Taylor Swift: Eponine in 'Les Miserables'?

Taylor Swift: Eponine in 'Les Miserables'?

Casting for the all-musical, film adaption of Les Miserables is wrapping up and Taylor Swift has been offered the role of Eponine!

According to online reports (via BroadwayWorld and Playlist) from Twitch, the 22-year-old musician would play Eponine opposite Amanda Seyfried as Cosette and Eddie Redmayne as Marius.

If Amanda and Taylor both accept, they would join Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and many more in the film, which is set to open on December 7, 2012.

TELL JJJ: Do you think Taylor should get the role of Eponine?

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  • claud

    i LOVE HER, but NOOOOO! omg no no NOOOOOO

  • http://livingmyotherlife.blogspot.com jen

    she’s great, but i’m not sure if she’ll be able to pull it off. best of luck tho :)


    :D check it out

  • lesmisfan

    NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO…..NOOOOOOOOOO that would be like Justin Bieber as Marius!

  • http://twitter.com/jackiewarner13 jackie

    i love swifty but no.

    I want NPH in it but yeah. maybe a new person should be Eponine


    If Taylor can at least sing like Lea Salonga http://youtu.be/OpH7V6kMlpk … then i have no problem with that.

  • nonono

    this is disgusting Taylor Swift should be making albums not be starring the lead role in a musical Lea Michele deserved this, big mistake

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/MiillyB Me

    Well, I think she could with the role Eponine, the truth will not lose anything by trying, the best of luck :) #Hope

  • Louise

    Oh good lord no, no offense to taylor but she hasnt got the chops to pull this off, as simply as i can put it this cast is heading for disaster..if they want to do it any justice either leave it well alone and don’t touch it or cast appropriately!!!!!

  • rachel

    I love Taylor with all of my heart but I just don’t think this is the right role for her at all. Eponine is such a huge and difficult part and I think they need to pick someone with a lot of musical theater experience

  • Sarah

    Taylor Swift cannot sing for her life! Les Miserables is an amazing play, and to put Taylor Swift in the film will ruin the entire film for me. NEVER SEEING THIS MOVIE. Don’t even waste your time if she is going to be in it. She’s a terrible singer who should be behind the camera and writing songs, not in the spot light.

  • abby

    no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and NO. My ears are BLEEDING just imagining her sing On My Own. Keep her in country music and for the sake of the broadway world keep her AWAY from renowned musicals…or any musical..PLEASE

  • thetis

    No offense to her fans she’s a fine songwriter but she can’t sing worth damn and never could.

    My enthusiasm over this movie just went out the window – anyone who has the records or has seen it in London or New York will know what I mean.

  • Marielle

    NICK JONAS SHOULD GET A PART. He’s a Les Miserables veteran.

  • T

    nope. LEA MICHELE

  • ANB

    No no no no no no no!!!!!!! I’m sorry but being trained in Theatre, she is not the right choice for this role. You want the movie to be good you’ve got to cast the parts correctly!!!!! Her voice would not do the character of Eponine justice, as her voice is extremely whiny and she doesn’t breathe correctly. As someone else commented if she is cast, my enthusiasm for this beloved musical to be made into a movie will go out the window. Nor does she even look like an Eponine.

    Cast Correctly People!!!!!

  • Sarah

    That makes no sense. I don’t understand why they would pick Taylor (as much as I love her) over Lea Michele who’s an actual broadway star and has been in Les Miz before? It’s the wrong choice. Lea would fit it far better.

  • jackson

    NO! What a HORRIBLE choice. Taylor Swift is a NO for movies and musicals, ESPECIALLY Les Mis, and ESPECIALLY the role of Eponine. This is a disgrace.

  • Dana

    OH GOD NO!

    Casting Nick Jonas as Marius was a bad idea. Now this? Nick had no passion when he sang.

    I could not see Taylor grasping the emotion Eponine has either.

  • Samantha

    Wasn’t she up against Lea Michele for the role? Lea deserves it, she was on Broadway! One of her first roles was in Les Mis, for goodness sake!

  • Bwayfan

    I love Taylor, but no. Should be Lea Michele

  • Sadie

    No, Taylor Swift should absolutely not be playing Eponine! The role should have gone to Lea Michele or Evan Rachel Wood, both who were reportedly being considered for it. Taylor’s great at what she does, but she’s no actor and her vocal talents are very limited. And I doubt she has the emotional maturity to properly play the part. She simply won’t be able to handle this demands of the role and will really hurt the quality of a production. What a shame they chose to disrespect Broadway and go with the flashy blonde country star just to get attention. What a blatant disgusting attempt at stunt casting. I will definitely not be seeing this train wreck.

  • nonononono

    VOMIT. taylor swift cannot sing. this girl needs to go away and she needed to go away yesterday.

  • gertrude

    HEARTBREAKING. Should have been Lea Michele.

  • Cindy

    Holy hell. NO! I love the girl as a songwriter, but honestly she doesn’t have the voice for Eponine and she can’t act. Seriously! Did anyone see her Valentine’s Day?? It was cringe worthy!

  • Felicia

    i am a huuuuuge fan of Tay, and i support her in whatever she does. But looking at the comments above, i’m afraid she would recieve a shitload of crap if she took the roll. Just because people have so many opinions without even giving it a chance. Seriously, i’m going to laugh in your faces when the movie comes out and she’s so fantastic and blew your minds away.
    So give it a chance. You don’t know anything yet.

  • http://www.taylorswift.com wonderstruck to Paulie

    @Louise, Thetis Can’t Sing? why are you complaining? can you sing? and if you think you should call hollywood. so you will Eponine.

