Ashley Tisdale: Red Hair Tips at 'Journey 2' Premiere!

Ashley Tisdale: Red Hair Tips at 'Journey 2' Premiere!

Ashley Tisdale shows off her new red hair tips at the premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday night (February 2) in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old actress hit the red carpet in a little red dress from Nightcap.

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“Off to the Journey 2 premiere. Goin to support ma girl Vanessa with @kimhidalgo @Laura_New” Ash tweeted before heading to the premiere.

Just last night the girls went out to celebrate Kim‘s birthday.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: FameFlynet, Getty, Jason Merritt, Juan Rico; Photos: INFdaily, AKM
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  • osama

    hot!!! plz do somwe action movies

  • someone

    I’d like to see the haters who said she never supports Vanessa now.
    Ashley looks gorgeous and she’s just so underrated, it saddens me that such a multi-talented young woman isn’t shown more to the public in both acting and singing.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Gorgeous!!!ashley!thx for supporting Vanessa!!!!u r the best friends ever :D

  • k.joey

    quisiera verla en mas peliculas, escuchar un nuevo CD de ella, pero ella no se si hara algo asi, pero igual esta hermosa! adore su vestido ella y vanessa son las mejores amigas así que haters SHUP THE F**KING OUT!


  • Helena

    She looks amazing!!! Love her!

  • thetis


    It looks like Ashley may now have the same agent as Vanessa – she posted a pic of him and refers to him as such. That’s probably why after all these years she probably has shown up at a Vanessa gig.

    I guess watching Vanessa get all those movie roles finally is getting to her. Ashley is Ashley’s friend

  • http://Dexterjay5 A to z

    Love you girl!! Hope you can go to your own movie premiere!!

  • Menna

    @thetis: If that were the case, then that would be sad… seeing as she is, certainly, a better actress than Vanessa.

  • Menna

    By the way, they share too much of the same stuff. Same agent, same friends, same style….I love my best friend but, although we do have a lot of mutual friends, we do like to have our own friends who the other isn’t necessarily as close to. It lets us hang out with all kinds of different people and find ourselves. That can also be partly because we go to different colleges, but it does makes us appreciate each other even more in the end, haha!

  • thetis


    Ashley is not a better actress that’s why Vanessa has a movie career and Ashley doesn’t – I think being realistic is important.

    And I guess you’ve never noticed that all the things they have the same Vanessa had first that should tell you something right there.

    She never went to anything of Vanessa’s now she’s gotten the same agent and she shows up who was she trying to impress surely not Vanessa. I’m sorry Ashley is Ashleys Bff

  • Menna

    @thetis: Hahaha hey….I’m definitely not against you. I don’t care for either of them really and I certainly thing Vanessa is pretty, but that’s about it, she can’t act. Ashley can’t really act either but I think she’s slightly better at it. As for the agent etc…I don’t know who had who first, but they did end up with the same things lol.

  • ezzy

    i doubt they have the same things,nothing wrong with having the same friends but they also have different groups of friends as well.after all vanessa became friends with her new boyfriend through ashley.they are both very talented and just leave it at that

  • babyvlover

    After missing three movies and one theater production cuz of “such a busy schedule” ashley finally made it to one of nessa’s premieres and just because she has the same agent now. maybe she realized that nessa’s getting really good movie roles and want some as well. gosh, i hate that girl.
    and no, she’s not a better actress. she couldn’t play a homeless teenager. she couldn’t play a woman who escaped a murderer and she couldn’t play a college girl who robs a restaurent. she’s funny. so ashley should stick to comedy or produces one of her very wonderful important shows lol

  • Samantha

    Actually, Vanessa only has a movie career because she was the lead in HSM. If Ashley was, I’m almost certain the tables would be turned.

  • Britt

    @Samantha: I actually have to disagree with that comment. “Sharpay” was a very well known character in the HSM series. Vanessa has gotten roles because she has a very cool personality. Honestly, personality will get you far in life! And even if people think she’s not a great actress, I think she shows that she’s a hard worker. And she IS talented, have you seen the girl dance (I am not taking about the work out that was posted or HSM), She is a really great tap dancer, along with a few other disciplines of dance.

  • Britt

    Also, you can tell that Ashley tries too hard sometimes. Vanessa comes off really genuine!

  • Haters Suck!

    Ive been the hardest Vanessa fan on ashley i think, so let me say this. I still dont like her and i still dont trust her and i think vanessa should be very careful around her. BUT while i do question her motives a little i do respect the fact that she finally came out to support vanessa at her premiere. Thats one of the things i really wanted to see her do. I wish ashley wouldve done an interview like the kind vanessa did for ashleys premiere but ill settle for this. I respect Ashley for showing up but this doesn’t mean i like her. Still if things keep going this direction, no reason to think ashley can’t change my mind.

  • ZANE

    thats what friends are for……

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I absolutely agree with you. Ashley always conveniently managed to get herself out of town for other Vanessa events, but after V going to her silly Sharpay event, it’s a good thing she finally showed up for something. I still don’t trust her either though. Wish I did. I want to, for Vanessa’s sake.

  • maria

    @Samantha: That’s so not true. Ashley was the one destined to be a star, the one paid more, the one with bigger storylines. She was the one who was supposed to succeed. But Vanessa has something more, and a better screen presence. She has fought hard for roles in a very competitive business, and has not had them handed to her. She suceeded, when Disney was pushing Ashley instead. Good for her.

  • lol

    lol at those of you who talk about ash and vanessa as if you knew what their lives are like. the people they actually hang out with, and all that stuff. please, just stick to ur place and dont overdo with the things they only know.

  • Chanon


    No, Vanessa has a movie career because she’s talented. Don’t go hating on someone just because your idol isn’t as famous as someones else’s. Maybe Ashley should stop going to the salon and start doing something more productive?

  • jen

    they’re friends and they are supporting each other, so why all the hate?

  • Sara

    Ashley has been with CAA and their agents including Nick for way longer than Vanessa has. So dunno why you guys think that’s the only reason she came out for this. I dunno why you guys get so down on Ashley for having a job and other commitments. That doesn’t mean she is an awful friend for not going to other premieres. She’s been there for Vanessa a lot.

    Ashley and Vanessa are awesome friends. I’m happy she came out to support Vanessa.

  • http://Dexterjay5 A to z

    Ashley you are the best!!!

  • Taylor

    I’m not usually a fan but WOW…she looks hot!

  • meghan

    Omg she looks so good. Sexy, hot, fierce. And laughing at all the Vanessa fans hating on Ashley, you guys are such good fans thinking that Vanessa isn’t good at picking her friends. Hate = jealousy.

  • Britt

    Just because I am a fan of Vanessa, that doesn’t mean that I “hate” Ashley, I don’t hate anyone. And of course Ashley and Vanessa are friends, I was just resonding to someone’s comment about if the lead roles were reversed, Ashley would have a more successful career, and that isn’t true.

  • had enough

    both talented actresses and despite what you all say no one knows about their friendship but them and the people they hang with. please hatred can take you nowhere team ashley or team vanessa hating someone just shows you have an ugly soul and it shows an uglier soul when you hate someone you don’t personally know and who has done nothing to you. get lives i am sure we are all mature to know that everyone had their own life and forcing your imaginary views about peoples lives is just sad. if they say they are friends so be it living in a fantasy world won’t change a thing