Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Hit the Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Hit the Beach!

Vanessa Hudgens watches her shirtless beau Austin Butler paddleboard in the ocean on Friday (January 20) in Hawaii.

The 23-year-old Journey 2: The Mysterious Island actress and her guy spent the day on the beach, ate some lunch together, and sunbathed. Also spotted paddleboarding in the water was Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa‘s Journey 2 co-star.

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The day before, Vanessa and Austin were spotted kissing and having fun in the ocean!

“I like surfing but don’t like the water soooo this is my version. Dryplaygroundsurfing. Skills.” Vanessa wrote on her blog, along with a picture of herself surfing on land!

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler paddleboard 10

Credit: Zeus/Appollo; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • yets

    gosh…. josh and Austin together
    now where is Zac.

  • sky10

    Look at that!Vanessa is realy beautiful and Josh is cute too.

  • zanessafan

    Aww look at that! Austin and Josh, both rumored to be Vanessa’s boyfriend, are together. HAHAHAHAH.. :D

    But still, ZANESSA is the best. ??

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    @yets: Hahahahah u r funny!!!now where is Zac????!!!!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    It is nice to see Vanessa austin and Josh getting along and enjoying themselves it’s fun to see. Also saw The Rock is on the island aswell. Now that’s the pic I want one with Vanessa and The rock two of my all time favorite people. That makes Vanessa part of Team Bring It. Boots to asses baby.

  • babyvlover

    Her dress looks beautiful and I love the new extentions. She just gotta match the hair colors. I love that all of them getting a long so well.

  • gummybear

    She looks stunning Austin is one hell of a lucky guy he better be greatful for having a girl with that body

  • hermaione

    seeing this the latest pics of v and austin in hawai i realize that they don’t have a clue what love really means…sometimes i feel sorry for v don’t get me wrong she’s terrific person i have never doubt about it but i think she always had the freedom to do whatever she wants and “being yourself ” that’s what she said in one of her latest interview on journey promo.. yes i agree with that but based in my personal experience i’ll dare to say that freedom to do whatever you want no matter what the people think isn’t that amazing if you don’t put limits at some point when i was younger i felt alone even when i had a boyfriend and family i felt empty. sometimes i wonder why vanessa decided to do yoga and why she has the need to be loved by someone i’m just guessing maybe she’s hiding something but you’ll never know

  • babyvlover

    @hermaione: what a bullshit. Why she should be hiding something because she has a boyfriend?? Half of the people on earth would be “hiding” something. And what the hell has yoga to do with it???? Almost every woman does yoga. Gosh I’ve never heard such crap.
    V is a sophisticated person who works really hard and did some amazing work last year and she has a new boyfriend now with whom she likes to spend time with and they are doing normal couple things, just with the difference that they getting pictured. But she stays true to herself because she doesn’t mind that. She would hide something (Austin and her love for him) when she would avoid kissing him because she is a afraid a pap is behind the next corner.
    Was she hiding somethin in the 5 years she was with Zac? Nope! I bet you are hiding something! Stop talking such shit.


    HERMAIONE, I agree, actors are insure, alot of them are, Vanessa said last year, she does not need a man, to make her happy, i think she does, you don” have a reltionship, for 5+ years, and not feel it, you share your life that long, i”ve seen it time and again, they jump into other relatetionship, you get lonely, first after zac, then shortley josh, then it is austin, some people have to be loved, her and ashley t, have to have a man in there life, i really believe this relationship, is going to last, this is no true love, they are sexualy attracted to each other, that is want they base it on, which will never last.

  • Katty

    Look at that guys….another Austin/Vanessa update with no PDA. We should all aplaud.

  • Haters Suck!

    I completley agree with you. I’m sorry hermaione you are a nice person i’ve seen you commenting here a lot but that comment was complete crap.
    again you’ve never even given this relationship or Austin a chance. Would it make you feel better if Austin went to a strip club or stuck his tounge in another girls mouth. If this relationship lasts it lasts if I doesn’t oh well. But if it doesn’t Vanessa is never going to go back to the person you want her t be with. One of these days you’re going to have to accept that.

  • babyvlover

    @Haters Suck!: Thanks and I can just agree to you, too. I’m sick off the people hating on Austin and V.

    When it won’t last, it won’t and when it does, good. It’s Nessa’s decisions and we should support it as her fans. But some of you clearly aren’t. Judging her by her boyfriends. You should judge her by her work and personality.

  • eat me

    @babylover are sure about that we should judge vanessa on her personality? So it’s ok if i say she’s not really beautiful and she’s ugly????

  • eat me

    LOL i’m sure every one will be on fire on my comment hahahhahahaha blame your co-fan baby lover for giving me freedom to say that…. Go ahead burst your frustration on me i don’t care what ever explanation your going to say i’m off…..ciao!

