Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Photo Shoot with Tyler Blackburn!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Photo Shoot with Tyler Blackburn!

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato reunite for a new photo shoot in the hills of Malibu, Calif., on Wednesday morning (February 8).

The two were joined for the unknown magazine shoot by Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn.

“Good morning! I woke up to the beach right next to my new place!! I love it and I’m so thankful. #beautiful #blessed” Demi tweeted earlier today.

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Demi and Joe formerly covered Teen Vogue together in Summer 2010.

10+ pics inside of Demi, Joe and Tyler

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  • dcstarinthemaking

    ugh love everyone, except joe ehhhh.

  • K.K.M

    ugh love everyone except demi ehhhh.

  • http://_crystalm3th connie

    ooooooh god

  • Warren

    Demi looks healthy and pretty.

  • demzglitlovatic

    Yay demi and joe photos they both look great. Demi look just beautiful ahhhh cant wait till the real pics :)

  • marla

    Why would they have Joe?

  • diana

    joe who

  • Ella

    Joe looks sooo good (as always)! I need pictures of them (JEMI) together!!!!!

  • Jemanian for ever

    OKAY THIS IS THE BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO THEM SINCE 2010. THEY MIGHT JUST GET BACK AND I RECON THEY MIGHT JUST GET BACK!!! demi (to me) is leaving clues…… JEMI JEMI JEMI!!!! delete wemi forever…… :) :) :) cant wait to see the real things :)

  • thetruth

    I need solo Joe pictures ._, I don’t want them to picture him with demi or someone else..hope it has a solo part for everyone.

  • Lauren

    I know Joe & Demi r still friends & they support each other!

  • katta

    but they aren’t together in any of those pics. Well, Joe looks so HOT as always… i don’t care the rest.

  • katta


    I agree with you. I want SOLO Joe photos, he’s is gorgeous and has much stylish and class

  • Ana Carolina

    OMG, a Demi esta tao linda

  • Ana Carolina

    OMG, a Demi esta tao linda quero fotos dela sozinha, eu adoro aquele sorriso dela.

  • Gabby

    Joe <3 he looks great!

  • lonleydreamer

    I want them all together, but most of it DEMI SOLO (:

    She looks amazing *-*

  • Marie

    Damn… I seriously can’t handle how perfect Joe looks in every photo shoot. That man is perfect

  • gueest

    Love Joe. He looks so good as always. but seriously could do without demi. and the other guy i don’t really care either way.

  •!/imthevideogurl Larissa

    wow! joe looks great :O

  • cath

    JEMI reunion at last!
    PS she’s so beautiful.. but together they get even more stunning!

  • joejonasgirl0676

    @Ella: Jemi? Serously? I like Demi and Joe but what is with the Jemi. it sounds really awkward. Besides I never liked them as a couple.

  • steff

    @marla: why would they have demi

  • http://@lovaticosChile2 marion :)

    DEMI is Perfect ? …………..Joee sucks!!!! .l.

  • TasteLikeCandy

    You know damn well Joe and Tyler were both like “Who is this tranny we have to take pictures with”?

  • Dania

    Joe please stay away from that mess with red hair…

  • Dominika

    Tyler!!!! ??

  • http://@imjoesbitch ImJoe’sB!tch

    That’s Joshep FLAWLESS Jonas.
    Hot as usual baby.

  • Cat drew

    Why on earth do people hate Demi so much? She seems like a cool girl. I know I’M mostly excited for HER pics. Not Joe’s or Tyler’s.

  • ego

    @K.K.M: Thats ok. Idiots tend to hate for no reason :)

  • ego

    @Dania: More like the other way around lol. If I was Demi i would stay clear from Joe Jonas. That guy has been with enough women to be a walking talking STD lol.

  • ego

    @TasteLikeCandy: Actually its more along the lines of Tyler looking at Joe and saying “so this is what a professional beard looks like.” hey anyone that dumps demi lovato has to be swinging for his own team. Just saying :)

  • ego

    Ever thought that the reason WHY Joe Jonas dumps every girl he is with is because well…he likes sausage? Lol. Look at him getting WAY to friendly with that male make up artist. Come on Joe. Just come out of the closet already :)

  • marciunderground

    Love seeing DEMI , i don’t care about the rest!

