Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Make Out in Miami

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Make Out in Miami

Austin Butler gives girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens a passionate kiss while laying out in Miami, Fla., on Saturday afternoon (December 31).

The twosome are in the warm coastal town to ring in the new year with good pals Kim Hidalgo and Andy Fisher-Price.

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Earlier in the week, Vanessa, 23, was seen rocking Free People overalls for her one-piece cover up.

TELL JJJ: Would you wear overalls again? What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

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Credit: BRJ; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • troian

    hottt ass ¡¡¡
    damn it freaking paparazzzooo¡¡¡

  • loo

    She has a beautiful assss <3 hahahaha
    They look cute!

  • jessica

    I LOVE Vanessa Hudgens but this relationship is overly public. I think we should focus more on her and less on her relationship. I’d like to know more about her career then her and Austin.

  • Kristen

    stopped by here real quick to say that they’re having fun on a vacation to ring in the new year. plus they’re not the only couple out there acting like this. people that don’t like this just don’t worry about it because you should be spending new years eve with people you care about, not caring about what vanessa is doing. she moved on, so what. she can’t sit and mope forever. i mean she spent the majority of this past year promoting two movies, going to fashion week, cannes film festival and filming two movies. has to film another in the upcoming new year. you shouldn’t care that much about it. it’s her life and choice. honestly she is happy and living her life. she’s famous so she happens to have a lot of the stuff going on out in public. i mean she can’t control what the paparazzi wants from her and also that they want pics of her all the time. just quit complaining about it and worry about your own LIFE. i’m done saying what i had to say. i’m going to go spend time with my boyfriend and friends to ring in the new year. Happy New Year’s Eve everybody!


    zac didn’t get half of the PDA this kid gets, he should have gotten more!

  • gummybear

    love you nessa wishing you an amamzing 2012 wish u the best in your acting and hope sucker punch gets that golden globe award

  • Haters Suck!

    She is just hot as hell

  • Katie

    Too many sightings! And too much PDA!

  • listen to mayday parade

    The overalls were hideous but she is gorgeous and has such a unique style so they kind of suited her.. What a beautiful couple. Glad they are happy! I hope Zac finds someone worthy of him soon!

  • lehogfarts

    this kinda reminds me of Zanessa back in ’08… hmmm…

  • lola

    I’m not even a hater I just analyze and tell my truth and THIS… IS the truth. Vanessa calls paparazzi to be on sight. PERIOD. No one is checking for HER of all people to be getting paparazzi so frequently EVERYTIME she’s with her new boyfriend. She’s no Jennifer Anniston, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis or even near ANY big name actress. She was on a DISNEY movie series and in a theatre play? Yeah, the relationship may be real but she’s using it for publicity because she doesn’t have any roles at the moment. Don’t be naive people. Vanessa’s really not a big deal in pop culture

  • dude

    This looks trashy.

  •!/Nessasaur_4ever nessa_ash_austin_lover

    for all you people writing comments about her a$$. oh wow do you think those comments are really needed.

    Austin and Vanessa look adorble together and no one can argue that. :)

  • muse

    I love seeing her so happy. Over the years we’ve seen very happy smiles, timid smiles and secret smiles, but lately we’ve seen her happy and lovey dovey smiles and I think its amazing. Vanessa seems to me as a very mature young woman with an amazing and very hard-working career in front of her and with a good head on her shoulders.
    She’s worked so hard and she always seems so dedicated to her projects and movies. I dont expect great things from her, I KNOW that she’s gonna be great :)

    And just a note before any haters come at this post, if you have a problem with her or her lifestyle or lovelife, then stop looking her up. Stop wasting your time hiding behind your keyboard with all your negativty and hate. Its not wanted. As fans we come here to support and keep an eye out for future projects for Vanessa. Its not us wasting our time, its us showing her our love, its you guys who have nothing better to do than spread your hate and immaturtity.

    And if anyone has a problem with the way she’s being with her boyfriend, just a question…why? If it was anybody else, nobody would care, but its only because her name is known, that you make a big deal out of it. She’s young, in new relationship, and she cant and doesnt want to please EVRYBODY, because it cant be done.
    I know so far theres only been support comments, but theres always gonna end up being a hater, so Im putting my two cents in it now.

    Love Vanessa for who she is and what her career will become :)
    This will be a GREAT year for V!!!

  • muse

    Pretty deep stuff for so early in the New Year in Australia, but I honestly wish people would leave her alone and just see her a mere human that she is. The only difference is that she is lucky to live her dream as an actress and gets her photos taken everywhere she goes. Its not Vanessa posing for photos or being too public, its Vanessa hanging out with her boyfriend and having her privacy invaded by papz.

    Just wish people could leave the hate off of here :)

  • yets

    Happy New year to all Vanessa true supporters whos w/ her ups and down…God bless us All esp. to Vanessa and family.

  • Haters Suck!

    Happy new year to all of vanessas TRUE fans, the ones that support HER and not some fairytale relationship and don’t care who she dates and just want to see her happy and support her happiness. 2012 is going to be a fun year. Journey 2, spring breakers, frozen ground and the one I’m looking forward to the most gimmie shelter, it’s gonna be a fun year And you know what I hope Austin and vanessas relationship continues to grow and along with her REAL fans Austin will be by vanessas side to support the things she does.

