L2: 'Insomnia' Video Premiere -- EXCLUSIVE!

L2: 'Insomnia' Video Premiere -- EXCLUSIVE!

Check out what JJJ got our hands on — L2‘s “Insomnia” Video!

Starring sisters Melissa and Jessica Labbadia, the vid was directed by Matt Alonzo.

Melissa and Jessica co-wrote the track with producer Luke Walker and is now available on iTunes!

Following up their hit single “Boys or Girls” (which landed itself on the Top 10 Billboard Dance/Club Chart Hits), the “Insomnia” video features Blair Jasin and Alberto De Diego in it.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of L2′s video?

L2 – “Insomnia”
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  • http://www.twitter.com/L2Streetteam Shani

    LOVE L2!! :) AMAZING song!


    LOVED IT GIRLS!!!! I think it totally rocks! LOVED the big gold chair in it. You girls have improved soooooo much. It’s been awesome watching you girls from where you started working your way up. Best of luck, I hope this single is a big success!

  • beaupigeon

    Sorry but this is HELL for my eyes, my ears, my menthaly health !

  • Tamisha Lagerstedt

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