Vanessa, Ashley & Austin: The Breakfast Bunch

Vanessa, Ashley & Austin: The Breakfast Bunch

Ashley Tisdale heads out for breakfast with pals Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler on Tuesday morning (December 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The trio stopped off at Studio Cafe — one of their favorite places to eat at.

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Just the day before, Vanessa, Ashley and Austin hit up Ralph’s for a few groceries, before heading to a tree lot for the perfect Christmas Tree.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Nightcap Clothing‘s lace bell bottom.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Lauren

    So do vanessa and Austin live together?

  • Lauren

    So do vanessa and Austin live together?


    Sorry! body language tells it all! Vanessa doesn’t look very happy right now.Oh i’m glad he finally change his clothes, he wears the same clothes, all the time.

  • Haters Suck!

    Austin please I beg u stop with the Yankee hat it’s gonna drive me crazy. I can’t stand the Yankees. Other then that everythings fine.
    you hate evey guy in vanessas life so drop it.

  • Rebecca

    Vanessa, I love you but what the heck is up with those pants? You should’ve just worn jeans!

  • sophie

    um i think anyone can tell that v looks pissed in those pictures.
    not a fan of the pants either, but her hair is growing!

  • Rachel

    personally I love her style….. think they all look a bit pissed in the pics tbh it probably all because of the paps following them constantly …. even though some pics are cute they need some peace.

  • GITtA

    OMG! Vanessa wats is up with those awful pants!!! But its good to c that Vashley is still close!!! Maybe in the future, Vanessa, Ashley, Austin and Zac might hang out! Even if Zashley doesnt get together, it would be sweet to see and also would shut up all the haters

  • amtfan

    Love them :)
    And Vanessa isn’t pissed. Shes probably just tired lol
    I don’t like the pants but shes beautiful either way!
    her, ash and austin probably had a sleepover at nessa’s house.

  • kaKI

    @sophie: thats xtensions.. we saw her hair really short like a week ago…theres no way it grew that fast

  • sam

    lol i can see that she stopeed hanging out with laura , omg they used to be inseperebale right ? haha , why evryone says vanessa is pissed , she probably have just waken up and she is not in good mood in mornings , that s normal and i don t like her pants gosh

  • Xo

    Vanessa, I love you to pieces, but get it together, bb. Those pants are awful.

  • Xo

    @Lauren: I really doubt it. He either picked her up or stayed the night.

  • Haters Suck!

    I certianly hope that’s not the case hopefully Vanessa starts spending time with Laura again…soon.

  • thetis


    Laura is in the throws of finishingf her album and is busy.

    Also conspiracy theorists Laura put up a Bday post for V saying she wouldn’t know how to live without her – they are still BFFs but showbusiness is hard work

  • maria

    I hate to say it, but this is just an awful look for Vanessa. Sorry, V. You are a gorgeous young woman, and this just looks awful.

  • mykamicks

    Same here, look forward to see Vanessa w/ Laura and even Brittany… Like her shirt.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t know i don’t see the problem with what vanessaa wearing. Then again unless it’s a red carpet or something i really don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff. Although I have no problem admitting I know zero about fashion and wouldn’t know anything even if I
    got hit by a truck with it.

  • fan

    Since Vanessa came back from her vacation, it looks like she has gain her weight back again. Her hip seems to bigger again. Vanessa has worked so hard to loose all those weight she gained for Gimmie Shelter before going to Alaska, and now looks like she gained it back again. I hope she start going back to the gym and work off those weight.

  • jaded

    When bad clothes happen to beautiful people. Vanessa please burn that outfit. You are much too beautiful.

  • amtfan

    @fan: are you serious? her figure is perfect.

  • eat me

    did she disappoint you on her fashion sense? Hahahahhaha this time i dis agree with you i guess that pants is classic but it’s not for her age…. It’s not appropriate to where she going…. 2 days in a row she wears horrible outfit….

  • Emma

    @GITtA: Ashley is never going to be together (with him). It’s just a pipedream

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    This is Vanessa’s fashion stop judging on her pants
    Vanessa hair is growing now!yes!!!!!

  • Viv

    God. I hate Bulter do much. He should date Ashley. Attention hogs. Look how good they look together. Get out before you can Vanessa!

