Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kissy Kissy!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kissy Kissy!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler share a kiss as they sit courtside at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 6).

The affectionate couple joined the 23-year-old actress’ manager and DWTS pro Cheryl Burke at the LA Lakers game against the Golden State Warriors.

The Lakers declared victory, 97-90.

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Earlier today (January 7), Vanessa and Austin were spotted going out for lunch in West Hollywood.

FYI: Austin is wearing the AllSaints Tonic Scoop and leather jacket.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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Credit: Getty, WENN, Noel Vasquez, London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, AKM
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  • Nadja

    Cute couple!

  • omg

    Is making out with her boyfriend all she does anymore? Its really obnoxious and annoying. We all get it Vanessa, you’re over Zac.

  • Haters Suck!

    Austin just take care of my favorite hollywood girl that’s all I care about. As long as he treats her right he’ll be ok by me.

  • grace

    what do you think zac thinks about all this PDA ?

  • maria

    Well, I think it’s pretty disgusting that JJ is shipping them out for the sake of getting hits here. They are just going to lunch and a kiss in the car. That is NOT newsworthy but JJ knows the z lovers are lurking, waiting to pounce. None of this is her fault. I’m sick of JJ’s tactics, sick of Zac fans, and sick of people who think that what they’re doing is wrong. What’s wrong is how they’re being exploited for this damn blog and how these damn paps follow her everywhere. Aren’t there other celebs in Hollywood? C’mon, give her a break, Jared.

    Having said that, she looks gorgeous. :o). And,@Haters Suck!: Bet you hate that hat too! LOL

  • maria

    @grace: Please, grace, let’s not start. It’s been a year. There is nothing left there but memories. Please get over it.

  • Haters Suck!

    who cares???
    i’ve seen that hat and is it really a red sox hat? It looks different.

  • a

    @grace: I don’t think Zac cares at all about what she’s doing TBH and since this threat is about Vanessa and AUSTIN let’s just leave him out of this, okay?

  • Kristen

    @Haters Suck!:

    it’s not a red sox hat. it’s a ucla hat. on the back, it says ucla. the b stands for bruins.

  • amtfan

    @grace: he doesn’t care. he moved on since its been a year ago, maybe you should too.

    anyway, vaustin is cute as always. :)

  • grace

    i was just wondering what zac would think about vanessa’s behavior.. i never ment to imply i didn’t like austin and v ..
    i think she looks really happy so …

  • Haters Suck!

    Ya know what I’ve noticed I look at Austin Twitter the guy hasn’t really tweeted at all since him and Vanessa came out as a couple. I feel bad for the guy god only knows what kinds of tweets certian people send him.

  • Qianaa

    I LOVE Vanessa, and I think her and Austin are really cute.

    But she’s always down his throat lately. I mean I understand they are a couple but…come on? Save that for the room. I mean they made out in a gym at a basketball game…that they barely watched. They could have done that in private.

    Baby V, you’re amazing though.

  • Katie

    God. This guys again.

  • Tina

    Get a room

  • Candela

    Love is more than just PDA …. ok?
    Austin is cute

  • kelly martineau

    These two can’t keep there has off each other. Miss seeing ness with her mom and sister out and about in la.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t like what nessa is wearing. Like the black boots.

  • jen

    love that she’s happy but they’re going overboard on the pda

  • mags

    that kiss is sponsored by audi, sweet and cool ha!ha! i cannot afford that, only ten tickets of her movie lol.

  • justine

    so sweet as long as she’s happy i’m happy <3 vanessa hudgens is truly my idol, and i’ve been looking up to her since i was 10. now 6 years later, i’m glad her career is still standing strong <3 GO BABY V!

  • Caio

    Austin just take care of my favorite hollywood girl that’s all I care about. As long as he treats her right he’ll be ok by me.2

  • muse

    Vanessa looks happy. They both do. There is seriously nothing wrong with hanging out with your boyfriend and kissing here and there. The only reason haters would have a problem is because her name is in the papers and news. Anyone else…they wouldnt care coz they wouldnt know it was happening, but because its Vanessa, they have to all of a sudden voice how wrong it is to interact or be with your BOYFRIEND…someone who you can show affection to. If it was Zac and Vanessa people would cheer and throw a parade, but its not, their over and have moved forward. Embrace the future not the past.

