Vanessa Hudgens Visits Mom!

Vanessa Hudgens Visits Mom!

Vanessa Hudgens look super chic as she arrives at her mom’s house on Friday (February 3) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress stopped in for a visit with her mom Gina to catch up!

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The night before, Vanessa hit the red carpet for the premiere of her film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island with her beau Austin Butler.

“We filmed it in Hawaii,” Vanessa said about why she chose the film. “Seriously, you’re going to pay me to be in paradise for two months? Also, I’d never been in a 3-D action film before, so that was another really great draw.”

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  • lol

    Soooooo gorgeous!

  • jen

    she’s sooo pretty! :)

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Ah, mother/daughter bonding time! :) Love that.

  • Haters Suck!

    she looks great. hope she had fun last night

  • ZANE

    ove her outfit

  • ZANE

    love her outfit

  • ?????????


    More like lecture time for all the stupid things she’s done in front of paps like PDA and dry humping. BAD GIRL Vanessa LOL

  • Haters Suck!

    worry about your own daughter. God only knows what hell that poor little girl goes through with a b!tch like you for a mother.

  • Farel


    I really doubt she says anything to her. Phillopinos are strict or very loose. Guess which one her family falls under?

  • amy

    Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler leaving Journey 2 After Party in Hollywood!

    Look at this video clip.

    He does not take good care of her

    he is merely with her to use her for his own career and reputation


    Do the paps have to follow her everywhere? Happy she and her mother are spending time together but still.

  • Estelle

    @?????????: You do realize most teenagers do much more PDAs every day? So I guess every young kid is a bad girl/boy? V is what in her 20s? She is a woman now not a little girl who needs to be told what to do leave her be.

  • muse

    Love the outfit :)

  • maria

    @Estelle: No kidding. And I love how what she enjoyed on vacation is a crime. Paps or no paps, she has just as much right to that as we do. Someone sounds like a frigid b*tch. BTW, Vanessa looks beautiful; probably enjoying a nice heart to heart with her sweet mama.

  • Haters Suck!

    youre just now realizing ??????? is a cold hearted frigid b!tch? lol. And by reading the jj post and looking at some other pictures i think vanessa went to pick up stella and spend time with her. Although im sure she talked to her mother as well.

  • hanica

    i think her mom encourages her to be trashy

  • Haters Suck!

    btw off topic but I bet you’re excited for the big game sunday aren’t you?

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    I love that long pant :)

  • Boji

    ???????, for a mom you sound obsessive much with dry humping and PDAs. Something must be lacking in your life, just saying. Bad, bad momma.
    On topic, love her look here. Also love that she is so grounded and unpretentious. She loves and adores her mom and that is a good sign.

  • ?????????

    Thanks for the concern ladies but I get plenty of attention from my loving husband. And 0ur daughter and other children are perfectly healthy and happy with their succesful lifes.

    And Vanessa should know better how to behave in public as someone says she is no longer a teenager so she needs to set better examples for say like her little sister.

  • maria

    @?????????: I see nothing wrong with her day to day public behavior. Nothing. And I’m a mother of 3. Being on a vacay, with hundreds of other couples kissing and cuddling, is not a crime either. You may want to get out more, or turn on your TV and desensitize yourself. Let it go, honey.

  • Chanon


    You’re a grown woman with a husband and kids, but yet you still spend your time on the computer talking shit about celebrities because they’re being bad and not setting a good example? LOL looks who’s talking, grandma.

  • babyvlover

    I love her outfit and the length of her hair is gorgeous. natural beauty!

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: Nervous would describe it better, Haters! We are having a party, so I’ll be cooking and feeding everyone, which gives me something to do when a game is too intense! We all wore our Patriots gear Friday, and our patients loved it. The kids in the schools are having food drives to donate to food banks. It’s amazing. We went to see them off on Sunday, and 25,000 people showed up with us. It’s funny, our teams are very competitive, but honestly, it never gets old to see a bunch of guys come together, work hard, be great to the community, and then do well! We are a very passionate town about our sports! Along with education, health care, and politics. LOL

  • Haters Suck!

    haha sounds fun. Im heading to a friends party to watch the game myself. I hope your boys pull it off, im a dallas fan and i really really REALLY hate the Giants, the thought of seeing them win again just gives me the creeps. Plus i may have made a wager or two with a couple of my friends so theres that too. Its cool you get to experience stuff like that and got to see the team off. We don’t any pro teams where i live which is a bummer but we do have the college i go to and lots of people go see those events. But anyway Go Pats!!!

  • yets

    mom visit!!! love it

  • musicgirl

    beautiful ! <3

  • kelly martineau

    When nessa goes out with family and friends. Austin just sits at her house or his’s apartment all day long. What does that guy do for a living. He a actor for a tv show or actor for making a movie.

    Does anyone know. Because nessa buys him everything. Big Lips!!!

  • zanessagaily

    Very sweet of her. :)

  • thetis

    @Haters Suck!:

    Love the Giants who will win and despise Brady who lacks character

  • VanFan

    A little off topic, but……..
    GO GIANTS!!!!
    GO ELI!!

  • daniel

    beautiful girl *_+

  • daniel

    is a perfect joey ¡¡