  • ezzy

    i hope this is not true,taylor swift is lovely but do not think her voice is strong enough for the role of eponine but thats just my opinion

  • lala

    Hi umm..post things about AVAN JOGIA..(:..please..
    photos,paparazzi,interviews..new projects..
    his pretty amazing!!!!

  • maria

    Oh Lord, how awful!!! She can’t act to save her life, and she can sing one kind of twangy song. They have got to be kidding!!!!

  • thetis

    @wonderstruck to Paulie:

    Yes I can sing and very well but I am too old for the part and I live in Hollywood and everyone is talking about it.

    And btw my being able to sing doesn’t change the fact Taylor Swift can neither sing nor act. And she sounds worse against better singers. What saves her is she sings her own songs written for her voice.

    Broadway songs require actual singing. And also read the book, see the show Eponine is not a tall pale thin blonde with a drawl

  • tom

    This is a horrible casting job.

  • Wheels

    I love how people say “no offense” just before they say something that will probably offend someone.

  • alex

    But…she can’t sing? I don’t get it. She can barely sing her own songs…how is she supposed to things a masterpiece like On My Own?

  • alex

    But…she can’t sing. Good songwriter but she can barely sing her own songs, how is she supposed to thing a masterpiece like Own my Own?
    There’s a point where talent must outdo celebrity.

  • lily

    But…she can’t sing. Good songwriter but she can barely sing her own songs, how is she supposed to thing a masterpiece like Own my Own?
    There’s a point where talent must outdo celebrity

  • anon

    i don’t think taylor’s voice is capable of something she already sings like she’s younger than she is (meaning her voice sounds younger than her age) i don’t think she could handle broadway at all it’d be interesting to see her try though i mean she’s a great singer but i don’t think her “young” voice can handle the vocals that are in les miserables

  • grace

    she should stick to what she knows and does best! country singing, not Eponine how is she going to do on my own justice?

  • cam

    I think people judge Taylor by the movie Valentines Day in which she was supposed to play the part of a “ditzy valley girl”, which she did quite well. It seems some people can’t separate the movie part from the actual person.

    Some people are very jealous of Taylor’s good fortune and many awards she has won for her talent & the love of her many many fans.

    I think Taylor will be great in the part & I hope she accepts it. Taylor will be the reason I go to see that movie.

  • amy


    Taylor does not have a drawl – just because she now lives in Nashville does not mean she has a drawl – you forget she was born & raised in the northeast – in Pennsylvania for over 13 years before moving to Tenn.

    And Taylor can very certainly sing – even for broadway – she has ttalent & even her grandmother was an opera singer.

    These negative attacks really show how jealous people are of people who work hard & achieve much. Taylor works very hard to be where she is – she deserves the good things that come her way. Good for Taylor!

  • Troy

    I like some of Taylor’s music and I think she’s a talented musician but she was laughably bad in “Valentine’s Day.” (which to be fair is NOT a good movie). Not only that she’s completely wrong for Eponine in every conceivable way. If she were up for Cossette I would say maybe with lessons. But Eponine I see absolutely no way that can work. I could be wrong but this is screams BAD IDEA to me.

  • Bob

    Taylor will be perfect as Eponine! She has a perfect voice for “On My Own.” She will take this opportunity very seriously and do a fantastic job. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • http://@jackmeriwether Jackmeriwether

    Are you freaking kidding me?? The director seriously must be under the influence of narcotics if he think that some teenage country singer can pull off one of the most memorable and cherished roles in musical theater history. Wasn’t her last film like Valentines Day or something?? Oh yeah I’m sure that the director was really convinced after seeing her acting chops in that. WTF. And we’re all missing one big point—she may be a professional singer but can she really SING? Not really. If she gets casted and butchers “On My Own” I’ll never forget it. Plus the rest of the cast looks so perfect, and Taylor is just totally wrong for Eponine.

  • jax33

    HECCKKKKK NOOOOO SHE SUCKS AT ACTING….sorry t-swift but stick with singing….SO SICK OF actresses singing or singers acting….YA CAN’T DO BOTH SUPER WELL!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Jan

    Sorry…sounds like stunt casting to me. They are hoping to get Taylor’s fans and her money in to watch the movie. Why don’t they let the music and story draw people in? In my opinion, Taylor is a good songwriter but a so-so singer. If she’s going to be in it, make her do it without “autotune.”

  • http://twitter.com/mrsvagabunda mrsvagabunda

    There are so many actresses/singers out there… Seems like they didn’t took the time to search for the ideal one, they rushed it… anyways, let’s see how taylor pulls this off maybe she surprises us???

  • Stan

    @amy: It is not a matter of singing. It is about the fact that she cant act. A the role she is cast in is the most important female role in the show. This is just bad casting and it will make a mockery of the entire movie.

  • Michael

    This is soooo annoying! I’ve been looking forward to this movie, but this casting is horrible! I love you Taylor, but NOT as Eponine! She is my all time favorite character in this musical and “On My Own” is one of the best songs ever! Taylor couldn’t pull it off at all!!!!!! Her vocals are not strong enough!

  • http://www.taylorswift.com wonderstruck to Paulie

    @thetis: okay you can sing…. she sound worse and there is better than her in singing but did they win this? 2011 Entertainer Of The Year.
    2011 Woman Of The Year.
    2011 Artist Of The Year.

  • :)

    I think that Lea Michele would do amazing in it, but I still really like Taylor Swift. She is an amazing songwriter and has a nice voice. Lea Michele has the Broadway experience to excel in this and any role.

  • http://@countrygrl987 Sarah

    My thoughts exactly. we already know that she sings On My Own perfectly, and she can act. I”m sad.