Lily Collins & Zac Efron: Happy Birthday, Chris Reinacher!

Lily Collins & Zac Efron: Happy Birthday, Chris Reinacher!

Lily Collins keeps it cute after leaving dinner with Zac Efron at STK restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday night (February 4).

The pair celebrated the 24th birthday of Zac‘s childhood friend, Chris Reinacher, from the comedy sketch group The Wait List.

“He’s the funniest guy I know,” Zac shared of Chris – the two have been friends since the first grade.

Afterward, the twosome continued the celebration at Lexington Social House, where they joined Miley Cyrus (with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth), Rumer Willis, Ryan Rottman, and Ben Barnes.

More pics at X17!

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  • Robsten_Fan

    Love them!

  • londonlipton

    I am being blind here,but I do not see Zac Efron in ANY of the pics?

  • dany

    I love Lily and zac seems like an awesome guy!

  • Nicky
  • Ha ha

    Not trying to be mean but that definitely looks like Zac with those skinny legs and saggy pants. lol

  • Luthor


  • lauren

    how does this prove that their dating?

  • amtfan

    they are just friends who had dinner. it does NOT mean they are dating. my goodness.

  • Isa

    I know they are just rumors but the only way I would approve of this two dating is if she get those eyebrows fix…asap!

  • jen

    she’s wearing a cute top, and I love that they’re friends :)

  • annii

    jared was at the party, and Zac already intorduce Lily to his friends.. they are dating.. lily was his date to the party… she is not friend with no one there.. so he takes her… THEY ARE DATING..

  • lauren

    how do you know this?
    uh im pretty sure if zac was dating someone he would keep it underwraps,
    YOU dont know zac or his personal life.

  • http://@theefrongirl Alexandra

    I didn’t see Zac in ANY picture.. but i did see Jenny McCarthy??? it’s that her!!!???

  • annii

    lol jared (aka JJJ and JJ.. lol) was at the party!!!
    and lily is not friend of zac´s childhood friends… so she was there as his date…
    is something good, so now all zac fans can start to hate on lily (poor bb they are already hating on her and calling her names) and leave Vanessa alone! thats good to me <3 so we all are happy now!!! <3

  • tina

    What a gentleman her ran to the car and jumped in, leaving her to face the paps alone. Great end to a date.

  • lauren

    you dont know anything and i highly doubt jared will tell you anything so shut up, and stop acting like you know zac and his personal life, and if he was dating someone he would keep it low key and not open. so stop acting like you know zac.

  • annii

    lol i’m not saying nothing like that.. i’m just happy he is dating someone, casually or getting serious so all his fans and the other ones cant stop talking about Vanessas life.. im not hating on zac or anything.. im happy, he was out with his childhood friends, his ninjas and his posible/most likely girlfriend… ITS A GOOD THING, is something good for vanessa (no more hate) good for zac so no one could still talking about “how sad he is because vanessa has a new man and she is in love” is just bad to Lily, because she is getting so much hate now lol. im not saying he is being public, im just saying he probablly is dating lily… once again, he was with his friends and she was there as his date…
    the only bad thing is that it looks like he is not a gentleman anymore, but no one actually cares.. we all should be happy. i know we all the vanessa fans are really happy.. no more hate finally!!!

  • lauren

    your coming off as someone who knows zac and his life and acting like you know him. again you dont know zac or what he is doing in his life. again do you know what zac thinks,knows or breaths? no? you just sound like a vanessa fan who thinks they know zac and his life and just wants to start something. for the 20th time you dont know if he’s dating her or not. so just stfu, thats funny then he must be dating like every girl he’s hangs with then? cus apparently he cant be friends with girls just people like you just assume he’s dating them.

  • whatever

    Lily is just not attractive at all. Seriously.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • thetis


    He used to jump ahead of Vanessa to get in the car all the time – did you really think he’d act any different with anyone else.

    To be honest that would be most girls last date with a guy who did that. If you can’t be seen with me go away

  • peggy


    The next time you lie about what you know be more careful. The Wait List is a pretty well known act and A LOT OF WELL KNOWN PEEPS KNOW CHRIS!!!

    And Lily could be one – either way who cares he jumped in the car like he was ashamed of her – she needs to take note.

  • MichevARTAN

    Shit. my life is ruined. </3

  • VanFan

    Oh wow! I’m sure that Zac is really concerned with getting your approval of his choice of dates.

