Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Jamba Juice Stop

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Jamba Juice Stop

Vanessa Hudgens follows boyfriend Austin Butler‘s lead as they pick up a few smoothies at Jamba Juice on Monday afternoon in Studio City, Calif.

The duo picked up a few cool drinks before running some errands around town.

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Earlier in the day, Vanessa and BFF Ashley Tisdale hit up the Millenium Dance Complex for another dance class.

Over the weekend, Vanessa also spent some time with her mom Gina and sister Stella.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Blue Life swing tank, Current/Elliott “Bell” jeans and toting a Cole Haan ‘Phoebe’ Crossbody handbag.

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Credit: Jacson; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Sheena alana

    She’s G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!

  • Celestine

    There is something about him that I just don’t like! He always looks like he’s smirking towards the camera!

  • lol


  • Xo

    I like what they’re both wearing

  • lol

    Love all the things she said about him on her promo tour, our girl is in loooove <3

  • yets

    i love her and i really want her to stay happy…God bless you V.

  • bella

    @lol: What did she say about him?

  • bella

    it seems like vanessa is into him but austin seems like he’s not into her
    can i just say it seems like austin cares more about he’s hair than vanessa in those new pics?

    i always notice vanessa is the one who’s grabbing austin’s hand while austin doesnt give a fuck

  • Celestine

    @lol: uh…she didn’t talk about Austin during her promo tour!

  • Celestine

    @bella: I know! And I wouldn’t say in love… She likes him most definitely, him? not too sure! He cares more about how his hair looks!

  • lei

    Austin is such a nice Guy.

  • Boji

    Love seeing them out and about eating and drinking healthy.
    Can’t see for the life of me what some of you are seeing. He’s not into her and is only concerned with how he looks, are you kidding?! I think he is very into her. He gives as much passion into the relationship as she does. He cares so much about her, he’d go sky diving and waterfall rapelling just to be with her. Even flew to anchorage for her and attended her premiere. Always maintaining a low profile and doesn’t try to out run the paps. Just the guy she needs in her life right now, is my opinion, who lets vanessa be herself.

  • bella

    @lei: He always does not treat her friendly

    He is never a good person

    I hope that she will break up with him as soon as possible and meet a good man

  • Celestine

    To be honest? No I don’t think Austin is that great of a guy! How he treats Vanessa, I don’t know! But he just doesn’t look like he cares about her as much as she cares about him!

  • elendur

    It’s difficult to judge someone who is being followed by paps. They are often shouting rude and insulting things and the person may look detached or upset even when they are happy.That said however, I miss the PDA!

    Laura tweeted “Dance class today with @slaughteration & v & @Ashleytisdale has me doing this combo in every Smash commercial break lol”
    So, I guess Laura went to dance class with V and Ashley. I wonder if V is going to dance class to prepare for her next role or to lose a little weight since she’ll probably be in a bikini for some of it.

    I think V is headed to NY for more J2 promotion soon and then Spring Breakers starts filming in the next couple of weeks. I hope we get some V and Selena pics!

  • sunny

    @Celestine bella: It is fatuous to judge them only by their photos

  • Celestine

    I don’t miss the PDA! It got obnoxious after awhile!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Love Vanessa!!!!!

  • Lan

    Vanessa looks like she’s gaining some weight. Doesn’t it?

  • Caitlin

    You shouldn’t judge a guy by his pictures and how he is shown in them,behind close doors in his own time with her,he can be sweet,loving and into her completely.Don’t assume because in pictures he’s not the one to grab her hand first but with his PDA he shows his love and he makes her happy,support it and not judge him because he’s not Zac or someone much hotter,hes a person and she’s intrested in hm,simple as that.

  • Kelly martineau

    Nessa out with Big Lips again. She likes blond and tall men.

