Zac Efron: New Year, New Resolution!

Zac Efron: New Year, New Resolution!

Zac Efron hides beneath his baseball cap as he and his buddies leave Studio Cafe on Thursday (January 5) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 24-year-old actor and his pals took to the basketball court to shoot some hoops!

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Zac recently told USA Today about his New Year’s resolution!

“This year I just want to spend more time with my family, individually. I’m going to take my little brother and take him solo somewhere on a backpacking trip, some adventure. Just brothers,” Zac said.

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • lauren

    his friends are kinda hot :-0

  • http://Team_zacefron stefanie

    love Zac!!! <3

  • sam


  • Miranda

    We finally get to see him, and he looks good (:

    Glad he’s been getting some down time, he’s been busy working.

  • monique

    Zac looks great! It’s nice to see him out with friends. It looks like his Yolo tattoo is fading on one side. Wonder if he’s getting it removed? And it’s pretty adorable that he and his friends are all wearing those matching bracelets. Love these pictures!

  • my mind

    omg his biceps!! but hey! let us to see your beautiful face!! and lol to his friend hiding his face… dear kid.. are you famous? they are following zac not to you! ha!


  • monique

    @Miranda: And he’ll be getting busy again soon! I heard that he’ll be filming in January and February and then he’ll be doing promo for The Lucky One and The Lorax. So it’s good that he’s just enjoying his time off right now :)

  • lauren

    @monique for what movie in jan and feb?

  • monique

    @lauren: I didn’t hear details about which film he’ll be starting. But I also heard that his production company will start working on projects too. Can’t wait!

  • A

    Awwww so glad to see him again. Seems like its been forever.

  • monique

    Getting off this thread before all the irrational and unnecessary hate begins. I hope everyone is having a great 2012 so far! <3

  • zanessa fan


  • girl

    He cannot possibly be filming something in January (aka this month) and February since absolutely nothing is announced yet. That’s not how making movies works.

  • gummybear

    He looks hot

  • florence2

    Aww how sweet zac and his boys are wearing matching bracelets wonder which one of them sat and made them oh to show the love.

    Look’s to like he is wearing a ring around his neck proabably from rumer willis who he spent new year’s with but won’t admit that he’s seeing, but then again he has his boys to keep him company followed by blondes.

    And why efron make out you hate the pap’s and bother hiding your face when the one picture clearly shows you smirking behind your cap geez your not that important.

  • monique

    @florence2: You have some serious issues. You apparently hate Zac but you’re obsessed with commenting on every one of his picture threads. You’re so pathetic it’s sad. Go back to school and learn how to structure a proper sentence before you find the audacity to spew ignorant and ridiculous comments about a person that you don’t even know.

  • amtfan

    hes so hot omg

  • ava

    His biceps are unreal! Holy crap!

  • Deb

    OMG, how can one person be so unbelievably stupid? You can’t see what is on his necklace. It’s hidden behind his shirt. You don’t know if he is seeing Rumer or anyone for that matter. You don’t know him. He has the right to date anyone he wants to date. He’s single and hot. He also has the right to keep his personal life private.

    I second what Monique said. Go back to school and learn how to structure a proper sentence. Just go away. No one wants to read your ignorant, stupid comments. You are a very sad individual.

  • florence2

    You obviously read them because you reply ed which is your right as is my right to comment on a post if I want.@Deb:

  • Deb

    Why don’t you just go scr ew yourself you ignorant witch?

  • Just Me

    Maybe he wasn’t with Rumer, there is more than one place on the islands. What is wrong with bringing gifts to friends from your vacation?I do it all the time.

  • Whatever

    He hides, cause there’s something to hide. No doubt. It doesn’t make him a saint.

  • http://lala aiwen

    he is so hot OMG!!! look at his arm!!!so man!!!!!!!!

  • florence2

    Very mature@Deb:

  • sjk

    Love to see Zac hangin’ with his friends. Just had to take a moment to *sigh *at how good he looks. :)

  • Ella

    Awww..he’s a sweet big bro! <3

  • londonlipton

    @girl: I feel need to point out that yes it can,if he is a last minute addition. look at Liberal Arts,no-one knew he was doing anything for that till he started shooting.

