Ashley Tisdale: Back in LA with Martin Johnson

Ashley Tisdale: Back in LA with Martin Johnson

Ashley Tisdale shares a laugh with Boys Like Girls lead singer Martin Johnson as they arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (January 2).

The twosome rang in the new year together with pals in New York City over the weekend, and also checked out Lady Gaga and her father’s new restaurant, Joanne Trattoria.

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Ash tweeted, “It’s way too early…. New York it’s been fun :) now goin back home to LA!”

JJJ Fun Fact: Ashley once starred in a BLG video — “Love Drunk“!

10+ pics inside of Ashley and Martin

FYI: Ash is sporting Blu Moon‘s Slouch Sweater Jacket.

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Credit: Matei/GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Listen to mayday parade

    Oh so that’s why her and Scott broke up..

  • nicole


  • claud

    wow! she moves really fast!
    well with Jared was the same, she broke up that relationship and one week later we got the first pictures with Scott, now she broke up with Scott and 2 weeks later she has a new boyfriend! haha good for you Ashley!! too bad is that guy, but at least she has a new man now! kiss bb

  • jen

    he’s cute, i don’t blame her :)

    check out

    feedback would be appreciated :D

  • Katty

    Ashley is a relationship jumper. She moved from Jared to what’s his name, and from him to Martin.

    It’s not a bad thing, really, just a fact. She always seems to have someone new in her sights before she becomes single. I don’t think she’s ever really been single for long.

    I mean with Jared she met her last boyfriend on set of her music video It’s Alright, It’s Okay. Actually, I think he directed more than one of her videos. Then before she breaks up with what’s his name she already has Martin in her sights, who she has known since at least the video she shot with them.

    But hey, in my opinion Martin is a step up from both of her last boyfriends. Go her.

    Again, not a bad thing, just the way she works.

  • Katie

    She definitely rebounds fast! And she definitely has a type too.

  • amtfan

    She moves fast. I love her but no. I don’t like this.

  • mrsvagabunda

    don’t know if they are dating or not but i like the guy, he’s hot…. but he reminds me of scott in one picture lol

  • Lubarus

    Gosh!!! why Martin?? Ashley looks strange) Scott, i miss you!!!)

  • gummybear

    Wow it hasn’t even been a month and everyone was calling Vanessa a slut for being with Austin nine months after the break up ,I’m sorry but she is a pure desperate slut

  • Katty
  • Luisa

    lol really Martin? such a downgrade, from Taylor flawless Swift to Ashley.. lol

  • kelly

    tbh, i prefer Zashley, i think if given the proper chance they could be something amazing. but as long as she’s happy & he treats her right. then i will learn to accept this. always will support Zashley tho. as bff’s or as a couple. :)

  • amtfan

    how is she a whore for jumping fast? stfu gummybear.
    And agree. zashley ftw.

  • houd

    LOL at zashley fans are you seriouse ?????????????

  • bella

    Here some of zashley fans are daydreaming.

    Why do these people think that they are going to date?

    The way I see, Zac wouldn’t date her

  • gummybear

    Zashley is never gonna happen cos zac don’t like blonde he said he prefers brunnettes and I’m not saying this cos in a zanessa

  • http://Dexterjay5 Zac and ashley

    Zashley forever!!! @gummybear Ashley is brunnettes hellow!! Ash and zac look good together!!

  • kelly

    ashley is originally a brunette dumb***. shoo, get lost troll. go & stalk your idols thread, and leave ours the hell alone. you sound as if your afraid zashley would happen. psh.. pathetic also i don’t remember seein your precious idols name on this particular post. you probably know more about ashley than i do. geez, what do you do with your life?

  • elle

    already huh?

  • houd

    yes he is going to date her because she is brunette zashley fans why can’t belive that zashley DIDN’T happend and it WOULDN’T

  • houd

    actually my idol is ashley

  • houd

    omg i’am so afraid i don’t want zashley to happen omg LOL zac and ashley love each other i mean zac never loved vanessa he just stayed with her 5 years LOL LOLO LOL he was always in with ashley he just didn’t ask her to date him
    zanessa fans ok zanessa were so cute they dated for 5 years ok but they are OVER
    zashley fans well what i’am going to say ? i have nothing nice to say i better shut up
    you khow what ashley is dating vanessa believe me they love each other

  • shanghai

    Well as long as she is with someone and not Zac since she is still best friends with Vanessa and you dont want your best friend dating your ex!!!

