Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Breakfast Besties

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Breakfast Besties

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens walk side by side after dining together on Friday afternoon (December 23) in Studio City, Calif.

The former HSM costars and BFFs were out and about all day long and have been getting in a lot of girl time over the past week.

After lunching, Ashley, 26, headed over to Planet Blue for a little shopping, while Vanessa, 23, hit up yoga class.

Earlier over the weekend, Van was spotted with boyfriend Austin Butler at Disneyland!

15+ pics inside of Vanessa and Ashley

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Xo

    I thought it was just V who needed a better stylist (not so much here, since she’s going to yoga). Those boots and socks/tights whatever are awful.

  • http://none HANA

    Vanessa is the most ugly girl in the world she looks awful,her style is yuck .
    ashley you are so pretty <3

  • http://none HANA

    and tbh Vanessa looks like street girl.

  • loo

    Vanessa looks adorable here <3

  • loo

    she was leaving her yoga class… duhh!!
    and Vanessa can actually go out her house without make up

  • http://none HANA

    vanessa you look fat ewwww

  • eat me

    ok i’m confuse is this photo yesterday or today? Isn’t she’s wearing the same outfit in last post of jjj….

  • Viv

    This had to be from Thursday, not Friday. And Ashley’s show sock things are weird. But I’m glad they’re hanging out an enjoying the holidays!

  • whatever

    @HANA: If you like average looking girls with nose jobs and bleached blonde hair, your girl is Ash. If we like naturally beautiful girls who don’t try to look like every other girl in Cali, then Vanessa’s our girl. So stop. They are friends and they don’t care what each other looks like. That’s not what friendship is all about.

  • eat me

    @hana that’s why she’s going to the gym….@xo i agree but the worst one is the folded short doesn’t go with the boots….. The boots are fine for me she should wear a fitted dress or short shorts with that….

  • Kro

    hana Vanessa is not fat, she is fit enough and she doesnt need to fit your standards to be pretty but your standards are not enough to be pretty for the rest of the world, you are not beauty enough, if u think that others are ugly u hink low of yourself thank you very much, so buh bye. V doesnt need make up and if i´m not wrong even zac said so, u want V life and thank god u wont have it, so you lose!

  • http://fanpopgirl peter drake

    @hana u little douche bag look at yourself and then talk i think vanessa is the most BEAUTIFUL girl!!!!!!! And her smile is to die for show me a smile the that when u look at it u instantly smile!! ‘~’

  • http://fanpopgirl peter drake

    vanessa’s smile is to die for!!!! Gosh vanessa stop being so pretty

  • Xo

    @HANA: Hopefully Santa leaves you some glasses for Christmas. Sounds like you really need them. :)

  • amy

    wowowowow, vanessa isn’t fat shes perfectly the right size, see this is why girls starve themselves and become anorexic because of you saying real girls like vanessa are fat, this hate needs to stop everyones different this world is so crazy on the plus side they both look gorgeous

  • gummybear

    Hana ;ou are so mean and Vanessa is he most beautiful and normal girl in hollywood and she dont need a stylist ashley seems to be the one needing one with those ugly boots and Vanessa don’t get a nose job or change her hair colour every six months and tweet about not eating donuts so she won’t gain a bit of wieght oh and I wonder what you want her to wear to yoga class

  • Caitlin

    Ashley had to get the nose job for her health.

    But anyways, I’m glad that these two are getting to spend a lot of time together before Vanessa has to go start her promoting for her movies and Ashley to work on her new show. I will always support both girls because I have no problem with either of them and I like their friendship. They have been friends for so long and I’m glad that they are still friends. I hope they have a great holiday.

  • Ashley P

    I think they are BOTH beautiful and I’m so happy they are spending time together!!!

  • telle

    @HANA: did you know how inmature is this? chill out snob little girl first i was laughing reading all your ridiculous comments but you’re starting to exasperate me. Let me tell you something girl, you’re wasting hell a lot of energy and obviously time in insulting people that you don’t even know (vanessa) and btw the way you’re defending ashley is PATHETIC¡¡¡ GROW UP child¡¡¡¡

    Im glad to see vanessa this days she looks confortable and pretty confident and no doubt BEAUTIFUL without needs of use glamorous clothes or make up ( IN A NORMAL DAY )… THAT’S MY GIRL.