  • Just Me

    Hi Florence2 nice to hear from you again. You want Zac so bad it hurts. I understand since you can’t have him you have to spread your hate, to show the oppisite. wish you love, I weould love to have one of those braclets.

  • lauren

    he’s hiding because he doesnt want to be seen you selfish asshole.

  • Mrsvagabunda


  • sam

    Omg gooooooood zac is so hot , <3<3<3 we looooooove u

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    Whats r those bracelets for ? does anyone know?

  • Deb

    You wouldn’t know maturity if it came up behind you and bit you in your ugly arse.

  • girl

    @londonlipton 1. If that were the case, he would’nt be filming for 2 months (more like 2 days) and 2. he only has a CAMEO in that movie. Look at the Sundance cast listing. 10 principle cast members listed and no Zac.

  • Just Me

    The braclets are a gift from some one who gave everybody the same thing. No big deal don’t look for hidden meanings.

  • Deb

    @Just Me:
    And you know this how? Please elaborate.

  • merlin’s mum

    @Deb: Please don’t use that word to descibe this ignorant hater@florence2: I find it offensive!!! ( witch) She isn’t clever enough to be one of those!!! :) jk! BB
    For the last time I’ll explain to the haters. ‘Ninjas’ is what Zac and his buddies refer to themselves as when they are avoiding letting the paps get decent pictures of themselves! Therefore as they didn’t get any clear pics last night he is ‘smirking’ cos he is happy about it!! Nothing to do with thinking he is important. Unlike others he would like the paps to leave him alone when he is not working.

  • whatever

    @merlin’s mum: Ninjas is just a stupid juvenile term for grown men. But they don’t act like grown men, so it fits them. And honestly, the paps obviously don’t give a sh*t about him. But wait til the truth about him comes out. Hope that hiding, and having everyone dictate his life makes him happy. LMAO.

  • Candela

    Papi you look so hot!!!!!
    OMG he’s really sexy ;)

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @whatever: What truth are you talking about. Everyone always want to throw that crap out there back it up!!!!!

  • Sara12

    What do you guys get out of this? How hard is it to stay away from something you don’t like, and what’s with all the judgment. He’s one of the few overall good guys in Hollywood. I completely understand if you don’t like him, but it’s not necessary to make him out to be something he’s not and I don’t understand why people come just to post negative things. If your reading this please take my advice, for one don’t post everything that comes to your mind, and don’t try to make up reasons not to like someone. Just keep your personal feelings and stay the hell away from things you don’t like.

  • florence2

    @Deb: And with your words you seem to think that your mature yea sure.

  • Just Me

    There are only7 lucky people who got the braclets for Christmas. I’m not saying they were together at christmas. he was at home with family. Not everyone is wearing one.. But beware the the copy cats will start wearing look-a-likes also, to look like it is a big secret.. They have done this before.

  • whatever

    @Just Me: Ooooh, so lucky for grown men to wear little pearly beaded bracelets. How gay is that???? Who cares where it’s from? Still stupid.

  • Just Me

    A gift is a gift and depending on who gave it to you. You might wear it to show you appreciate the thought. Don’t critize you could hurt a youn sick persons feeling or someone that he cares for.. Someone who worked hard to get these or make them. . I’m sorry you don’t understant the true meaning of gift giving, just sayng. Now you can go ahead and attack me all you want , I’m an adult and can take it.

  • merlin’s mum

    @whatever: Yeah OK perhaps calling yourselves ‘Ninjas’ is imature in some people’s eyes, but I just see it as guys having a laugh. Perfectly acceptable to me. We don’t all have to be mature and serious all the time if we aren’t hurting anyone. Try being a little silly yourself some time and you might actually have some fun and be less full of hate. :)

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Ha ha

    So the paps just so happen to be at the right place at the right time? Okay.

  • ummmm

    its weird how him n vanessa still both go to studio cafe like on the same day wow just wow. i think there is more than 1 restaurant in la LOL haha