career boost. His acting resume is not impressive at all and he is part of Disney. I really don’t trust Disney due to the respect they gave to Vanessa. Soon as Vanessa break away from Disney, her career went forever and continue to move full steam ahead. Vanessa has been making good contacts with other co-stars that she has been working with. Austin probably wants to be around her to connect with her contacts. If it was Josh, his resume is very impressive and made more career moves than Austin. I just hope that Austin will not slow down Vanessa’s movie career.

  • Anibal

    No no no no ! I can’t help it.. I do not like him at all !!!

  • mykamicks

    Vanessa’s publicist is not like other any strategic publicist in hollywood whom wanted their stars to become more in demands. Im so happy Vanessa maturely handles her career with the help of her team, professionally and emotionally. We believe that for almost a year her personal life was been in down fall but never in desperate to show the public . She did even more focus unto her craft than sobbing herself in a dark room. In fact during in betweens of her vacations doing movie after a movie, her life still same, hanging our with her sibling, mother, close friends… That’s what makes her ideal. Her age (23) speaks her mind & heart on how to handle responsibly both her career & private life. Lastly, the blessings she has ( doing 3 movies in a row for a year) is so much overwhelming especially in a competitive world of hollywood.

  • sky1o

    Well, what could i say?!!she seems soo happy and inlove!!look at their smile to each other, haaayyy….OK they are realy cute.GOD bless to your relationship Vanessa/Austine.

  • gummybear

    She looks stunning every time she makes a come back I lovey nessa’s keep up the good work and I hope u had an amazing birthday. Austin looks like he’s eating her face btw I don’t like the name Vanstine

  • http://lala aiwen

    she is so happy!!!!! love u Vanessa!!!

  • florence2

    Great to see her back and looking so happy with Austin bet they had a great vacation, and why should’nt they show some PDA in public if they want to and obvioulsy feel comfortable doing so, she’s got her smile back after 5yrs of being in efron’s shadow and him pushing her away if she tried to show him any affection in public, Austin does’nt care and is proud to let people seee she is his girl.

    And it’s great he went to church with her something again efron never did, Vanessa andAustin will I have no doubt announce their engagement after xmas as it’s strange for him to go to church with her so soon into the relactionship, so I’m guessing that Vanessa has found her mate for life and I say good for them and wish them every happiness.

  • samantha

    i love how ashley gets attacked for hanging out with Zac, when Vanessa get’s no hate whatsoever when she’s publicly kissing Austin, (who is one of ashley’s bestfriends) And then ashley gets called a slut when vanessa showed her you know what to the world..

  • Boji

    How sweet that he actually cared enough to go to church with her. Just loving the PDA, shows he’s not afraid to show the world he loves his woman. Throwing caution to the wind and spontaneity, that’s how it should be. Their passion is obvious and he has nothing to gain really, V is not an A lister and she has no clout.If you think it was for PR, we’d be getting pics of their vacation by now. I’d say he’s a passionate guy, and that is just what Vanessa needs. Looking forward to more PDAs.

  • zanessafan

    Austin is too much.. not considering how Vanessa’s fans are feeling. Ehhh, let’s accept the fact that fans are the reason for one’s popularity so they must consider how we feel. In those pics, seems like Austin is very careless. All he wants is his happiness. Anyway, I AM HAPPY FOR VANESSA HUDGENS.. but not for that duckling Austin. :P

  • Boji

    @ #39I ‘m a Vanessa fan and not a Zanessa fan and that is the difference. So don’t speak on behalf of her fans.

  • Mandy

    @samantha: Vanessa fans don’t hate Ashley because of the best friend rule. She’s getting all the negative comments because regardless of who knew him first, Vanessa dated Zac first. And not just a short-term relationship, a 5 YEAR relationship. The two had commitment rings, three scandals between them (including Zac’s gay kiss photo) and Zac’s admittance that it was in fact love at first sight between them.

    And then Ashley comes along and jumps him in just a bikini with her own boyfriend watching, and despite their relationship, it isn’t exactly a brilliant situation to see. Vanessa may have moved on with Austin but you don’t just fall out of love.

  • lol

    Do you know what PR means? Hahahaha stop listening some Zanessa fans on twitter, Vanessa and Austin doent even have the same PR team haashahah

  • lehogfarts

    @Mandy touché my friend.
    & Vaustin? wtf is that some kind of medicine? Austin is a no no for me. Zanessa ALL THE WAY!

  • lol

    Lol guys, if this was a PR stunt, pretty sure we were gonna get pictures from their vacation, like when we get pictures of Zanessa in hawaii, turks and Caicos, Australia or even Lakers games, but not, they were out for 2 weeks. This is def not a PR thing.

  • yets

    i just love to see her happy…but i think Zac is more like a gentleman.

  • ella

    She looks so happy! :)

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