Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson 'Journey' To Melbourne

Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson 'Journey' To Melbourne

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson hit the red carpet at the premiere of their new film, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island held at Village Cinemas Jam Factory on Sunday afternoon (January 15) in Melbourne, Australia.

Just before the premiere, the two and their team headed to the Melbourne Aquarium, where Vanessa, 23, ran into more penguins.

“Too much fun with Hutch and the gang at the Melbourne aquarium yesterday :)” she posted on her official site.

Vanessa was also seen out getting some shopping in — she stopped at Sass n’ Bide, Green With Envy, and more shops.

FYI: Vanessa wore Zaeem Jamal‘s ‘Uriel’ silk chiffon one-shoulder cocktail dress.

25+ pics inside…

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Credit: Graham Denholm; Photos: Getty
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  • ashley

    loving the dress!

  • rach

    lovely pics…. cant wait for more premieres…. does anyone know of any interviews/tv appearances they are doing for promo??

  • Zyonna

    the long hair makes her lose like 5 years off her actual age!

  • Diamond

    SOOO BEAUTIFUL ♥ I love her dress , and those shoes are sooo cute ! Josh looks great too , loved the cute pictures of him and V , their friendship is amazing : ) Also I read and saw all the tweets and pics from the premiere on Twitter , EVERYONE said Vanessa was SO sweet and friendly and looked extremely beautiful : ) Wish I was there ! Can’t wait till this movie premieres in the States !

  • claud

    ohh GORGEOUS!

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    New look for V and still very gorgeous!josh and Van,you’re so cute!!!

  • ehryle

    Nothing to say but Oh em GORGEOUS!!!

  • sam

    Yay vanessa s old look is back , taller hair she lost some wieght aparently , i read she and austin are moving in together is that true ?

  • claud

    <33 cute.

  • maria

    Yeah! Lovely Vanessa pics, not of the seedy pap variety invading her personal life! She looks gorgeous, and I just love the whole look! She actually looks the part of Kailani; like a true “island beauty”. And you can always see the fun friendship these two have. She always develops such close friendships with the people she works with, from Ashley and the HSM crew, to Gaelan, to the Sucker Punch girls, to NPH, to Josh. I think that speaks volumes. She doesn’t just talk it up when it’s time for promo, she actually stays friends with them. That’s the kind of girl she is.

  • babyvlover

    I love her so much!!!! Gosh, she loos gorgeous. She’s glowing!!! I love her personality. V is such a good person. I bet people love having her around. And I love to see how close she is with Josh. Totally cute pix of them.

  • susan

    Lea Michele has replaced Vanessa as Candies spokesperson!

  • Haters Suck!

    She looks so beautiful and it looks like she’s having a great time. And I agree with you Maria Vanessa personality just seems to mix will with others and just makes her a fun person to be around. She shows lots of support to her co stars Even after their projects together are done as well and that’s an admirable trait, I always liked her loyalty to people.

  • ROXY

    Nessa looks SO beautiful! and Josh so handsome :) love them together, they’re just so cute and so lovely. I hope they’re having a great time in Australia. i am so excited for Journey 2, dsefinitely looking forward to see these great actors.

  • Jazmin


  • muse

    She is so beautiful as a person and actress. I really do admire her, not just coz she’s talented but her strength for overcoming a lot of public heartaches, her charisma, her wittyness, her playfullness, shes just an amazing person, and Im always going to support her no matter what.

    Love her and Josh together, honeslty wish I could see her in Sydney, but I’ll be flying to QLD :(

    But I do plan to still see it ;)

  • jen

    she looks great! :)

  • troian

    V is sooo definition of Gorgeous like duh bitches

  • troian

    hello fans V is sooo definition of Gorgeous like duh bitches

  • troian

    f*cking beutiful b*tch i want your heart and soul


    I love her dress, and love her hair, she is looking like the old vanessa, beautiful, i am happy for her and josh, she is so happy, to be there, both her and josh are so playful with each other, the are having a great time, josh has another movie comming out next month, Hunger Games, he is doing well.

  • pit

    she looks gorgeous. I like how they appeared to coordinate their outfits not only with each other but with the Movie Poster! Can’t wait for the movie to come out only a few more weeks here.

  • Deb

    I wonder why Austin isn’t there to support her like a good boyfriend is supposed to do. Shame on him.

  • Xo

    @Deb: Because, like her, he has a life outside of their relationship and has work to do. Idk if he’s still filming SAB but he does have his own series coming up. He can’t just follow her around everywhere.

  • Haters Suck!

    are we going to hav the same fight on both websites? I left you a response to your latest question on the jj post go check.

  • bella

    awww Josh looks gorgeous as always…

  • Emma

    I saw a photo of Austin being with Ashley at her home on the day of her deaprture to Austrailia

    I’m just curious about why he is with her at her home

    He is cheating on her, and a bad man

    If she is not in L. A., he would be see other girls or something in secret

    if Austin is in LA. I bet he’s going to be hanging around with Ashley while Vanessa is gone. like old times

    She should jilt him immediately and find someone nice!!!
    I think It would be better if she dates with Josh!!!!

  • veritas

    Wow V looks so beautiful and cute.
    It’s just me or she looks like an indi princess, so exotic beauty she has.
    Love her!!!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She is so beautiful!!!!!iso many fans that went there took pictures with Vanessa!!!!!they post on twitter!WTF!? I am freaking jealous!!!!!!!

  • yets

    she looks good.

  • maria

    @Emma: Please stop with posting that everywhere. Everyone knows they are good friends, and have been for a long time. She also has a new BF. Now if I see her frolicking and canoodling with him in just a bathing suit, then I’d say it’s grounds to dump him. But they do hang out, go to the gym, and that’s fine for friends to do.

  • LoveNessa

    Oh wow. Did you guys see this interview on Astralian Today show? Josh admits that they used to date.
    Interviewer:  How long have you two been going out?
    Josh:  We’re not.  We were at one point, but she broke my heart.  Just kidding.  No, that was a while ago.  We’re just really good friends now.


    It showed me vanessa still kept her relationship private, i think A, is a bad influence on her, he belives anything go’s. by the way all over the internet, is saying Austin amits to be cheating with kim, her friend, lol,i always believe anyway this realtionship was not going to last long.but that is hollywood for you, nothing lasts.

  • Chanon

    Vanessa looks beautiful and Josh looks handsome!

  • andrea

    @BARBARA: kim hidalgo, has a boyfriend since like 3 years ago.. she wouldn’t cheat on him with austin, they are all friends..

  • lala

    Peeta looks lovely

  • maria

    @BARBARA: Why do you insist on believing the lies of strangers on the internet??? It’s very sad that you do. You don’t know Austin, nor do those people on the internet. You’re ready to accuse him of cheating, with no proof, yet you had pics of Zac with his face in Ashley’s boobs and her crotch in his neck, yet you didn’t think there was cheating there? I just don’t get what you’re trying to prove. Vanessa is a big girl, and can decide for herself if she is being wronged by Austin.

  • maria

    @LoveNessa: Know what? I don’t think it”s a big deal. We never really knew anything, other than they spent some time together in the late spring. Whatever it was didn’t last long, so we just figured it was nothing. Ok, so it was something. I don’t think it changes anything.

  • V Gone? HA She’s Still Here!

    I swear to God she resembles a Princess. Josh looks older in a suit in a good way.

  • LoveNessa

    Well, it could mean something because if they actually were dating, then they may have gotten together during filming. That means that she was cheating with Josh, which is what I had read.

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