  • troian

    @HANA: crazy bitch.
    @Caitlin: im freaking disagree about this “Ashley had to get the nose job for her health” yeah course (ironicly) she did just before hsm record for “big screen” what a coincidence huh¡ i don’t believe in anything about ashli SHE’S FAKE AS HELL

  • amtfan

    both are beautiful :)
    love their friendship.


    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caitlin

    Fine…believe what you want..I know the truth since I actually have a reliable source of the truth which I’m not going to give up because of privacy but sure whatever believe what you want..I’m not gonna argue with you.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Beautiful girls :D

  • hermaione

    happy holidays VANESSA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ stay true to who you are and do not forget to’re woderful V

  • Susan

    I don’t understand why these “fans” talk about Ashley getting a nose job as if Vanessa hasn’t. Both girls have had plenty of work done. If you were “fans” you would know that. Not that it matters either way. It’s just annoying to see that people don’t notice that Vanessas nose is much slimmer than it was before. I suppose because it is still rather large but still it has been worked on.

  • katalina

    how did her hair get that length so quickly? i thought she was wearing extensions, but she seems to have that length all the time

  • e


    Vanessa was only 16 when she did HSM so the fact that she looks different between HSM1 and HSM3 isn’t that surprising since she was still growing. I doubt Vanessa have had anything done on her but if she have then she must have done it with someone who did a damn good job since they have had professional plastic surgeons look at pics of these two and many others but have never said anything about Vanessa, only Ashley and Zac. I do doubt that she have had anything done though, like I said she was young and still growing so of course she would look different, however that being said, if she would do something then that’s fine by me, it’s a personal choice and I wouldn’t hold it against anyone, I don’t hold it against Ashley either becuase hse does look better this way, and yeah, I do doubt that it was only becuase of health issues, if it was her nose wouldn’t look any different from before, it might have been the big factor from the beginning but when she was going to do it she deffinatly asked them the make it smaller as well, again, noting wrong with it and her choice but it was definatly more then just becuase of her health.

  • meghan

    Neither of you dissing Vanessa or Ashley can be “fans”. If the girls saw what you were writing about their bestfriend they would be discusted and wouldn’t want fans like you. Anyway Ashley looks fab, I love the boots.

  • jaded

    I’m all about boots…I am the quintessential boot girl. BUT, those things that Tisdale has on look like they could stomp out roaches. Fashion fail.

  • sony

    @Susan: you don’t even know that made up for your own benefit.

  • sony

    Some people need get their facts straight..I do respect everybody’s opinion but i hate when people make assumptions based in lies.
    merry xmas vnaessa& everyone¡¡ HO ho HOOO

  • m2313

    ugliest boots eveeerrrr!!

  • marissa

    ummm.. you girls need to calm down like who really gives a hell what their wearing, what they do with their bodies.. you act like you know them or something which you dont actually really know them cause they sure as hell dont know you.. its pathetic fighting about them.. their both beautiful end of story

  • tina

    Two of the most irrelevant ladies in Hollywood and yet Jared feels the urge to continue to post these two.

  • Haters Suck!

    2012 for Vanessa: around january go to austrailla to promote journey 2 then come back around febuary to promote it here. At the end of feburay start filming spring breakers with emma Roberts Selena gomez and James Franco. In august start promotin for gimmie shelter amd in December start promoting for frozen ground. 2013 provided the world doesn’t end spring breakers comes out. Shut the hell up. Save the irrelevant tag for Ashley not Vanessa.

  • Nicole

    Why do people always have to go out of their way to insult and call others “fat, ugly, etc”. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but people can’t always look like they’re going to the red carpet. They’re just human beings, for crying out loud, they don’t need to adjust to people’s “standard of beauty”.
    It’s people like you who are downright ugly and also causes to make society ugly. Instead of just doing something useful or good in their lives, they pull other people down with their negativity.
    It amuses me how immature people can get.
    For all the people who are acting like a bunch of 5-year olds, I really do hope you realize that there’s more to a person than stereotypical beauty.
    Do us all a favor and grow up this coming New Year. Society is really full of people like you, we don’t need to add anymore.

  • larry

    stop playa hatin because shes bootyful :/

  • Caio

    vanessa sooooooo much brautiful than ashley ! ashley is ugly !