Josh Hutcherson & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Journey 2' Premiere in Mexico City!

Josh Hutcherson & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Journey 2' Premiere in Mexico City!

Josh Hutcherson flirts with the crowds at the premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island held at Cinemark Reforma 222 on Saturday night (January 28) in Mexico City.

The 19-year-old actor was joined by his cast mates Vanessa Hudgens, Luis Guzman and Dwayne Johnson at the red carpet event.

Josh recently spoke with the NY Post about dating Vanessa for a millisecond: “”We only dated for, literally, like two months.”

“It wasn’t too bad, honestly. For there to be as few injuries as there were is pretty impressive,” he added about the on-set injuries while filming. “I know one time Vanessa was just like goofing off and being silly and, like, walking backwards and almost fell on a rock and cut her leg. Because, she’s silly and goofy and clumsy sometimes.”

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island opens on February 10th.

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Credit: OhPix; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • lol

    Why so late jared?

  • lol

    This was like 3 days ago!!!!

  • lol

    Vanessa looked so gorgeous! Josh too!

  • Ha ha

    She looks lovely. I like how she tries different styles. She takes a lot of risks. Some wins and some losses. Overall, I like how she’s been dressing during her promo.

  • Katty

    I love her dress! It is sooo pretty and is appropriate that she wore it in Mexico…it has such pretty colors!

    This movie is doing well around the world right now and getting good reviews. Hopefully I get to see it.

  • fizz

    what is up with her make up and wig!

  • muse

    Vanessa has an amazing stylr of fashion anf of her life. To me she honestly is a person I respect and look up to. She lives her own life and lives to enjoy it and embrace it. Love her smile :)

    Im also really amazed at how Josh’s and Vanessa’s friendship is still strong and well connected after they dated. You cant say that about a lot of ex’s, and people might say its for show, but when you see interviews with them or pictures, you can see its not fake, That they still respect each other and have that friendship between them still. I really admire them both. For such young people, they really mature and beautiful :)

  • ROXY

    Jared finally posted!!!! they all look amazing together, i love how gorgeous Vanessa is :) great cast, cant wait to see the movie.

  • Chanon

    I love it when JustJaredJr post about Joshnessa! <3

  • eat me

    LOL well well well see i been saying this that they were a couple and your telling me i’m wrong and you guys keep insisting that they are only friend see here’s the proof coming from his mouth that they dated for two moths so who’s saying the truth her now? and what another explanation your going to say again?

  • katie

    i love the patterning of this dress, but its so not flattering

  • Boji

    @eat me, go do your calculations. Two months means they dated after she broke up with her ex. Maria and a couple of others have already provided evidence of that. And what are doing here on Josh’s thread trying to stir up trouble. I believe there’s a Zachary ‘s thread around the corner. Must be pretty dull over there.
    Btw I’m off to see the movie today, yay! Heard it is good.

  • jen

    not the most flattering dress but overall i have loved her promo style :)

  • maria

    @eat me: If you look back, we were not sure about their status during the few months we saw them out and about. Were they or weren’t they a couple, was the big question. It was hard to tell. Then, after just a few months, we didn’t see or hear of them together anymore. July 4th weekend, to be exact. They must have decided they were much better friends than lovers. That happens a lot with people who aren’t sure if what they feel for someone is friendship or more; they date and pretty quickly decide they are just friends.

    I don’t know why this is such a big deal to you. We all knew it was a possibility, but weren’t sure. Whatever it was, didn’t last long, but who cares?? She was single by then. They didn’t date until about March or later, so what’s the big deal? I honestly think he was a “rebound” guy, when she was feeling sad and needed a shoulder. I think she realized pretty quickly that he wasn’t more than a friend. No big deal. Yeah, you were right, but what does it change?? Nothing.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    love how vanessa reinvents herself when it comes to her red carpet looks.ONLY V can do this with flying colors!Kudos to you girl.You’re just so GORGEOUS.

  • Haters Suck!

    Its kind of funny how people are loving them and wish they couple again nnow as opposed to when josh was getting the austin treatment when they were dating. By the same people.

  • annii


  • eat me

    @maria there’s no big deal when it comes to them they can do what they want i don’t care doesn’t matter to me at all but my question is why they have to hide it and deny that they are a couple? I remember i saw a video of josh going to a breakfast with her and he deny that they we’re a couple to a video man if i’m not mistaken it’s from hollywood life or TMZ guy…. Any way that’s not matter anymore the thing is i have been saying this i always believe in my instinct and i was right…. And here’s the big deal you guys are bashing us when we say our opinion here that you don’t like and you can’t accept the fact that we could be right… And here it is coming fron his mouth our proof what were trying to say before about them… So i don’t think that’s a good explanation you gave me cuz it’s very irrelevant…

  • Boji

    Eat me,what business is it of ours anyway whether he denied it or not? Perhaps then, they were still just friends and in the courting stage. Zachary and v only admitted they were more than friends after 2 years together.
    Back to topic, saw journey 2 and yep, enjoyed the movie. It was fun and was so impressed by dwayne’s singing and ukelelee playing. Vanessa was everything I expected. She didn’t disappoint and her chemistry with josh was great on screen. All in, a good family movie.

