Vanessa Hudgens Speaks French With a Phone App!

Vanessa Hudgens Speaks French With a Phone App!

Vanessa Hudgens goes girly with a white lacy dress from alice + olivia as she exits ABC studios in New York City on Wednesday morning (February 8).

The 23-year-old actress will be heading to Paris this week for the upcoming premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on February 12th.

When asked about her knowledge of the French language, Vanessa admitted she can only say a few words.

“I was there were with my mother [Gina] last year and I have this application on my telephone, you write and it translates and says it for you,” Vanessa dished. “I did not need to speak French, it speaks for me.”


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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • sophie

    flawless <3

  • Katty

    Does anyone know where the video is? I missed it! :(

    V looks beautiful! Love her so much. I can’t wait for all of her movies this year and any news to come!

  • Emmy

    haha i need to find that app!

    I speak english, norwegian, swedish,danish and french!

  • daniel

    such a beautiful girl .. she’s dreamy

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    Vanessa looks beautiful, i love her hair, and i love her dress, and she has such great looking legs, i heard her mom, and sister are with her. i saw the tv show, she was great, she talked about the movie, and paris, she will be going next. you can’t help but to love her!

  • telle

    i think vanessa doesn’t need to a lot of make up to look beautiful ..i don’t know but she’s the kind of girl that looks amazing being natural.

  • veronica

    I love her dress and shiny black hair!

  • maeli

    love baby v

  • telle

    i wish i look like her …she’s amazing

  • nanah

    Vanessa looks beautiful… her dress
    i can speak englihs, spanish, portuguese and french

  • Zyonna

    no offense (honestly i adore this girl) but i’ve always thought that she’s sounded a bit “simple” even the way she speaks is like a little kid

  • hermaione

    @Zyonna: truth be told yes … she’s simple and that’s something that i like about her i mean she’s not pretending to be someone who isn’t and in my opinion i think all the best things in life are simple, sweet and even … magical.

  • peggy


    I think she sounds happy but more importantly she’s not conforming to the “starlet syndrome” – most of those girls forget who they actually are. She knows who she is

  • Ha ha

    Vanessa is a lot smarter than you think. She’s definitely not a kid. She’s grown into a beautiful business woman whose making the right career choices. With a good team, supportive family and friends, Vanessa should go very far in the business. All she needs to do is keep making movies and making her dreams come true. In the end, its her life and negative opinions seem not to make or break her. She did just fine in her interview and if you don’t like her, then just ignore her. She’ll be just fine making her millions.

  • Boji

    Vanessa looking beautiful here. You may think she sounds simple. To me, she’s candid,spontaneous and beneath it all lies intelligence and a mature young adult. Some of the things she spouts I see only wisdom. Her childish playfulness and pleasure is what makes her interesting and fun. She’s a person of contrasts and I’m glad I’ve followed her all these years. To see her blossom into what she’s become is what I imagined.

  • mykamicks

    Its her character that brought her where she at right now as far as her career is concern. Its her character that molded her to be a beautiful and strong willed woman. Above all, its her character that taught her to manage well her personal issues in life.

    She is the the type of person who knows how to project and carry herself according to people or acquintances or friends she associated into. Above all she manages always to bring the learnings of her experiences of the past. Thats what makes her simple and just like an ordinary laymen who lives her life into appreciation.

    One thing I know, everytime her colleagues in the movies leaves good mouthing about her.

  • hanica

    She is getting way too much filler on her face.

  • jen

    love her dress! :)

  • maria

    I think people are mistaking her bubbly cuteness with not being intelligent. Her personality, vivaciousness, and giggles have nothing to do with being smart. Nothing. I find her interviews fun and entertaining. She’s never boring. But under that, she is smart, savvy, mature, and wise for someone 23.

    She looks gorgeous here! Love the dress, hair, the whole package. So feminine!

  • Angie

    First of all she looks so gorgeous. I love seeing her on TV and of course in movie theaters. And yes I agree she is smarter than people give her credit for. Just because you’re bubbly and giggly and silly doesn’t mean you’re stupid it just means you’re personality is bubbly, giggly and silly. She was not at all too silly she always acts mature on Kelly if you noticed. She’s true to herself if she wasn’t she’d be exactly where others would assume she end up downhill.. She didn’t. She is professional because if she’s interviewed by someone who’s fun and crazy she’ll act fun and crazy and if some are just conversation she talks conversational. I wish this promo wouldn’t end there’s so many goodies.

  • Barbara

    Portuguese, Spanish and English (:

  • Stephanie

    what is the name of the app?

  • V-loyalist

    From HSM series she is meant for stardom and she is slowly but surely aiming for it!

    I love you Vanessa Babe..keep it up! sweetie! Can’t wait to watch Journey2 3D tomorrow! #Excited!

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    she is smart and articulate,also can express herself in a cute and full of charm manner,she never lets herself be intimidated by whoever is infront of her,could easily go with the flow but can be fiesty when needed.that’s our baby V!!

    Nothing new….very gorgeous AGAIN!:))

    Check out other pix…3 different looks in 1 day.(Kelly,Melissa Opening and Fallon)That’s just WOW!

  • Menna

    These pictures kind of weirdly gave me a glance at what she’ll look like in 15-20 years. It’s nothing bad at all, she just looks older.

  • yets

    im just proud of our girl.
    God Bless you v.

  • maria

    @Menna: I think she will age beautifully, with her Asian skin. Her mother’s skin is beautiful and I believe she’s around 50.

  • lei

    wish her the best of everything

  • lei

    such a strong young lady, i love her!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!she is so sweet and amazing person!!!!

  • Nessa’s Fan

    Hahahah she’s funny.. and smart :)

  • troian

    she is certainly is a beautiful woman but i think someone on vanessa’s team have exaggerated with the make up..

  • sony

    she’s so pretty …wow

  • Gissel rios

    She looks beautiful!