Miley Cyrus: 'You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' Video!

Miley Cyrus: 'You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' Video!

Miley Cyrus gives Bob Dylan‘s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” a new feel in this brand-new video.

The 19-year-old musician takes over an abandoned home with her band for the tune, which is featured on the Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International album.

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All proceeds from the sale of the album, will be donated to Amnesty International, which is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s cover?

Miley Cyrus – “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”

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  • LAN

    Love it! Her voice is beautiful on this and she looks so flawless. It doesn’t say where can we buy it.

  • Marielle

    I’m young and not gonna pretend to know the original version but I really like this song. Miley knows how to present a younger generation with music of the past. That’s a good thing.

  • Tia

    Great Song Miley. Well done.

  • Drew

    absolutely amazing :3

  • shaun

    she such amazing singer, the song came out beautiful

  • trent

    ok the song is good like it very good i hope she doesn’t do more pop please don’t we got enough with bieby and lovato and and that aussie douche and the jo bros and lesbo gaga and bruno mars please miley do something new and different.

  • anybody?anybody?

    Wow, her voice sounds really deep. If I had just heard this anywhere without being told who sang it, Miley wouldn’t have been my first guess. Hate the song, though.

  • carol

    I HATE IT, as everything miley does.

  • Bob Simpson

    Okay just watched the video and I must say wow that was painful. Miley you absolutely suck. You are ugly and u ruined that song. You have a very ugly voice and you have no talent. The only reason you are famous is because your dad had one hit song years ago. You cant even write new songs, you have to steal other peoples classics and ruin them. Now on to the video, that was such a boring piece of s h i t. waste on my precious life that I will never get back. Enjoy the time you have left Cyrus because your 15 minutes are quickly coming to an end. And do us a favor and take your ugly, small boob pushing up, wrist cutting friend, demi with you

  • Warren

    Oh, I Love Miley’s beautiful voice and I will buy this. She should have sang it slower though to make it more sad.

  • Warren

    @Bob Simpson: Why do you always click on Miley stories if you know you hate her so much. R U just a troll or what? Didn’t Miley sign your CD or something? U know you really love her.

  • javi

    my dad is a fan of bob dylan and he didn’t like this version at all. he heard and said its a shame miley didn’t got billy ray’s talent any one can sing using auto tune. my opinion she need to sing rock or something she’s got a nice voice but this is not good at all.

  • soughtful

    my dad is a huge fan of bob and he loved miley cover for someone so young to do such an amazing cover he said he liked it a lot! she has a beautiful voice nice and raspy! great for singing country!

  • amy

    @Bob Simpson:

    You are REALLY PATHETIC! Why don’t you go to a site where you do like the person.

    EVERY review I have read is STELLAR and even people who did not like MIley or her music REALLY LOVED her cover of this Dylan song & have said she has a great voice & an amazing future.

    Love it and I will buy this cd when it comes out BECAUSE of Miley!!!

  • Sandi

    I am a fan of Bob Dylan and have you ever heard his voice? He’s an excellent songwriter, but his voice is a little rusty. She surprised me and did a GREAT job. I plan on buying this and any other of the covers that are this good from the compilation.

  • Chelsea

    @Bob Simpson: If you don’t like Miley, WHY WATCH HER VIDEO? And she writes the majority of the songs she does, this is an exception, because a TON of artists are compiling an album of Bob Dylan songs for charity. The video was kind of boring, but it doesn’t need to be like Gaga and over the top, this song is about the music, not the video. And her fifteen minutes? I’m pretty sure she’s been extremely famous for 4-5 years, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down so, nice try!

  • jen

    sounds good :)

  • alicia

    Haters make a her famous!!!!!!! :) she’s a good role model !!!! Selena back off……. it is Miley 2012!!!!!!

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    love itttt !!muah miley soo good

  • Macey

    @Bob Simpson: Lol you make me laugh you are soo pathetic.

  • Bob Simpson
  • The freak

    I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan by any means, but this was pretty darn good. But maybe that’s just because I’m a Bob Dylan fan. ;) Regardless, it sounds pretty good with a woman’s voice to the song, gives a whole new aspect to the song and sounded great. Very well done.

  • jeff

    @Bob Simpson: aarree yyoouu lliikkee wwatt 88 tteeeennss ppaarrttyy lliieekk tthhaatt sshhee jjssuutt aaffaammoouuss oonnee ii bbeett yyoouurr mmoomm eeaattss ddiicckk ccaakkee ttoooo

  • chanel

    Okay this is beautiful.

  • Marielle

    @Bob Simpson: Yep, Miley totally didn’t sign your CD. That’s the only explanation to your bitterness. Sweetie, she has a lot of fans who want autographs and I’m sure she’s sorry she missed you. No human being becomes that cruel unless they’ve been hurt. You are lashing out for some untold reason and you’re just being hateful and it ain’t classy. The quote “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” comes to mind. May I suggest a therapist?

  • Michael

    After listening to this song, I’m going to tell you the truth- this is exactly what we expect from Miley Cyrus, after leaving Disney. What better way to begin her impending country music comeback than covering Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”. BTW, she’s no longer in the same class with her pals, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, because both Demi and Selena are R&B singers, Miley is really a country singer. After Bob Dylan’s tribute album, Miley is preparing her first country album for release, especially now that Disney isn’t holding her back, anymore. This is her true musical element. That’ll be one of the stories of 2012- Miley Cyrus’ country music comeback. Her Disney days are behind her. Her next album should be out, later this year and it’ll be a country album. Most of her fans have actually been urging her to return to country. Well, she’s answering then, right now. Personally, I like Miley, but she really belongs in country music. Now, for all of you haters and trolls who continue to waste time looking for excuses to tear her down, you need to GET A LIFE!!!

  • ryan

    grow up if you hate her dont read the article, you must be like 5.

  • http://@lovequeenmiley Athena

    She has changed!! SO BEAUTIFUL VOICE like an agel comes from heaven. Miley, I will always love u!?

  • Florencia

    I love it!

  • ken


    @LAN I got Miley’s cut from a 2-CD album issued from Amnesty International. I actually downloaded the mp3 collection; it cost about $20 and was well worth it. Go to Amnesty International’s website and look for “Chimes of Freedom” (that’s the name of the album).


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