Miley Cyrus Out, Selena Gomez In for 'Hotel Transylvania'

Miley Cyrus Out, Selena Gomez In for 'Hotel Transylvania'

Selena Gomez has replaced Miley Cyrus in Hotel Transylvania, EOnline is reporting.

Miley, 19, was attached to voice Mavis, the young daughter of the Dracula.

The film follows Dracula (Adam Sandler), who operates a high-end resort away from the human world and goes into panic mode when a boy discovers the place and falls for the Count’s teen-aged daughter.

A source tells EOnline of Miley exiting the film, “People drop out of films all the time. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Hotel Transylvania also stars Cee Lo Green and Kevin James and is set for release later this year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena taking over for Miley?

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  •!/xosamm21 SAMANTHA

    this movie plot sounds so stupid and unoriginal. and selena gomez? pathetic

  • Brin

    If what is said is true, im sensing some flameing fan fights wherever this topic get posted….

  • carey

    I’m glad Selena took the role. Miley’s voice is too deep, manly, raspy and croaky, yuk.

  • WoahThere

    I’m ohkay with it, doesn’t affect me but dannggg Selena is taking the movie industry by a storm! Happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eglomar

    i love Selena Gomez

  • laurent

    @SAMANTHA you are the pathetic, so stfu! and totaly agree with @carey miley voice is horrible and so manly gross!

  • laurent

    so excited for sel upcoming projects! shes the best ;P

  • Troy

    The plot does kind of sound similar to the plot of :”Mad Monster Party” a really cool stop-motion animated film from the sixties produced by Rankin/Bass the fine folks who brought us “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and the original “Thundercats.” But sadly there are few truly “oriignal” ideas out there so it’s really just a matter of presentation and “Hotel Transylvania” sounds entertaining.

  • JP

    Heard Miley was fired…..oops!

  • Marius


    Aww, Miley was PERFECT for this role; she already looks like a
    hideous ghoul in real life. They would’ve saved aTON of money
    on makeup and special effects.

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    ahh ok idk!!!miley s consentrating her music for this year soooooo wer so xcited luv yah miley

  •!/SGMCRocking miss idgaf

    You are all idiots, I am excited to watch it either way I love Miley and Selena so if one of them starred in it I would be watching it anyways. I’m glad Selena got the part she can now add it to her 5 future films making it 6. And also she can take a break from her music and focus on her biggest dream, being an actress. As for miss Cyrus it has been a good wait we need some more music, Not to mention her two films coming out this year, LOL and So Undercover… #TrulyExcited

  • Tia

    Love you Miley. Do your thing.

  • Amber

    Yayyy! That’s awesome news! Love you Sel

  • amy


    Yea, like you really have the inside scoop – I think NOT!

    Miley quit the project – which is what other news sources have said.

  • Melissa

    @christine She’s beautiful. I wonder what you look like.. You’re obviously just jealous. You should take care of yourself instead of hating on other people. The only person that’s effected in the end is you, hun.

  • Melissa

    That was directed towards @Marius not @christine.

  • javi

    i hope selena doesn’t accept the role. adam sandlers movies suck even the animated one’s i truly hope this news is fake.

  • Zyonna

    its funny because you kids are being so mean about people you dont even know, at least stick to facts!

  • Patworx


  • jennnnn

    lol why does selena always take MILEY’S place…… smh.

  • Warren

    I thought this movie was already done and Miley was a voice in it. Oh well, its an animated film and you wouldn’t see the real Miley anyway.

  • http://@deskaagriana Deska

    NO WAY, it should be MILEY, love u MILEY !!!!

  • Chinh

    no way…Miley is way better for this role..i mean shes really a Dracula of real world :D

  • Marielle

    I think that people are going to make a big deal about her leaving the film and saying she got fired when it’s highly probably that Miley probably became attached to another project and didn’t have the time. Also the fact that its Selena taking over is going to make people react immaturely.

  • jen

    eh sounds kind of interesting :)

  • Tiffany

    I love Selena!!!
    I’m very glad that Selena took this role!!!!
    She is the best:))

  • Bianca

    Perfect !!

  • demi lovesvodka

    @SAMANTHA: the only thing that’s pathetic is you

  • A. :)

    2012 is going to be Miley year, do your thing Mil and stay as true as you are. :)

  • ezzy

    @Marielle: doubt miley is attached to another project since she and her manager apparently parted ways

  • Ella

    @Marius: I would like to see your face I think your so intimidated by her beauty , you’re jealous so why don’t you shut the hell up and get a life

  • ryan

    miley is working on her music right now she said it on twitter, and her manger is her mom. so idk about that. plus miley has two more movie out this year dont freak but i think they should get someone like dakota fanning or her sister to do it. its not that i dont like selena but she is to goody goody to play a role like that miley is a better voice over actress to me and selena is a better on screen actress. but anyway the movie would be good. proud smiler and selenator right now.

  •!/MarissaHeviaa Marissa

    to be honest ; y’all happy miley left the role ? Selena was the second choice . Miley is better . She has better things to do than the movie . She’s in the baaaank ! Selena is doing the role for money . She wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for Justin & his connections . JUSTSAYIN ‘ .

  • Marielle

    @ezzy: And she can’t get a new manager? And a lot of celebrities don’t have a manager.

  • Ezzy

    @Marielle: She can get a new manager but not sure hoe many people would want tO manage her after the whole cake no1 really cares about her now

  • Ezzy

    @Marielle: She can get a new manager but not sure how many people would want to manage her after the whole cake no1 really cares about her now

  • javi

    @Marissa: offcourse an actor is going to do a movie for money what are you stupid every actor do movies for money or awards good god these kids!! get stupid every day.

  • javi

    miley should have stick to acting. music is all ready overcrowded with pop acts or whatever miley sings theres justin bieber katy perry,beyonce,gaga,jennifer hudson,kelly clarkson,carrie underwood,taylor swift ,demi lovato all those girls sing better than miley and behave better i think miley should do more films.

  • demi lovesvodka

    miley got fired from the movie for trying to hump the director and then getting high

  • http://vicky_ickybla neela

    Miley was suppose to get this role!!! She was picked first so she’s the best for Mavis!!! It’s pretty unfair!! :)

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