Austin Butler: 'Sometimes The Best Dates Are Spontaneous Adventures'

Austin Butler: 'Sometimes The Best Dates Are Spontaneous Adventures'

Austin Butler smiles off in the distance at something in this new shot from Troix magazine.

The 20-year-old actor opened up to the mag about playing Wilke on Switched at Birth, the best kind of dates and his music plans. Check it:

On his side singing career: “I sing for fun, but acting is my first priority at the moment. I love to play, [but] currently I don’t have to any plans to produce an album, but who knows what the future holds.”

On his SAB character, Wilke: “Wilke is such a carefree guy for the most part. He just goes with the flow. I’ve been doing that a lot more lately in my personal life. Life’s so much more fun when you accept that it’s all about the experiences.”

On one of the perfect dates he’s been on: “Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous adventures. I’ve had a lot of great dates, but one that sticks out in my mind started out as what was supposed to be a tame night going to a house party with this girl. We ended up being bored by the party, so we left and took two guitars and skateboards and skated around the USC campus for a while, which is beautiful at night, then played guitar for two hours on this grassy knoll. After that we weren’t tired so we went to this 24 hour diner by the beach where we ate and decided to go swimming afterward. Then we walked down to the beach, swam in the ocean, and then sat in the sand and talked until the sun came up. It was a nice night.”

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Photos: Lesley Bryce
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  • annii

    he is really good looking!

  • Marie

    who is him? is he famous?

  • whatever

    He is very cute, and unique. He doesn’t look like a typical Hollywood pretty boy being shoved down our throats. He seems so down to earth.

  • Sunny

    He’s hideous

  • annii

    he is so down to earth!

  • Boji

    Yep, a good looking young man, grounded and knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life just like his gf. He echoes the same sentiments as her, ie. be spontaneous.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t give a crap what them crazy as hell zanessa fans think this is a good guy. Hasn’t given me a reason to think he’s not and he seems to care for Vanessa. It’s been a fun ride so far may it continue to last however long it lasts.

  • lei

    good looking guy.
    is it Vanessa is he talking about?

  • Katie

    Good looking? Oh please, I’ve seen water buffaloes that are less repulsing.

  • elendur

    I like this guy and he makes Vanessa happy.I wonder if he’s talking about one of their dates?
    One thing I do miss is Vanessa with her BFF Laura New.

  • hudgens addicted

    idk, but, for me it looks like he’s gay… I have this feeling in my heart and, I mean, I love Vanessa to death, but I feel that this guy will come out of the closet pretty soon.

  • yolo.

    my nans better looking than him..

  • Xo

    @elendur: There’s a pic of them at dinner from a week ago.

  • Hiago

    He’s so…boring! WHO IS AUSTIN? NO-BO-DY!

  • Enna

    He looks like a young Brad Pitt and Chord (of Glee) in these photos. He looks better up close

  • roxy

    Oh Austin! I barely know him, he’s a cute :). I am not a fat but I seen the way he’s around people, especially when it comes to Vanessa. Its ridiculous how he gest hate for that. All I seen is how gentleman he is and how he cares about her. He obviously makes her happy, she’s smiling every time she’s with him and I like that. I love Vanessa and I support her happiness. I think the date he’s talking about is with Vanessa…that describes the adventurer her :p anyway is good to get to know him more, he seens normal and humble. Hope we get to see more.
    Xo- where’s the pic?

  • Zyonna

    sorry i dont mean to sound harsh but i think he is only on here because he’s sleeping with a celebrity just think about it, he was never on here before!

  • ROXY

    Austin is slowly starting his career as an actor,,,yes he is an ACTOR. For those of you know dont know yet…go google him. He’s been in tv shows..etc He has also been here before on jjr for his recently show Switched at birth and that was way before he started dating Vanessa. He eventually was gonna be a post here because his show is doing so good….so what if he’s dating Vanessa? her choice, her decision, her happiness….is there a problem with that? it is really sad that people cant accept the fact that she in happily in love with him and that she’s moved on from her ex. People need to realize that its her life not yours, she’s an adult now. Her past is gone and she is simply enjoying her present like any other person. Before you judge someone get to know that person better. I am a Vanessa fan and all i’ve seen is that smile he puts on her and that is all i care about . And yi as Vanessa clearly said, her own words: “You Cant Care With What People Are Thinkin Or Talking About You! Austin Makes Me Happy And This is Everything For me” > Vanessa Hudgens. Together or not he is an actor and this is Jared’s web site, any actor he wants to post deserves to be here. Respect him as a human, person, actor and the man Vanessa chose to be her boyfriend. Peace :)

  • jen

    he’s good looking and he seems like a nice guy :)

  • journey2

    thats actually really funny, cuz in a recent interview vanessa was asked to describe what a perfect date would be like, and she said the same thing as austin: spontaneous.