  • meghan

    @gummybear: Why you so obsessed with Ashley huh? At least she’s not all over him unlike someone who needs to be all over her boyfriend to get attention.

  • maria

    I think they make a very cute couple. She looks good, she looks happy, and he’s adorable. Good for her. Nice way to start the new year!

  • gummybear

    Meghan; at least Vanessa is all over her boyfriend than her male friends and btw i am not obsesed with someone like her

  • gummybear

    Meghan; at least Vanessa is all over her boyfriend than her male friends and btw i am not obsesed with someone like her ashley is the attention seeker she was all over zac so she can get all the press attention in las vegas and that shity phineas and fern press conference

  • kelly

    @houd: well you haven’t seen the end yet have you darling.

  • kelly

    vanessa fans go away. we would appreciate to keep this thread as a peaceful atmosphere & a calm balance. stop speaking for Zac he is a grown man, it’s pretty hilarious thinking he would only date a girl by hair color.. oh wait.. i mean brunette. specifically brunette. & that girl code is stupid, & i know ashley will not follow by it, i mean what is she 14? not in high school anymore loves, time to grow up.

  • houd

    i’am just kidding baby i’am just kidding zashley will happen believe me

  • thami

    @Kelly you are such a child –’

  • kelly

    This Quote is very accurate: “A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other…Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever”

  • houd

    i swear i’am not a vanessa fan

  • Haters Suck!

    ok I was gonna stay out of here but that was a cheap shot so now I’m in. Like gummybear said at least Vanessa is doing that stuff with her boyfriend and not her “brother” and let him slober and grope all over her in front of her boyfriend leading to an “on and off relationship.” although I don’t like Ashley i did feel bad for her when aly & aj took those shots at her but ya know what maybe they were right.

  • LauraDbSpain

    wow!! I didn’t knew that they’re together!!! I think that ashley is going fast! I think Ashley has rushed to get someone as soon after her breakup with Scott, but they’re a great couple!! :D

  • j

    @haters suck! ditto! Meghan I must say that was quite a weak shot given that ashley did the same thing with her ‘brother’.

    But on the topic of this post, i hope this lasts for her oh and i love Boys like girls!!

  • k

    I honestly cant see Ashley and Zac together EVER. He prefers his life to be private (honestly, how many candids have we gotten of him from 2011? Not many) and let’s be honest, Ashley is anything but. There are candids of her all the time and she could avoid that if she really wanted to. And she always mentioned ‘her man’ on twitter and I cant see Zac putting up with that. I like them both and think they have a cute friendship but I dont think they have any romantic chemistry whatsoever.

  • babyvlover

    Wow, “vanessa fans go away”. I think the most aggressive ones are the ashley fans here. Who wouldn’t be aggressive when they gotta support the last piece of “star” she is. I couldn’t support a celebrity who does.. well.. yea.. NOTHING. so what’s left to support?

    *break for some hate*

    So yeah, I thought wooow, mean scott. Cheating on her or not treating her right. Poor girl. Sure she deserves some girls time. Bahahaha!
    This girl is just hilarious. Letting her hate out on twitter and having a new broyfriend one week after that. Poor new guy, to be with a woman who can’t be healed now. Or maybe she is, because she just had an eye on him much earlier but mean mean scott screwed everything up. This is just ridiculous what she’s doing. Nothing more and nothing less. And I dont give a piece of shit on your hate guys.


    OMG , who cares if ashley want to hang out with martin they just friend and if they dating then just let be it , and for vanessa fan stop trolling on ashley post just came to to give negative comment and let me remind u unlike ashley who hang out with couple female and male friend on new year eve rather than vanessa who seems a depo and desperate for attention with her blondie gay boyfriend .. so just back off people ..

  • claud

    i hope ashley dont ended up in drugs like him…




  • Kat

    Aw well I am very happy for her tbh. They look great together! yer she deff has a type Scott and Martin look really similar in my opinion.

    Good for her glad she’s happy. I would have him any day haha! x

  • Katie r

    I think it’s funny how everyone thinks she just jumped from Scott to Martin. She’s known Martin longer than she has Scott. They’ve been friends for years. I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of those ‘all of the sudden’ rebounds. Plus BOTH her relationships with Jared and Scott lasted a few years each.