  • Marie


    lol … excuse me? just because he’s with someone of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they’re dating. And i agree with Dania because your idol is a hypocrite and contradicts herself all the time. Her campaign was based on lies upon lies! Sober Is Sexy – was she ever sober? Do you remember her recent pics? giving a sexy pose in little more than a bra and with a guy. She clear was drunk and on “drugs..” and she say: girls don’t need for dress provocatively for make a statement- she didn’t.

    ps: And this is just a random photoshoot

  • ego

    @Marie: 1. First off. You’re an idiot. But that goes without saying.
    2. Joe Jonas has been KNOWN to be a womanizing douche bag for a while. Slammed by almost EVERY EX he has had kinda shows you what kind of sexist dip s**t he is. Hell is apology song to Demi Lovato is proof of him trying to cover his tracks.
    3. If wearing a bra and taking a “sexy picture” with a guy means that someone is on drugs, by that logic every super model out there and or actress or ANYONE taking “Sexy pictures” is “on drugs” lol. You realize how stupid you sound right there?
    4. She never said “girl’s don’t need to dress provocatively to make a statement” get the phrase right before you put words in her mouth. But even if she DID say that, I don’t see how that pictures is proof that she is on drugs. Thats just stupidity on your end.

  • ego

    @Marie: Bonus response.

    -I never said anything about dating. You’re an idiot kid Seriously :)
    -At least my “idol” isn’t some womanizing douche bag who’s known more for his past ex’s than his mediocre solo career lol.
    - I like how you attack her campaign for being a “lie” when everything your boy Joe Jonas has done was nothing short of shady. Bringing his then current girlfriend on TOUR while his ex was opening for him? Forcing her to sing a song with them on stage and using their “relationship” to promote camp rock 2? Oh yeah he’s a real gentleman.
    -If wearing a bra and posing for a sexy photshoot means you’re on drugs, then Joe Jonas is on drugs since he was pretty much naked in his Just In Love video, Selena Gomez is on drugs since she performs in a bra pretty much, and Miley Cyrus is on drugs CLEARLY since she was caught with less than what Demi had on. Here’s an unconventional thought. The next time you make a claim that Demi is on drugs, back it up with more than just internet gossip and twit pics lol.

    PS: Tell Joe Jonas I’m very impressed with his less than 100,000 opening sales of Fastlife.

    You a real star Joey boy X-D!!!!

  • Jessie

    If I were Demi lovato, I would stay away from anything related to the Jo bros. that guy is nothing but a crum bum.

  • Ego

    Fun fact about people like Marie and other idiotic joe Jonas fans. They like to believe in any anti Demi rumor. Despite the fact that it’s been proven in true by herr reps, her best friends, former cast mates and even visual confirmation, you idiots continue to believe any phony rumor that comes about. Lol you guys a stupid like that. And it it amuses me :-)

  • Ego

    Joe Jonas fans fun fact. Joe Jonas fans don’t respect women since they idolize a womanizer and a sexist pig :-)

  • Ego

    Joe Jonas fan fact. They support joe Jonas’s decision to exploit a girl with an eating disorder for camp rock 2 promotions :-)

  • Ego

    Joe Jonas fun fact. Demi has had a much more successful solo career than joe Jonas. I just thought I’d bring that up since it was only a year ago that she was opening for the Jo bros. now she is headlining her own tour :-). I wonder when joe Jonas’s solo tour is about to kick off. Maybe in the middle of never? Lol

  • Ego

    Joe Jonas fun fact. His solo career flopped because he is a womanizing douche bag who treats women like crap. Hey joe how was your peoples choice award? Oh wait you never got one :-). Cause you suck and your fans are idiots lol.

  • Ego

    You gotta love Demi lovato. Even with her supposed “fake campign” she still has idiots like @Marie: talking about her and giving her more exposure. Good job you little idiot. You continue to make Demi lovato relevant :-)

  • Ego

    Demi lovato fun fact. Even with her troubled past, she still magaes to have a hell of a come back, head lined her own tour, be the first female artist from Disney to win a people’s choice award for singing and beat out gaga and Katy perry.

    Stay pressed demo haters. Stay pressed :-)

  • princesshifi


    funny fact about you, you’re a jerk who obviously has less fame then any of the people you talk about and feel the need to call a guy who has done nothing wrong a womanizer.

  • austinjakestylesharry


    OMG i love you!!! :DDDDD

  • http://@imjoesbitch ImJoe’sB!tch

    @ego Shut the f*ck up lovatic. Stop hating on my Baby

  • ego

    @ImJoe’sB!tch: Its not my fault your baby is a malicious sociopathic snake who treats women as expendable objects :)

  • xoxo

    sorry, i saw your comments and i just had to reply. this is coming from a long time fan of both jonas brothers and demi. you shouldn;t be comparing joe and demi’s solo careers. joe didn’t start out as a solo act. he’s in a band. demi started out as a solo act. the jonas brother have reached more success than demi has. it’s like demi joining a band and hoping to reach as much succes as the jonas brothers. uhm.. very unlikely. just like joe ever thinking of reaching demi’s succes as a solo act. i don’t think joe is a womanizer and i don’t think demi is a hypocrite. people seriously need to calm down. people hating on them isn’t doing you justice. in the long run, if they choose to get back together, then they do. it doesn’t really matter what fans thing.

>>>>>>> staging1