    And I agree with @maria, Vanessa goes out all the time, but now its newsworthy ALL THE TIME?. Its not news…its Vanessa living her FREE LIFE.

    Glad she looks happy and cant wait for her potentioal to grow this year :)

  • MichevARTAN

    Too.much.PDA. smh
    I love Vanessa TBH, but this is just………i’m lost for words..

  • yets

    yes as long as austin treat her right im ok.

  • gummybear

    Love my baby v only a few more days to see her stunning dress on at the PCA can’t wait love you more and more ,btw is zac ,Austin and Ashley gonna be there cos on Ashley’s twitter she said to vote for hellcats but it’s not even on the nominees list

  • shanghai123

    Doubt that Zac cares but being a very private person would probably not be comfortable with so much PDA. Think they could do a bit less in public though and save it until they got home.

  • http://lala aiwen

    public already so much PDA,what about at home???
    and recently Stella Hudgens just tweeted that ‘look like we are inlove but just on cameraaaa’ do u think she is mentioning vanessa and austin’s relatuonship something? or she and vanessa’s relationship?? i dont know weather she is real or what just want to share

  • http://lala aiwen

    @Caio: i’m with u :))

  • angel

    @Shanghai123: What’s wrong with her affectionate acts to her boyfriend in public

    There is nothing wrong in her acts

    if you’re hating on vanessa or austin from now on ill click the unfollow button. tired of immature people on here

  • merlin’s mum

    @angel: umm? what unfollow button? didn’t understand it when you said it under a different name on the other site (JJ) either!!

  • sathyum

    Is that all this couple could portray? What’s the point they trying to prove? Something is lacking though. I think they look very rehearsed. :P Love Zac all the time to hell with Va gessa!

  • Emma

    @Merlin’s mum Shanghai123: Anyway, this board is for Vanessa only.

    I hope that his fans stop coming here….

    You guys should go to Zac’s board for fun.

  • LoveNessa

    Oh please….don’t start. Did you have to even bring that up? Are you trying to start some crap? You can wonder all you want, but since we’ll never know, and it’s not our business, you don’t have to mention it.

  • maria

    @LoveNessa: Exactly. We’d be perfectly happy if no one mentioned her previous relationship. It’s in the past, she’s learned from it, and it will always be a part of her. But it’s over and done, and she’s experiencing a new one. She needs to; she only had one since she was 16. This one isn’t afraid to show he cares about her, and for someone affectionate, that is the best. Nothing worse than a guy who cares too much about what others think.

  • Rachel

    It’s ok to show some love, but they’re in a public place full of people and they’re famous, so, they should have some respect and do this at home. Just all of this make out sessions make me think that this is not a real couple. Call me wathever you want, I am a Nessasaur, with proud, but it doesn’t mean that I have to agree with her actions. If you see, I didn’t even mentioned Zac here, because it doesn’t involve him, it’s all about Vanessa and Austin. Stop putting Zac in the middle of this.

  • Haters Suck!

    SHE’S DOING NOTHING WRONG!!!! I’m getting tired of people making Vanessa out to be some kind of criminal. I could think of a lot worse things Vanessa could be doing then this. If what they are doing is wrong then I don’t want to be right. Kissing your partner is a sign you’re not a real couple, what kind of reverse logic is that? I thought kissing was one of the perks of being in a relationship but maybe that was just me. If I was Austin I would kiss Vanessa whenever I could too I mean she’s freaking beautiful. And Austin isn’t afraid to show he cares about her and he’s not ashamed of it. You’re a joke of a fan

  • babyvlover

    I love Nessa’s outfit when they went to lunch. Looks totally gorgeous.
    I’m glad their are so in love. She seems really happy and relieved. And they don’t do major PDA. They do as much as a normal couple does as well. Only fail is that they get pictured every single time.