  • Candela

    @eat me:

    i’m agree with U! ;)

  • Maria

    Why can’t Vanessa just DATE Austin, without all this silly speculation if it will last??? You don’t end up with 99.9% of the guys you date, only one. She has not dated other guys since she was 17. Give her a freakin’ break, and let her do what she should be doing……experiencing other men to see what it is she’s looking for.

  • ProudLesbian!

    Oh my goodness she looks HOOTT!

  • hermaione

    @babyvlover: chill out girl.. I just made a assumption based on my situation that is not necessarily applied to Vanessa i already know that we’re different kind of people with different ideas or feelings or whatever.
    Well at least @BARBARA: can understand my point of view than maybe is crap but it was real for me .

  • hermaione

    @babyvlover: chill out girl.. I just made a assumption based on my situation that is not necessarily applied to Vanessa i already know that we’re different kind of people with different ideas or feelings or whatever.
    Well at least @BARBARA: can understand my point of view than maybe is crap for some of you but it was real for me .

  • lei

    wow Austin is Hot!!!

  • Tsquared

    Doesn’t this guy ever work? Seems like Austin spends a lot of time following V around. I like her chemistry with Josh, wished they’d give it a go, they just seem so compatible!

  • Lilly

    I don’t know if Vanessa is hiding anything, but you appear to be hiding periods. Perhaps you could look for some before your next 800+ character post.

  • VanFav

    That is so shallow. There’s more to Vanessa than her body.

  • e

    Vanessa looks great and I saw that she will be on Jay Leno Show Fabruary 1:

    Wednesday, February 1 – Guests include Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, The Woman in Black), Vanessa Hudgens and musical guest Evanescence

    Dan, Vanessa and Evanescence, what a fantastic line-up, can’t wait to see that one.

  • babyvlover

    Oh my god, that’s just ridiculous. Some people just DON’T WANT to understand what I mean. But whatever, I don’t care. I love Vanessa and I will support her and it doesn’t matter to me with whom she’s together, as long as she’s happy.
    And to eat me: Go to hell. That’s it.

  • iphone 6

    I don’t like Vanessa with Austin. I like Vanessa with Zac Efron. I love Zanessa.

  • zanessagaily

    They’re far enough were if a break up happens, I’ll cry. Not like Zanessa cry, just cry like: WHYY!!??

  • londonlipton

    @Haters Suck!:
    I think maybe hermiaone worded the comment wrong. You telling them their opinion was crap is uncalled for.

    I think that maybe they were trying to say that sometimes V comes across as an insecure lonely person. This is not a negative thing it’s just an observation.

    V went to a yoga a retreat on her own, she has stated in interviews she has this big house but barricades herself in her bedroom when she is home alone as she does not like being on her own.

    It’s not a bad thing. That is why she constantly spends time with her BF,fam and friends when she is not working. She likes the the company of others and seems happier when she is in a big group of people rather than on her own.

    There is nothing wrong with this. Nor is there anything wrong with V’s BF coming on a work thing with her. If it makes her feel more comfortable and relaxed then what’s the big deal.

  • Christine


    So the fact that she lives alone, went to a yoga retreat by herself and often travels without her friends and family means she’s insecure? Really? Does that actually make sense to you?

    God, you people have transitioned from annoying to just plain stupid. How about you quit projecting your issues onto Vanessa and focus on improving your own life. Because she seems pretty happy with hers.

  • telle

    hush hush peopleˇˇˇ let vanessa enjoy

  • http://facebook me

    guys are you crazy you don’t anything about her i am fucking tired of you acting like you know everything about her what happened to you. stop acting like vanessa did kill some person she is dating a guy you don’t know if it’s her last love . zac and vanessa are not the same person you have to see them seperate once on your life they didnt change they just broke up and grown up. you have to accept that she is dating Austin she is smiling and that makes me happy i dont care who make her happy i care about her happiness just let her live her life for one second without judging eveything she does . she is a fucking person i am fucking tired of this drama i feel really sorry for her the last five years everybody judge her . can you live your life and dont care about what vanessa is doing on her fucking personal life i only care about her happiness and movies i am over it screw yourself i am tired of stupid people analysing every move she is doing every world she is saying let her if she fuck up its her problem at the end of the day its her life she can date who she want she is going to do what she wants and good for her . let her for once in her fucking life. and she looks happy on these pics and austin has a really good body . i love her she is so fucking beautiful here

  • VanFan
  • maria

    @VanFan: Sorry, I don’t see what the big deal is. Every girl who wears a bikini can have a close call. I think we’ve seen enough pics from Hawaii.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Aw, Josh aways seems to be the third wheel.