Leighton Meester: Who is Blair's Soulmate?

Leighton Meester: Who is Blair's Soulmate?

Leighton Meester bundles up in a black robe as she heads to the Gossip Girl set in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (February 1).

The hit CW show just celebrated 100 episodes with the wedding of Blair and Louis Grimaldi. But Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick recently opened up about who exactly Blair belongs with.

Penn shared with EOnline, “I think they will always have feelings for each other in a certain capacity…I think Dan is unfortunate in that he loves Blair and I think Blair is his soul mate—but he is not Blair’s soul mate, because Blair and Chuck belong with each other.

Ed agrees, saying, “Yeah, I like kissing Leighton. She’s so great. Leighton is gorgeous. I like working with her. She’s very talented and she’s fantastic to work with. Sure, why not?”

DO YOU THINK Blair belongs with Chuck, Dan or Louis?

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  • Cheryl

    Blair and Chuck obviously belong together. No doubt. :)

  • meg

    Chuck is Blair’s soulmate. Even Penn Badgley said that!

  • Gabby

    CHUCK BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilimaria

    Sure, it’s Chuck. And I see what he meant by saying Dan and Blair intellectual match, but that’s not a reason why Blair should be with Dan. She loves Chuck very deeply and isn’t that the most important thing when it comes love? He changed so much and he could make her happy now
    A couple without physical attraction for each other, what’s that? When I want to have stimulating conversations, I can also talk with a friend.

  • Tina

    Chuck Bass Absolutely! <3

  • Amelia

    Chuck. always.

  • guest

    chuck all the way!

  • Mel

    Dair’s the only reason i still bother with this show. its baaaaad now but Dair makes it worth watching some of it.

  • Danielle

    Blair and Chuck :)

  • Smilla

    Dan of course!Same as Mel dair’s the only reason I still watch Gossip.
    Blair deserves someone who respect her!

  • andrea

    Of course she belong with Chuck

    team chair!

  • http://eclecticandyoung.blogspot.com jen

    I totally agree with Penn’s comment :) Chuck and Blair belong together but Dan really needs to find himself a nice an smart girl


  • Bea


  • joan

    Blair need someone like Dan in her life to find peace and love that she deserves and not Chuck whenever she’s with him things always get messy!!!…

  • https://twitter.com/#!/line_medeirosL Monica Aline

    I wish B stay with Dan, because they are perfect together and do not have all that drama chair. I thought well done. love the Louie revenge of blair. he loved her and she always humiliated him

  • alice

    obviously chuck anything else is stupid.

  • ana

    Blair has to be with Chuck. They love each other so much .

  • Catherine



  • GossipGirl93


  • allie

    Its the typical love triangle:

    Girl likes both boys. One boy would be heatly and easy for her to be with, and the other, things would be really complicated with. But that is usually who they belong with.

  • Ama

    I love Dan e Blair togheter. They are beautifull, Dare to DAIR!!!

  • hera21

    Yeah Dair is the only reason I watch GG as well! Totally believe Dan and Blair belong together!!

  • josey

    Dan and Blair is the reason I started back watching the show ,it’s honestly the best potiential teen drama pairing since the Pacey and Joey/Seth and summer days IMO.

  • LISA

    @allie: But chair together is complicated because they make it complicated themselves lol.If Dair got together there will be actual obasticles for them to overcome just by them being the people they are in general and Chuck and Serena dealing with them falling in love.I just think Dan and Blair can be just as if not more Epic than the other relationships because there’s story to tell they have Damn great chemistry and they are entertaining .JMO though

  • jj

    CHUCK !!! :D

  • maria.

    Chuck is her soulmate, he loves her for everything she is. Not only when she is weak. Dan thinks he changed her and he likes the idea about it…that’s all. The moment she is strong and back to herself, he will judge her like he did many times before.

  • Tiff

    Blair belongs with Chuck because she tells us the same thing every time she’s asked “loves him more and more every day”. Let B decide people.

  • Christiana

    Chuck Bass!!!

  • Francesca

    Chuck and Blair are Gossip Girl. Their love story is why everyone watches and Ed and Leighton are by far the best actors on the show. So of course Blair will end with Chuck in the end. (Dan is a boring Brooklyn hipster and it’s an insult to compare him to Pacey or Seth tpbh)

  • sarah

    Chuck is her one and only true love anyone else is just a waste of time

  • Sarra

    I agree with Penn ”Blair and Chuck belong with each other,obviously” Can’t wait to finally see them back together for good.

  • Caitietrout

    Chuck of course! Duh! LOL at anyone thinking differently. Love Penn’s comment. Dan is my least favorite character but I kind of like Penn.

  • Lua

    Chuck and Blair <3

  • Sally

    Team Chuck of course, Dan isn’t even an option. Blair is a better friend than that.

  • harum scarum

    if this show has taught me anything, it’s that CHUCK is blair’s soulmate! =D

    can’t wait for their inevitable reunion!!

  • Angel

    Chuck Bass of course!

  • mel

    Chuck and Blair are the only reason to even watch this show anymore. And I don’t validate a couple where they have to compare them to another pairing. You shouldn’t have to do that.The couple should stand on their own plus no repeats please.

  • sarah

    Chuck Bass, of course!!!

  • Elisha

    Chuck and Blair. Not even a comparison!

  • Sandra

    I agree with Penn as well. I get that Dan really likes Blair, but it’s obvious Chuck and Blair are it for each other. Trying to get between them will only end badly for him.

  • jenkins

    Please, no one is better than Blair and Chuck on this show

  • amanda

    The only thing that Dan and Blair contrived SL is doing to the show is making people stop watching. Look at the ratings, look at the buzz. This show is dead and I am not surprised since they just keep ignoring and destroying Chuck and Blair / Serena and Blair’s relationships to make Dan/Blair happen. So tired and sick of it. It makes me sad when I look back to seasons 1 and 2 and remember how good the show used to be and what a guilty pleasure it was. Now it’s just one stupid SL after another. Blair’s pact with God? Just another “organic” SL to keep CB apart and keep going with that dumb Dan/Blair SL.

  • Steph

    I’ll go with the Badge here, Chuck and Blair are soulmates!

  • Tanya

    Is it even a question- Chuck the guy she loves “more and more each day” or Dan the guy she is encouraging her best friend to admit she still loves him?

    Chuck and Blair for sure <3

  • Cassie

    Everybody knew it, Blair and Chuck are soulmates <3

  • xoxo

    DAN! He’s so good for her and is always there for her! DAIR 4 ENDGAME!

  • mimi

    Dan and Blair for sure, as much as I love Chuck Bass’ character, i don’t think there were ever to things that went together better, than Dan and Blair!

  • Carla

    Dan and Blair all the way!

  • PJ


  • Line

    Chuck and blair of course