Lucas Grabeel & Drew Seeley: 'I Kissed A Vampire' Trailer!

Lucas Grabeel & Drew Seeley: 'I Kissed A Vampire' Trailer!

Drew Seeley tries to take Lucas Grabeel under his wing in the brand new theatrical trailer for I Kissed A Vampire.

The rock musical’s summary: Haunted by bizarre dreams about Goth rocker Trey Sylvania (Seeley), and experiencing a growing lust for blood, Dylan (Grabeel), a not-so-average teenager finds himself transforming into a vampire! It all started when he was bitten by a voracious fanged exchange student, and it’s a process he is desperate to stop – but how?

His demented dentist can’t do anything about Dylan’s aching teeth and emerging fangs, and the anti-bloodsucking pills he gets from his para-psychologist just give him a rash. Dylan is terrified and he doesn’t know what to do – especially about his beautiful girlfriend Sara (Adrian Slade).

A release date is coming soon!

‘I Kissed A Vampire’ Trailer
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  • Kated

    I like Lucas and Drew, but his musical movie looks like hopeless. I knew about this about year or more ago, but did’t see daylight…why? they could’t find sponsor or producer?

    Sorry, but form me it looks like s**t.

  • ….

    can’t wait for it

  • kkkl

    kated, thanks for opinion. now, onto the business: HDIUFHSIOJFPSHFOAHFDGWI I CAAAAN’T WAIT! When this comes available to my country I will be the first one to buy it! Ahh finally

  • br

    kated! the movie could be cool! because it is a musical, everything is exaggerated and outside the context of reality. what matters is that Lucas and Drew (High School Musical) returned to sing again for us! =D can’t wait!

  • br

    if in twilight the vampires sparkle, don’t have fangs and can have children, why in I kissed a vampire they can’t have your own context?

  • Florencia

    Drew Seeley & Lucas Grabeel together = my dream team. Most talented from High School Musical. Love them!