  • kaca95


  • Joochi

    Why so critique on Vanessa’s thread only? This girl is the only living her life as true too herself as can be. Oh, of course you didn’t see much of PDA w/ZE only because it was constantly monitored due to Disney, yes they had their private moments but that’s what they were, Private:). Vanessa is now an adult and FREE to express herself again, in a True to Herself manner and that she is doing, it’s not her fault that people like JJJR, JJ and the likes make her out to be an item for their pockets and at the same extend corrupt these young peoples minds and attitudes for the bottom line, this is what America is all about now, the bottom line of their pockets, no respect for the individual, what is that!!!:). On, the other side of the coin, alot of you REFUSE too let go of the past and still judge her from that, everyone deserves a second chance but still REFUSE to FORGIVE, maybe because of her ethnic I don’t know but it’s so foolish how some of you dictate your thoughts onto this thread as well as others. Stop the hate for this young woman as well as others and let’s all start examples and so it right.


    Not meaning to be weird or anything, and I respect that some of you like Austin and Vanessa, but I am NOT over her and Zac yet. Lol. Ever since they broke up, I havent’t been updating myself on much news, and I happened to come on here to see what they were doing and this picture slaps me in the face. All I can say is that I’m really upset that they broke up and all, but I’m glad she’s moved on and found someone she can love maybe like she loved Zac. :)

  • Rachel

    Like always, nobody understands… I never said she was doing something wrong, there’s nothing wrong on showing some love, but I think that, considering the fact that she is a public person, she should control herself a little bit, and I’m saying this because she is the one who always kept her personal life to herself. Never said she was doing something wrong. If she loves him, she can kiss him, of course, I’m just saying that in some situations, they should control themselves a bit. I don’t believe that this is a real couple, I have my reasons for that, but I’m not putting this on the way, like I’m just thinking about their image, not about if is a real couple or not. And, nobody has the right to call me a joke of a fan, ’cause that’s something that I’m not. I’m a fan who is not afraid to think whatever I want and don’t give a f*ck about what people would say. And, guess what? I learned this with my Baby V.

  • ehryle

    this is normal for a young couples having affectionate together the only problem is there freedom of being normal was taken by there fame and being surrounded by the papz!!! Just live you life to the fullest Vanessa don’t be bother of this judgmental people around you!! chillax :)

  • Rachel

    Thanks God, somebody understands! You see, I’m not looking this with bad eyes, I’m just worried about what the media would say about all of this, ’cause Vanessa knows pretty well how can the tabloides be really, REALLY mean.

  • Rachel

    OMG I’m writing everything wrong! Sorry! =))

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is really affectionate since then and I can see to it that she really happy and living her life to the fullest and freely showing to the world and proud to be with his man Austin! Good for you V! Just be happy and just ignore the papz they can take whatever picture of you but they cannot take your love and being as you are as a person!!

  • maria

    @Rachel: I hear your concern, but everyone has a different comfort level with pda. Most articles are saying they are cute and really into each other, others are saying it’s a bit much. Just like here. I just do not believe that kissing your BF and being happy is going to impact her career negatively. I think most people genuinely like and root for happy couples, and I much prefer this to clubbing and hooking up. She’d be crucified for that.

    @NIKKI: i appreciate your honesty, and think it takes a big person to admit that, but still be happy for her now. It’s like wishing your divorced parents would get back together cause you loved them together, but you are happy if they are happy in new relationships. Life is a journey and we never know where it will take us. They both have things they need to experience, and they’re both happy. Let’s just be supportive of their choices.

  • Valeria

    Mhm well, I really love Vanessa but Im not a fan of the austin and vanessa couple. I seriously don’t see much chemistry..but if she is happy..then we should happy for her right? Ik, i kind of agree..PDA funny thing is that Zac and Vanessa were so private that they didn’t have much PDA but why now? But they can do whatever they want, they are a couple right? We alll know that some people don’t agree with the couple but we should leave them alone! All of us. If she is happy, then we should ALL be happy. Don’t be mean haters.

  • asdf

    i hate them together. Zanessa forever

  • mykamicks

    Not because Im her fan, I will not excuse Vanessa just because recently she showed PDA’s its off.

    Just came to realized that Vanessa now is more demostrative than her previous relationship. And I could see nothing wrong with that. Maybe because its less controlling now from both partes or no one controls whatever they want to show the public. Nothing to protect just because its not nice to see once you do it often because she / he is not a big celebrity. I believe for the two of them it has no bounderies as long as they are not doing SEX in the public.

    Its more comfortable doing PDA with your BF, than doing physical flirting gestures not your BF.

    Her detractors no matter what or whom she will be, still will find wrongs and do same comments towards her.