Ashley Tisdale: Tangerine Tango!

Ashley Tisdale: Tangerine Tango!

Ashley Tisdale pulls a few pieces from the racks during a trip to the Planet Blue boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (January 10).

The 26-year-old actress held on to a few cute pieces with Pantone’s new color of the year — Tangerine Tango.

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Ashley had been hanging out with gal pal Julianne Hough recently.

“Why when I’m with @juliannehough I eat bad lol…. I was doing so well today. Now movie time,” Ash tweeted.

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  • http://dexterjay5 A to z

    Love her fashion !!! Go love

  • Irene

    I’m not a hater, but I’m not a fan either. I love her fashion style and here ends my “will to follow” her moves… but… does she ever do anything apart from going to one salon to get her hair (color) done, then going to another salon to get her extensions on, then going to the gym, planet blue, chanel… then going to the second salon again to get her extensions off (although in less than a week she’ll have them on again so she can have the mr. lecompte take them off again in another couple of days) and repeat the shopping trip again adding some coffee bean and a salon to get her nails done?

    kinda predictable by now :S

    I’d like to see less ashley but because she’s hanging with her friends and family, and doing things other than the ones I’ve already mentioned than to see pics of the girl doing always the same things (mainly spending money without control and with things she doesn’t even need). it’s her money and she has the right to spend it in the way she wants, of course…and I’d love to have her money so I could be able to buy me a chanel bag, for example – not 3 almost identical like she has, but you can’t proclame in your twitter “hoping my tweets inspire you” when what you do day after day is something lots of people dream about but neither can’t have. by now she has a planet blue store in her closet for sure :S

    like that interview the other day talking about her designer bags… she should be humbler with these things. like I’ve said, it’s her money and she has the right to do whatever she wants (and of course I don’t forget that she’s not the only celeb who does it, but I’m in one of her posts and because I like her fashion style I “follow her” and I can talk knowing what I’m talking about) but if only she actually paid attention to what she says (or how she says it), she wouldn’t have so many detractors because she would just be another celeb.

    other than that, loving her style and wishing her the best :)

  • meghan

    @Irene: I’m a huge fan of hers, always have been. I see your point. I really want her to work more, I mean it’s not as if she couldn’t make another album or be chosen for a movie. I just don’t think she’s auditioning for some reason which is so sad because she is so talented. I think maybe she’s just taking some time off and also you gotta remember she still goes to meeting for her production company…

  • A

    ashley i miss u come back to the big screen! or hv another album plz!!! btw i love ur style

  • irene

    @meghan: I don’t doubt about what her company does. I assume it’s getting into the business and working on differents projects…

    and I’m not talking about ashley working more as in doing movies, albums… what I meant is that I’d like, for once, to see the girl doing different things that don’t include shopping, gym and salon.

    and… excuse me but, time off? hellcats ended months ago and since then she hasn’t done anything. of course there are off-camera things, like what she does with her company, but she hasn’t done anything more…and that’s what bothers me. she’s spoken about a photoshoot if I’m not mistaken… but one that we haven’t seen it yet, by the way, to say one example.

    coffee with friends, going to the beach with her friends/boyfriend, going to dinner/the movies… what a normal girl does! shopping every day, going to the salon 3-4 times per week (almost every week)… ugh, are things not a normal girl does, you know what I mean? like I’ve said, it’s her money, and kudos to her for having that amount of money not being 30 years old, but there are more things other than shopping, salon, gym and more shopping.

    to be honest, the thing that bothers me the most is the ridiculous phrase on her twitter: “hoping my tweets inspire you” when all we see are things we only can dream of.

    humility is the key word… and ashley still has to learn about it, in my humble opinion and without this meaning an attack. I respect her, but there are times when she sounds like a total spoiled girl, impression that gets worse when she “uses” her twitter to say where she is/is going/is doing as if she wanted the paps after her so she can then put a bad face as if they were annoying her (she’s told publicly where she was.. does she really think paps are not going to take advantage of that info? – you know what I mean?)

    oh well, excuse the long speech… didn’t mean to! :S

    oh, and I’m trying to be as respectful as my knowledge of english allows me cuz english is my second language and it’s hard to put into english words (the right ones) what my spanish brain thinks… LOL


  • kelly

    ugh, i really im tired of this same routine every other day of the week. for once i would actually like to see some film work, photoshoot, music, something.. anything of the sort. HEY maybe she will record a song with her new bf on his upcoming album, that could be good for her. the wheels are already spinning in my head at the prospect. lol

  • kelly

    also go back to brunette Ash pleaseee ur ruining ur hair.

  • Nat

    bored of this whole gym, salon, shopping thing. really losing interest in her now tbh

  • http://Dexterjay5 A to z

    She can rock an all black!!!! Now that’s beautiful!!! But I hope she can work on movie more!!! She is sexy, fanny, and all more hope 4 Ashley!!!