  • Emma

    I’d say Austin is using her..
    If he is a playboy and uses her for the sake of his reputation, she had better break up with Austin right away

    I hope she will break up with him and find a new guy

  • eat me

    don’t worry this is just for a while let them be…

  • lol

    Biggest trainwreck of an outfit I have ever seen.

  • eat me

    stella hudgens tweet was meaningful i wonder who she refering with….

  • hana

    I just have a question… if Zac and Vanessa are ZANESSA…. what about Austin and Vanessa?????

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is beautiful really but i can see about this pic her outfit is lazy like Austin that always wear the same clothes in the row! V don’t be like Austin who always dress-up lazy just help him to be neat and fashionable like you, encourage him lol

    BFF Ashley and Vanessa always be together forever SOLID!!

  • Boji

    Funny, how some of you see Vanessa as being pissed as in not pleased at all. I can’t see anything behind those dark sunnies of hers. Just because she’s not laughing or smiling at the pap doesn’t say naught. If she was hyper all the time something must be wrong, I say. Just nice seeing the threesome out to breakfast. My guess is they’re planning a party of sorts together.

  • kelly martineau

    Doesn’t that Austin have a place of his’s own to stay. Or did he move in with bady?

  • kelly martineau

    Doesn’t that Austin have a place of his’s own to stay. Or did he move in with bady? Vanessa doesn’t look happy.

  • yets

    i think Vanessa Needs a mature man.

  • gummybear

    People need to stop taking a mick out of nessa’s clothes, it looks like Ashley only has gym clothes to wear but no one says a thing about it so stop picking on her ,I think as true fan shed look stunning in a bin bag .live nessa forever , I wonder if there’s any birthday photos this year

  • gummybear

    People need to stop taking a mick out of nessa’s clothes, it looks like Ashley only has gym clothes to wear but no one says a thing about it so stop picking on her ,I think as true fan shed look stunning in a bin bag .love nessa forever , I wonder if there’s any birthday photos this year

  • Mara

    Ashley, so cute :)

  • meghan

    @gummybear: You know it’s bad when you have to drag somebody else into an arguement to make your idol look better. It’s a bad outfit, accept it and move on not everyone is going to love what she wears all the time.

  • Angel

    i saw a picture of Vanessa and him waiting in line, at target, he looked pissed, and Vanessa looked, like she was not that happy with him

  • irene


    you mean in that same place where they have been papped showing major PDA? because kinda bipolar the whole thing if so…

    I’d say that in target they were damning the paps, not the other.

    and here…….I can see they all are pissed……but at the paps.

  • tina

    I think it’s getting old for Vanessa Android Austin having Ashley with them every day. When you first start a relationship you want a little alone time.

  • Kelly martineau

    Baby looks not in a very good mood. She seems she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

  • babyvlover

    I love my Baby V. And I like the outfit. Her shirt rocks, the pants are cool but don’t really fit to the shirt but that’s not bad. She has a awesome sense of style, so stop picking on her!!!
    And I honestly think that Austin makes her happy. I can’t get used to the fact they are seriously together now but well, he makes her happy. I just think while she’s growing into a mature actress, she needs also a man by her side. Not a disney boy. That’s my opinion.
    And to Ashley, well. I don’t like her, never did. But I accept the friendship of them both, even though I love it more to see V out with Laura, Brittany or any other person than Ashley.

  • http://none HANA

    ewww Vanessa are you ok ?? what happened to you
    she was so pretty but now just yuck awful outfit awful look

  • http://none HANA

    Now i can say Vanessa is the next of lindsay lohan

  • http://none HANA

    Vanessa looks drunk ,not clean , ewww my eyes.
    ahh she looks pretty like always

  • Angel

    @HANA: oh~~~ Ashley Fan “Shut up

  • Melissa

    i miss zac and vanessa…i still believe they will be back together in the future.

  • evz

    @HANA: You know, since you didn’t give a shit saying things about Vanessa, let me give you mine… You are a person with so much hatred and jealousy in your heart that made You an awful one. You said she’ll be the next lohan? Many will be like Lindsay Lohan because of people like You.

>>>>>>> staging1