Miley Cyrus: 'LOL' Trailer Released!

Miley Cyrus: 'LOL' Trailer Released!

Check out the trailer for Miley Cyrus‘ new movie, LOL!

The 19-year-old entertainer stars opposite Ashley Greene, Douglas Booth and Demi Moore in the story of Lola, a high schooler who’s navigating the peer pressures of high school romance and friendship while she and her friends dodge their sometimes overbearing and confused parents.

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When Lola’s mom, Anne (Moore), “accidentally” reads her teenage daughter’s racy journal, she realizes just how wide their communication gap has grown.

LOL will hit theaters later this year!

‘LOL’ – Trailer
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  • niki

    looks not that bad

  • http://yahoo yce

    #LOLTrailerIsOut and Smilers Excited are TT right now. Excited would be an understatement! Miley is amazing and I think this movie is going to be epic =)

  • jules


  • Cadda

    this movie will never be better then the original.
    you can look for yourself. even the actors look way better.

  • Mia

    Miley is the worst actress in the world. Seriously, the girl who played the role in the original delivered such a great performance. Miley should stick to singing, she just can’t act. I feel violated when I watch her.

  • Jenn

    The original french movie seems much better. In this remake, they took the french lines and traduce them… Mmmh…

  • http://@kelseyann_91 kelsey

    I can’t wait for this movie!! .. Miley is amazing :D I Wish there was a release dateeee.

  • Karima

    I’m not hating on MC or anything, but i think she’s not an actress. She can’t transform to another caracter because she’s too much of her own person. She has that Miley face that you can put so much make-up on but still will look the same. and her voice is terrible as well. I love some of her work tough, but NOT a fan. I feel like ppl hate on her too much, but maybe they’re telling the truth? Not hating, Just being honest!!! take care xx


    It looks exactly like the original version, just that the original will always be a million times better.

  • http://@libertywalk19 Karima


  • http://@libertywalk19 Karima


  • http://@libertywalk19 Karima


  • http://@libertywalk19 Karima


  • Tia

    Can’t wait to see this movie you go Miley. Awesome.

  • mbart

    I can’t wait to see this movie, it seem so close to todays teens

  • Marion

    It’s exactly the same movie like the original : the same dialogue, the same intrigues, the same gestures, the same direction … No originality. A real plagiarism !

  • Nini

    even though it doesn’t look that bad, there’s nothing like the original one. The original it’s just perfect !

  • ashley P

    I can’t wait! :)

  • kass

    miley is amazing so fuck u hatttteeersss!!!!! hahahaahahahah lmao

  • mileylover

    OMG i lover her!!! *________*

  • mileylover

    OMG!!! i love hero sooo much *_____*

  • Bob Simpson

    This old ass movie is finally coming out? Looks like garbage? This isnt going to theaters is it? Would be suprised if it even went strait to dvd. Looks like it should be shown on abc family. Miley is hideous and her career is over

  • Tia

    @Bob you suck get a Life hater. Don’t comment if you don’t like her. Its trash like you that cause celebrity to have low self esteem. Cyber bullying is wrong. You suck like a Rotten Egg. Love you Miley awesome movie can’t wait.

  • javi

    i don’t know if i will see it three friends going to paris i think i have seen the plot in another demi moore is in it so it will probably suck anyway don’t misunderstand me i like miley but the movie will suck.

  • jason

    the movie looks great, am so going to see it,, miley looks so growing up and she a great actress, she been acting since she was a kid! she has a lot of experience and the movies looks amazing! she is gorgeous! great curves!

  • jeff

    doesnt matter how good i was in french its in french, when it comes to america it will be a hit espite miely bad actinh and it willl make more money anyway, so just get over it

  • Adeline

    The Original Version was a hit in France, it really reflects the relationship between a teenage girl and her mother and the french teenage life. The American version of this movie really looks like the french one, for example the moment when they are late at school and they say “Well you’re gonna laugh – and the answer of the head teacher”, it’s just a translation from the french movie, everything is exactly the same, I thought the producer, Liza Azuelos, who made the french version too, would change some things. I just hope people would like it but I would have prefered them to see the french version, to see how french are, because we always see american teen movie and we’re just fed up of this. I hope the french touch in the American version will make the difference :)

  • a


  • Jolie

    it doesn’t look god but I’ll watch it for Miley and Adam Sevani

  • Alissa

    I watched the scene at 0:20 being filmed! It was filmed at my school. And I think the locker room scene at the end was filmed there, too… according to my friend’s dad who is a football coach there they left bras and underwear in the locker room, haha.

  • Warren

    Well this is a sure sign the movie is finally coming out. Wonder if they waited for Miley to get older so peeps wouldn’t have a cow? Wonder if they really deleted Miley’s reported pot scene and if it will be on the DVD even if not the movie at theaters?

  • Marielle

    So the story line isn’t that original, whatever story lines repeat themselves all the time. I’m still gonna go see it. And why do people comment on stuff just to say that you won’t go see it. It’s just a call for attention and it’s immature. Grow up. Just because you’re at hope safe from no repercussions because you are faceless doesn’t mean you aren’t sh it talking another human being.

  • jen

    hopefully it’ll work out

  • chantal

    cant wait to watch this. i’ve been waiting for this movie for ages!!!!
    but i think no matter how good this movie is, it will never beat the original oneeeee.

  • http://www.twitter/ wen

    i cant wait!!! to watch it love miley so muchhhhhhhhhhh

  • Renée

    SAME AS FRENCH :) Why they do an other?

  • amber

    Well… this movie looks really dumb.