  • annii
  • annii


  • annii

    are you serious? hater…

  • annii

    there one pic from las week when Vanessa was 2 days in LA

  • annii

    ik, is like when vanessa was with her ex, all his crazy fans always were hating on her, thank god she is free and happy now!

  • annii

    THeres tons of post about him here…

  • annii

    <333 thank you

  • annii

    he is!!

  • http://facebook me

    lets not talk about vanessa its Austins article but i like him he is cute not my type at the outside but i dont see the bad guy that some stupid girl’s say and he is funny too

  • Valerie

    Woah I can’t believe how some people actually waste their rime bashing on someone online just because of someone else. GET A LIFE PLEASE! He is so sexy and I am so happy he is starting to get recognized more absolutely love him in SAB!

  • eat me

    now he got all vanessa’s supporters does he have he’s own fan before he dated vanessa? this time your so nice to him cuz he make vanessa smile he was a good guy etc.etc..i wonder what your going to say whenthe time this two are over i couldn’t imagine…. he’ll be an a-hole a douche bag and all this critisism your throwing to him poor guy he dated a woman with so many judgemental fans…. I wonder if he have a loyal fan to support him when this two are over tsk tsk tsk…just saying!!!! But i agree with you all he seem’s a nice and down to earth and have a nice future ahead…. I’m starting to like him though this interview really show him who he is so i’ll give my respect to this guy he doesn’t deserve all this judgement…

  • maria

    @eat me: He “deserves to have a private life wihout all this criticism”. Why don’t you practice what YOU preach with pretty boy?? You don’t with Vanessa, and now you have to be rude here. People WERE talking about Austin, and however he gains new fans is good. No need for you to “worry”.

  • http://facebook me

    eat me do you have life you tell that vanessas fans are judging all the time you are doing the same fucking thing with her fans , you are to stupid girl shut you hate vanessa we get it you have to be here everyday do something all the time you are talking about vanessa and her fans or zac and that you are not his fan but you defend him shut up your fucking this is noy about vanessa and zac this is about Austin if you want to know i never liked him no hate him but never liked him so i now i dont even give a shit about himbye looser;)

  • Ha ha

    I have a complaint to Jared. I’ve sent emails about Vanessa’s magazine covers, some other photo calls, and premieres. For some reason, they are not being posted. Are the workers of Just Jared haters of Vanessa? I noticed their post are always condescending about Vanessa or about Austin. You all barely post about her career. Why? If this continues, her fans should boycott this website. I hope you treat all guests the same and start to give Vanessa the respect that she deserves.

    Please start posingt more on her career and less about her personal life. I’ve been vising this site for years and recently, its been disappointing due to the lack of professional post on Vanessa Hudgens career. I like to see beautiful pictures of her photocalls and read quotes from her magazine articles….not pictures of her kissing her boyfriend and walking down the street all the time. I hope this is not done deliberately.

    I hope this will change. I’m sure the mods and managers of this site are not immature haters but professionals who strive to please everyone who visit here.


  • eat me

    truth really hurt i know!!


    I”ve heard him sing, on utube, and it was awful, he really can’t sing, i had to lol.he needs to keep his acting job, he can play, the guitar, but sing no, he sounds like he is tone dealth.

  • lils

    uhm, isnt it pretty obvious that now since hes dating vanessa hudgens he gets in here ? if hes such an famous actor, where are the previous articles ?

  • yolo.

    if we’re all being honest, no media sites bothered to post about him before he was seen dating Vanessa Hudgens, now they can’t get enough of him.

  • Nicole

    I actually really like his voice. He just sang a song on “Are You There, Chelsea?” show. The song was called “I Just Want Dee Dee” Just google that title and you’ll find the video clip. I love it!!

    Haha. He’s NOT tone “dealth” !

  • maria

    @eat me: You don’t know anything about the truth. You’re spouting your narrow minded opinion, not the truth.

  • Boji

    @ eat me, with a moniker like yours, how do you expect anyone to believe you. You come on to Vanessa’s,josh’s and now austin’s thread and spout utter nonsense. Your perception of truth lies in your deranged mind.
    Barbara, I think you must be the tone deaf one, saw him in his latest tv appearance and I must say he sings as well as the glee cast.

  • Nicole

    He’s actually got a pretty good voice. He just sang on a show and I thought it was great! You can find video if you google “I Just Want Dee Dee” (that’s the name of the song).