  • maria

    Some people with no brains don’t realize that they were away on vacation in those pics, where PDA is pretty much everywhere you turn. They are home now, and back to non-vacation mode. So stupid that people think that’s all they do. Cause they really seem like a perfectly normal couple, doing normal things, and not allowing the paps to dictate what they do. Yeah, you could run and hide, but what kind of life is that?? Being an actor should not mean your life is over, and Vanessa will not allow that to happen. She’s living, loving, working, and enjoying her present. I’m happy for her.

  • elendur

    Vanessa’s going to be on the Live with Kelly show tomorrow.

  • mykamicks

    Here we are again, why always question his current BF’s personlity. Of course Austin is far from her ex realtionship. he may not be that famous or good looking . But definitely this Guy is really into here. Nothing to prove us all. He seems to be very caring and loving to Vanessa above all very supportive.

    Im just thinking how about if Vanessa is currently dating Rob P. or Daniel R. do you think haters will do same attack as what Austin is receiving against his detractors..? lol

    Anyways, im happy to see everytime their out.

  • bella

    How can you tell when you say he is stuck on her or caring?

    I don’t see him that way

  • mykamicks

    Simple logic. – Action speaks louder than words.

  • Haters Suck!

    Always like seeing these two out and about. Spending as much time together befor Vanessa has to hit the promo road again. I thought we might get some pics of her at lax as im guessing shes in NYC by now for her apperances tomorrow. I don’t know why people are so harsh on austin. He proven himself, was there to support her and has shown that he cares for her im not sure what else people want.

  • italian mom

    Both beautiful. His skin tone matches so well this denim!

  • sunny

    @Celestine: Okay where is this interview with Vanessa saying she would want to be stranded on an island with Austin

    Eww Vanessa said she would want to be stuck I an island with Austin

  • yets

    i still miss Zanessa.i dont know i want to cry every time i hear that Zac efron is dating other girl.

  • bella

    @yest: No,some people don’t say so,maybe zanessa can back,we all don’t know.Let’s stop debating,it’s up to them and we just hope vanessa happy

  • eat me

    i can tell that this two doesn’t have any chemistry between them it’s really obvious…. I’m scared for this since the journey two premiere this two not doing well i research all the videos of the premiere and i can tell through austins actions that his happy with all the ettention he got from the red carpet and not minding v while she smile at him he just stared to all the paparazzi in front of him…yes research that and tell me i’m wrong….

  • eat me

    ok i found a video of them from hollywood tv and i know your gonna hate me for bringing this up but all this speculation before about v paying the bill i think this video is one of the evidence i could show…. Yes she did pay the bill in that date austin got the bill but he pass it to vanessa and v sign it i know theres nothing wrong with that but it’s unnecessary for a girl to pay the bill on your date…. what a shame austin butler….

  • eat me

    crap can’t post it any way it’s on you tube from hollywood tv…. That was an old video of them v is wearing a denim shorts with the boots…. You can tell from the video that he check the bill before he pass it to her and she sign it….

  • hermaione

    @Celestine: i don’t like him too but anyways that’s not my business i’ll support vanessa and that’s all it matters right? GO vanessa’ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ

  • VanFan

    @eat me:
    “but it’s unnecessary for a girl to pay the bill on your date…. what a shame austin butler….”

    What the heck do you mean by that? There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Maybe she asked him out to lunch, in which case, she would pay. You don’t know if this is just an isolated instance. And even if it’s not, SO WHAT? Why is it your business who pays for what? Is it hurting you in some way?

  • VanFan

    Also, for those of you who keep saying that he doesn’t care about her:

    Those paps are the who should be ashamed.

  • Elizabeth


  • http://eeweathersby Elizabeth Weathersby


  • cathy dang

    thats so cute.

  •!/dbakED Destiny Baker

    oh wow

  • jen

    cute couple :)

  • sunny

    @eat me: You don’t know anything about them

    You have to stop talking nonsense
    You just play in Zac post that you like

    I really hate his fan’s coming here

  •!/itslexalicious Lexi