  • betty

    who is designer of her dress?

  • yets

    Jared is so late i wonder where is Vanessa right now?

  • maria

    @eat me: I said all along when we did see them, that they could be seeing each other. I didn’t deny it. But since it was over so quickly, I think we all pretty much felt they were just friends. Whether they did date or not, she was single, and it didn’t matter. THAT’s why it’s no big deal. Do you feel the need for a medal or something since you were right? CONGRATULATIONS. Do you feel better now? Sorry, but this IS so irrelevant now.

    There is no reason why they owe us the truth in what they do in their private lives. Like boji said, Zac and Vanessa lied for two years to keep what they had private. Vanessa has no obligation to report who she is dating to make us happy, or anything else in her life for that matter. I think you’ll see all celebs lie to maintain privacy.

  • Dianne

    UGLY,,,UGLY,,,UGLY…..Vanessa Hudgens looks like trash…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…yuckkkkkkkkkkkk


    Vanessa, look”s beautiful, i like her dress, they had more of a thousand people getting autographs, it was really crowed, at that time vanessa believed in keeping relationships priivate, if it was left up to vanessa, no one wood know, i wish she wood with austin, keep it more private. it is there buisness, not ours!

  • eat me

    @maria no i am not gonna praise myself cuz i am right that’s nothing it’s just an opinion and no thank you for the medal i have dozen of those…. just one thing though for you understand all my opinion here is not all about hating vanessa you just assume that what i express here is just a concern on her as i said before i was her fan i’m not telling you to believe me but that’s the truth and i don’t need to explain every thing why i am defending zac… You should realize sometimes what words your throwing on a person and think if he really deserve those words….

  • eat me

    @dianne you sound insecure stop it…

  • maria

    @eat me: My opinion of Zac is not empty hatred, or calling him names. It is based on actual words he said and actions of his. He deserved what words were thrown on him, as you say it. Now, I am no longer a fan, because of those things, and that is just how I feel. I don’t hate him; I just don’t support him, his career, or anything to do with him. No, he doesn’t deserve the ugly vile names or accusations, but neither does Vanessa. You may defend him all you want, but I will never change how I feel about him. If my son EVER said or did the things he did, I would have raked him over the coals too. I don’t think he’s evil, but I think he has one motive in life, and no one will get in his way. Vanessa’s heart was too big for him, cause he doesn’t need one. That’s the way I see it.

  • mykamicks

    Pretty as always. I like Josh for admitting it. Even in just a short while they were able to treasure each others time few months back. Vanessa was SINGLE that time, she never hurt anyone’s feeling being with Josh. You can see how mature Josh at his age accepting the fact that instead of being Vanessa’s BF , (they choose) rather or remained as good friend of hers.

    All the way, I will always support Vanessa whoever she will end up to. And hope Josh & her will do another movie again in the future.

  • ….

    @Dianne: oh Dianne

  • ….

    @Dianne: Shut up



  • kelly martineau

    Augly dress. She can do better. Wonder if big lips was there her boyfriend Austin. Anyone know what he does for a living!

  • bella

    wait guys are you saying josh and vanessa??? no way she´s daiting Austin butler… even they are very in love in front of Josh sooo thats quite silly… Josh and Vanessa are just great friends thats all…

  • maria

    @bella: Apparently, they did date for a few months last year, but that was it. They figured out they were better off friends. Not a big surprise.

  • Emily

    @maria Could you please tell me what those things you don’t like did or said Zac please ? I’m curious.

  • sunny

    I kind of really hope Vanessa will take Austin to the LA premier of Journey 2

  • italian mom

    V and J did an amazing job at interviews, especially during the first ones they were really enjoyable, and so very good sellers!
    Now a last effort: gather all the energies for L.A. and be great, friendly, brilliant, all 5 together hopefully.

  • italian mom

    I so would like to see her on Jay Leno but it seems impossible. But I still hope.

  • http://fersitagonzales fer

    oh no puedo creer q no lo haya ido a ver en la premier del 28 y vino aqui a mexico que desepcion y asi me ago llamar fan :´( te amo josh

  • cris