  • Joochi

    Happy New Year’s too you Vanessa, keep staying true to yourself and I know you don’t worry what other’s are thinking and that’s great, Live for you now and keep doing it. Keep making movies that we love to see for I admire your work and talent:).
    For all you hater’s: Leave the young lady alone! you don’t pay her bills nor do you put food on her table:); she is entitled to live just as much as you do so stop with the hating and dumb comments towards her and move on!, she is not doing anything out of the ordinary so just cool it and chill out!!! Happy New Year’s too everyone, it’s not New Year’s here in Hawaii yet but, have a great New Year and start being nice instead of so hatefull, you’ll be happier:).

  • Soni

    Hope Zac realizes what he gave up when he let her go.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Wow…they look hot!!!,at the beach!!!

  • ehryle

    Hello 2012! We all love Vanessa and we really support her no matter what! this is her year and she really happy presently and living just a normal peeps like us showing affection and love with her man the different is she just chasing by the papz! Her body tan is GORGEOUS!! Have a blessed 2012 V :)

  • eat me

    @soni you mean he regret that he let her go i don’t think so she’s not the only girls in the world…..

  • eat me

    she’s not hot at all not in my own eyes… Miley cyrus hotter than her in that red bikini…. I just realize how he looks with out his hat not fan of the hair no wonder he always wear hat he looks……..

  • justme

    eat me
    she is not hot at all ? i know you are not her fan but com’ on

  • eat me

    @just me LOL you want me to praise her common she can’t please every one or you can’t tell any one to like her right…..

  • justme

    eat me
    no i’am not telling to like her but saying she is not hot AT ALL it just so funny

  • eat me

    @just me maybe i’ll respect your opinion and we have diff type of view so no sweat…. No big deal…

  • justme

    eat me
    ok me too you know what i think zac efron is not hot AT ALL

  • justme

    vanessa has the perfect body i love this girl and i will always support her no matter what and i’am pretty sure she don’t give a fuck aboit psycho zanessa fans i she looks so HOT and her ass OMG ,jdidnsdjuejuendhjdfjd

  • roxy

    Hot couple! They are so cute :) there’s nothing wrong there…she’s kissing her man not having sex in public. People need to let her live her life, she can’t please everyone cuz she’s not dating ur golden boy. If u don’t like what she’s doing simply don’t yourselve some time.

    @soni. I agree with you. Sooner or later zac will realize what he lost. He’s too ambitious right now thinking about himself and career. Its really sad how every single precious word he said he would do for love was gone with the wind..I don’t like his ‘hiding syle’ the thuth always comes out and it will someday…I wish him the best though however he will not find another vanessa who gives her soul for him… there ate plenty fish in the sea for him and nessa. Luckily vanessa found herself a good man and she’s noy afraid to be herself and free.

  • eat me

    @just me ok cool :) no worries…. Guess what i have a news for you i am not his fan at all did i dis appoint you oooops sorry…… You guys assuming too much…. you thought every one who comment her is zac efron fan or zanessa fan wtf…

  • eat me

    @just hahhahaahha her body is not perfect!!!!! Oh ”Obsession” how can you describe this word…

  • justme

    eat me
    hahahahahah her body is perfect i prefer her this way more than having a chiken legs oh “hate” how can you describe this word…

  • http://facebook me


  • danielle

    those shorts are like from the 90s style
    and i really am not enjoying her anymore. she’s changed and i don’t like it. she’s all bohemian and stuff, i miss her when she was like younger when she wore jeans and a t shirt. and she liked hollister and stuff. like in the video that ashley posted from 2006 i miss vanessa from 2006.
    bring the old vanessa back, i miss her with zac too. grrrrrrr
    i don’t even like austin butler what the hell does she see in him? he’s not that cute and i dont, i just dont see it

  • Natnat

    God! Is it just me or is she everywhere!? I like Vannesa, but damn I’m kinda getting bored of seeing her and Austin groping all the time *eye roll*
    And the way she was draping herself over him in Miami? She’s just kinda starting to look like a girl who didn’t get any for nearly a year and now can’t get enough.

    I’m kind of disappointed in her :(

  • The truth

    I’m so sick you guys worrying about her life. She doesn’t care if your disappointed in her. why don’t all of you get off the computer writing paragraphs and get a life of your own.

  • maria

    @Natnat: She didn’t for a year, and I don’t blame her one bit for enjoying her new relationship. And if you’re sick of these pics, call the paps or tell JJ not to buy and post the pics. That’s not Vanessa’s fault that people are interested in her!

  • meghan

    Tacky much?

  • Haters Suck!

    well at least she waited almost a year before getting back into a relationship amd not less then 3 weeks for a second time like some celebs.

  • Caio

    vanessa is perfect ,most beautiful celebrit !

  • dcstarinthemaking

    maybe zac didn’t get much PDA because vanessa knew that their relationship was cliche’, they might have been happy for a while but ultimately it was going to die down because it was real love based off of fake pretenses. they were forced to love each other because of their roles, let gabriella and troy last but ZANESSA is OVER people. it’s been like a year now or more idk anymore but let her be. She’s probably really happy with this guy and if she want to kiss her boyfriend and let the world see then so what, don’t hate on her because you don’t have what she has. Stop hating…you’re all saying she’s no big name star or w.e but quess what??? she’s bigger than you isn’t she??

  • zane

    if I were Vanessa i’d rather be with zac than austin, Zac and Vanessa best couple for me, they look good together!

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