  • Javita

    Pero si no estamos en el siglo XV para qe un hombre tenga que abrirle necesariamente la puerta a una mujer! eso es de Machista :B Adamás Zac siempre huye de los Paps A lo mejor no quería que le sacaran fotos C: es todo un Ninja :D <3

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    A lot of you don”t want you are talking about, first off zac would help vanessa in the car, and help her out, the times he went first there was a driver who close the door, that way he protecting her from the other side and the driver, was on her other side, there was a group of people who shared a ride, they went to liam, and miley, they all went to party. first of all lilly doesn’t care if the paps take her picture, she is just starting out, in the movies, and having paps take there pictures, you can tell a group of friends going in one car, a suv, she wasn’t mad. austin always leaves vanessa by herself, in fact she was yelling at him, for leaving her there, in was on a video, showing, and after a basket ball game also.

  • whatever

    @barbara: That’s BS. You are full of such crap. Zac ran to the car ALL the time. No surprise he did it to Lily as well. It’s always all about him and his precious a$$. Selfish SOB. Austin has it all over Efron in that department. He has NEVER run to the car and left her, and how do you know it was him she was yelling to?? You don’t know ANYTHING. You just interpret things in such an effed up way. Things aren’t always as they seem on a stupid two second video. He led her to the car and made sure she got in first, then got in himself, and the video CLEARLY shows her resting her head on his shoulder in the car. If she was pissed, she would NOT do that.

  • whatever

    And I bet dating her would “serve”him. She has a famous dad, and he’s all about increasing his star power. His number one goal in life. Too bad she’s so homely looking. But he can’t deal with anyone as pretty as hiim, so that serves him too. He is so damn insecure. Look at his sorry butt in that picture. Running, and leaving her to deal with the paps. SO TYPICAL. He’s such an SOB, not giving a damn.

  • Emma

    @whatever: good job

  • j-ann

    why are there people in these pics that are not even listed? or they are listed but not in the pics?

    i see bruno tho! :)

  • the hater

    he is not dating

  • merlin’s mum

    @whatever: Do you do anything other than interpret things on video in your own way? As I have asked before. Do any of you really know what is going on? Or are you just all giving your views and not FACTS?

  • t

    Yeah, Lilly is kinda ugly that’s why she dated Taylor and now Zac. Yeeeah def a ugly like witch ugly :D:D:D Come on give the girl a break.She has her own charm and she maybe is a good person. Or in your world only the prettiest people survive? I like her, but I can’t say the same thing about that funny selfish thing called Zac

  • Celestine

    Haters…And you blame the Zac fans! If those fans that didn’t like one or the other stayed in their own thread, it would be much peaceful! And if asked you guys always blame the other side! Please stop this whole ‘i hate zac efron’ or ‘i hate vanessa hudgens’ but i still comment on their threads to spread the hate! THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE!!! MOVE ON!!!

    If Zac’s dating Lily, good for him but at the moment I doubt they are really dating! They might share the same publicist or agent maybe that’s why they are in the same car! We don’t know! So stop making up all these stories!

  • durrrr

    Yeah unless I see a photo of them together kissing its pretty much speculation.

  • Rae-Rae

    Nice! Happy birthday, Chris! The Waitlist is hilarious!

  • whatever

    @merlin’s mum: What are we seeing?? Zac’s a$$ jumping in the car. Lily taking her time and getting in herself. What are we missin’?? What’s there to interpret wrong?? They were there together. Not making that up.

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    Zac, was there with several people, all taking one ride, together, oh by the way, people mag, just said he met with liam and miley, then he was talking, with several blonde girls, and having a good time, the group in the car, including zac are friends, thats all. just like austin always leaving vanessa to walk by her self,like a basket ball game, after,it is not safe to be walking by your self, then the after party, he walked a head of her, she was not happy, she even yell at him.

  • maria

    @barbara: Seriously, you are nuts. A gentleman does walk ahead when necessary, with paps around. And you DON’T know squat about what she was sayin’ and to whom. Efron did it all the time, so it was ok with you all those years. So shut up.

  • tina

    Remember Austin standing and counting all the girls to make sure they were all safely with the car? That’s was ALL the girls who came with a group with him, just saying.

  • Xxxx

    You guys are making a big deal ot of noting so what if he walked a head of her and so what if she is dating him ….it’s not the end of the world

  • http://nOU SAM

    Taylor And Zac , Lily bitch !

  • mac

    Lily is pretty, that’s all I can say.