Ashley Tisdale & Martin Johnson: Holding Hands!

Ashley Tisdale & Martin Johnson: Holding Hands!

Ashley Tisdale slides her hand into new boyfriend Martin Johnson‘s after dining out at Studio Cafe on Sunday afternoon (January 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress rocked Dylan George ripped jeans as the new couple got a bite to eat. JJJ is loving her yellow bag!

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Ashley recently tweeted about loving the LA weather at the moment: “LOVING the weather right now…. Kind of wanna jump in my car roll the windows down and go to Malibu #ifonly”

Psst, did everyone see her cute Charlies Angels pic with BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Samantha Droke?

20+ pics inside…

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  • A

    He kinda looks like a rugged Scott IMO haha. He’s cute.

  • menna

    She moves on WAY too fast….almost as if she already knew who she had her sight set on before her break-up. She’s literally jumped from one to the other. Broke up with Jared in early 2009, got with Scott in May of that year, broke up with Scott in November 2011, spent New Years with Martin. At least he’s cuter than Scott…

  • MichevARTAN

    Wow…i’m sorry to say, but trust me…this is not going to last.
    I LOOOOVE ashley so much, been a fan for a while now..
    and i’m a fan of BLG since i was 13, now i’m 17, been a martinsaysdotcom reader/viewer and fan, he’s not the type to be in a long reletionship sadly. *sighs* let’s just hope they last. i’m NOT loving the fact that she MOVES ON WAY TO FAST! :/

  • People. keep in mind that her and scott speer has broken up way before jj had posted their split

  • maria

    They are cute together. He suits her in looks far better than Scott did.

  • Nat

    a new boyfriend already?! wow, slow down girl.

  • Ella

    Congratulations for the both of them! ^^

  • Listen to mayday parade

    And she wonders why Scott is upset and doesn’t want to see her to give her her stuff back. She was likely cheating on him to have a new beau already. I wouldn’t be surprised of Scott was blind sided and he clearly believed Ashley was the one until she changed her mind.. I have zero respect for her now. Not cool Ash

  • em

    she loves tall guys haha :D

  • lillian

    hahaha She really likes her boyfriends so much taller than her! Oh I love her!

  • jj

    Martin is a very loyal guy… loyal to the same pair of black jeans. I wonder if Vegas has odds on what will last longer, Ashley or those jeans?

  • proudofzacnessa

    Wow! This girl is very fast to change boyfriend
    good job Ashley, Good Job (sarcasm)

  • naty

    The best couple EVER! They are SO SO SO curte together!!

  • kaylee

    She don’t waste no time :0

  • ashley

    well what can i say? she definitely likes her boys TALL xD hahaha
    jared wasnt that tall though but whatever…

  • Maja Juhl

    Scott and Ashley were last seen together november 27, so she moved on really fast.

  • liliian

    why do you people have so much problem with her having a new boyfriend?
    Love can’t be measure!no in time no in quantity. Is not as if she broke up with Scott 3 days ago,and when a person arrives that moves your world and makes you happy,it doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship for 2,5 or 7 years,you live it!
    People fall in love and people fall OUT of love.Jesus! you CAN stop loving someone,happens every day around the world!
    Why is so hard for you to understand?

  • billiejean

    WOW, thats a quick switch of boyfriends, it´s kinda hilarious.

  • nap

    i think he’s a good height for her and they look happy!

  • kami

    don’t know why ppl assume they’re in love. maybe it’s just lust. but they do make a cute couple. they look compatible. :)

  • Mara

    They look cute :)

  • sam

    I’m a fan buuuuttt omg she moved on really fastt! maybe they where seeing each other beforrre scott and ash broke up because rumors said that they were on and off the relationshipp buuutt whatevaaaa is her life and I hope they have a long relationship :)

  • Holly

    She should move on quick! Lifes tooooo short to sit and wait around :)

  • amtfan

    they arent dating. her friend told US weekly that its just casual dating and she told paparazzi that she wanted to stay single and have fun.

  • liz

    really?? that fast?? =/
    lol so holding hand doesnt mean dating? so maybe V and A are just friends for that matters #justsaying


    people need to clam down and let them be! whatever happens and happens
    either way i support them :D they seem happy with each other right now lol


    @liliian: I AGREE WITH YOU :)

  • Lenna

    And people still talk about Vanessa and call it a Whore for being with Austin. At least she wait a certain amount of time after the break up wurh Zac… I hace nothing against Ashley but gir… slow down!

  • jen

    cute couple :)

  • sarah

    love ashley but she moves on way too fast….

  • woow.

    wow, she moves way too fast.
    liked scott better.

  • cookiejar21

    @menna: yeah, i was thinking the same thing..

  • cookiejar21

    @liliian: hahaha, got a good laugh out of your comment.. you sound like a hopeless romantic, anyway, you can’t deny she goes from boyfriend to boyfriend really quickly.. she needs to slow down, maybe enjoy being single for a while and not rush in to a relationship

  • Lubarus

    They looks sooo cute together* i love it:)

  • http://_izzabelle Lover

    isn’t he the guy from boos like girls?? and wasnt she in one of their music videos?? ! they look cute together..but i always lliked zashley but as long as shes happy!

  • V.O

    You, ashley fans… Where is Zac?! And Zashley!? LOL hahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahaha

  • karen

    does anyone know where ashley’s hat is from? i reallyyy want it!

  • Alexandra

    @menna: Yeah i think so too.. i mean i am still on an imaginary relationship with Alex Pettyfer since 2009 so c’mon! xD hahaha