One Direction: iCarly Guest Stars!

One Direction: iCarly Guest Stars!

One Direction pick up their steps as they rush to catch their flight at Heathrow Airport in London on Friday afternoon (January 27).

The guys — Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik — will be guest starring on iCarly!

According to MTV News, “The guys will be on set Monday to tape their appearance on the episode, during which they will play themselves and perform ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’”

In the episode, Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) returns home sick after a trip and discovers that One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on their web show. Not long after arriving, bandmate Harry becomes sick and we see Carly doting over him.

One Direction is also pictured performing at the O2 Arena in Dublin. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: FlynetUK; Photos: FameFlynet, WENN
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  • mari

    any photos of 1D in LA?

  • it’s Just me


  • Maria

    UGH! I don’t like these kids. They shouldn’t perform/guest-star on “iCarly”.

  • mari

    @Maria: if you don’t like them,
    what are you writing here?

  • isa

    OMG can’t wait to see them on icarly! Love them so much!

  • ellie

    just love them so much….
    most of all … HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

  • Noor

    This will be the only time I will be watching iCarly. :)

  • karla

    Just for them I’m gonna watch iCarly :) x

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    i love themmmmm wooooo id!! love u harry:)

  • Courtney

    YES I love iCarly and I love One Direction so this is perfecttt.

  • Ella

    Their episode with iCarly will surely get a very high rating!

  • Fruity

    @Ella that’s exactly what ICARLY wants…!! First they get Michelle Obama and NOW 1D. How the hell did they get them on the stupid show. I used to watch the show when i used to live in Canada and honestly the show is VERY lame there aren’t many funny things in it and i m sorry but Miranda Cosgrove can NOT act, she is relli bad i prefer Jennet better and Miranda sings too (It’s even MORE TERRIBLE). I wz watching her live chat a week ago and she DID mention One Direction she was like “it wld be cool if Harry was watching this, and 1D was on the show” she had the director of the show on the phone and he was like yeaa we wld love to have them and i wz like OMG WTF 1D will be on iCarly. The show just gets all these mega famous celebs to come and gets high ratings coz the show is crap without it whereas VICTORIOUS the show hasn’t had any celebs except KESHA and has done fairly well without it and ACTUALLY has decent acting and their stuff is more funny. AND oh Miranda gets to kiss Harry so it’s going to be even more worse coz fans are going to attack her and him. It’s good publicity for HER that’s what she wants. I m sorry but the show just wants to do ‘good’ in ratings coz it knows its shit without it.

  • Fruity

    Harry will kiss Miranda in this episode and then s*** will go down on twitter. Oh god i’m so sick of this crap. Seriously they HAVE to make MIRANDA eat Harry’s face for her to get better publicity coz they knw she sucks. I’m sorry but she is NOT a good actor or a singer….I actually hate to even say that she is a singer!!!! I do think she is a very humble person coz she seems like a nice person in real life but Miranda your show is not good at all it was good in season1 but it has gone down compare to Victorious this is nothinG
    Do they HAVE to make Harry kiss Miranda for them to get publicity i srsly do not understand how this stupid stuff works. Why do that when u know fans are going to be upset. I literally don’t understand how Miranda Cosgrove get’s every damn guy on the show whereas SAM get’s FREDDIE?! ReallY?! When she is thousand times better actor in real life. I wld just like to say DEAR WRITERS of the show and DIRECTOR please develop a good god damn PLOT for the show and STOP having all these CELEBRITIES to increase your RATINGS and be on the top. It just shows your SHOW is WEAK and is failing. You should not be even doing this and how the hell does iCarly have MORE money then the other Nickolodeon SHOWS?!

  • michelle

    OMG!!!! IM TOTALLY WATCHING THEM ON ICarly :’D i love zayn malik!! <3 hes mine ;D

  • ghostofghetto’spast

    really it’s a win win situation ! more publicity for one direction and more viewers for icarly so yeah that’s business

  • b

    @Fruity i salute you. they just want publicity for the show and for Miranda.

  • zinzin

    I agree with you Fruity. the show isn’t very good. They have had the presidents daughter and also victorious. i mean WHEN DO THEY GIVE UP… i am only watching it for them and i would LOVE it if they were on victorious… although…. then they would have less time to make music so….. I LOVE YOU LIAM!!!!! <3

  • http://siannu SIANNU

    koi pai ingf na loaw]m

  • http://@camiil1D Camila

    Los amoooooo! QUE VENGAN A ARGENTINA!

  • Camilla

    IF THEY KISS… I’m not responsible for what is going to happen to Mirandas face! or any other from iCarly…

    Inspiration from louis:

    THEY’RE MINE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    @Fruity: I totally agree with everything you wrote!!

  •!/jax_crespo Jackie

    @Fruity: I genuinely could not agree more. You just put my thoughts into words, although even though I hate the fact that they are on iCarly of all shows, we still should support them regardless…

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