Vanessa Hudgens: 'Be Proud of the Body You Have!'

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Be Proud of the Body You Have!'

Vanessa Hudgens is super smiley as she arrives at the airport on Saturday (February 11) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress kept it cool in a pair of shades and a long skirt as she was escorted through the terminal.

Vanessa recently told Access Hollywood that she has a positive view of her body.

“My body is my body…I love myself and I think you’ve got to be proud of the body you have and own it,” she said.

Vanessa also talked about seeing her pal Miley Cyrus at the People’s Choice Awards.

“I got to see Miley that was really nice. We found out that we have the same tattoo!” she said of the “Om” tattoo on her pinky!

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  • evz

    Her smile makes me smile too… No matter what anyone says, fact is Vanessa made her fans happy. And I’ll watch J2 again just for her :-)

  • eat me

    what a horrible outfit….. But i agree on what she said.

  • bella

    Love her so much…..@eat me: oh You just play in Zac post that you like

  • Xo

    Can’t wait to see Journey 2 this weekend


    OH WHAT a mess hair and dress,, old fashioned ,, does she even know the word ” FAbulous” ?

  • Celestine

    @bella: erm just because one disagrees with her outfit that does not mean that person is automatically y not a fan! You are allowed to sometimes dislike whatever that person is doing or wearing, it’s called having an opinion!

  • maria

    Such a great message. So many women never get to that point in their lives. A beautiful woman to me is one with imperfections, who embraces that, and makes the best of it. Not the Megan Foxes, not the Rosie Whitelys, not any of those. They are plastic and created by surgeons. Not so beautiful to me. Vanessa is tiny and petite, and isn’t blessed with double D’s. So what? She’s ok with that, and always looks beautiful with what her parents gave her.

  • maria

    @Celestine: Agreed. I don’t always love her outfits either. We all have different taste. She wears what she likes and is comfortable in, in this case for a long flight.

  • eat me

    @bella that is horrible i know she’s from new york but she can do better than that…. It looks like she’s wearing a dress and she just put the jacket on but the socks peeking trough her shoes is ugly and that shoes doesn’t need a socks…. And the two shoulder bag agh she looks like a mess there.

  • annii

    hahha she looks so cute!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Her smile :D

  • maria

    @eat me: Well, no need to crucify her for wanting warm socks on the long flight to Paris. Those were probably the shoes she left snowy NYC in. Oh well. Not gonna hate her for wanting to be warm and comfy on a flight. Now if she walks the streets of Paris or LA like that, then I’d wonder.

  • eat me

    @maria oh common i didn’t say i hate her because of that…. I just said she can do better than that we all know how fasionista she is…. your right long flight and cold weather can be a reason but remove the socks… I’m sure she prepared something appropriate for paris like that jacket…

  • Jason

    Why would anyone who is proud of her body mark it up with tattoos?? It’s like putting graffiti on a wall… it just detracts from the perfection that you were given.

  • Haters Suck!

    She looks great. Me, my little bro and my little cousin are all off to see journey right now. I’m excited. Anyone here seen it yet?

  • Rebecca

    WTF is she wearing?!?! AND are those socks she’s wearing with those heels?!? The hell. These past few months she’s been wearing horrible outfits!!!! Oh my god. there were these pants, oh my god, so ugly. they were brown and it’s flare. and one time she wore this overalls with her bathing suit! WTF?

  • Rebecca

    I think she smoked too much cigs. She gon crazyy

  • .

    Yeah she is for sure not sad about her body, since she showed the whole world her naked photos!

  • tHAHMINA Yasmin

    awwwww… so sweet<3
    love her smile… u vanessa
    (can't wait for journey 2, reli need 2 watch it this weekend)

  • hanica


    I agree!!! She has the worst taste lately or let her stylist go. She looks a mess.

  • maria

    @hanica: @Rebecca: Everybody is allowed a few duds. So is Vanessa. She has looked amazing on this promo tour. In her private life, she wears what she wants, like everyone else. Get over it. She doesn’t need to dress to impress every minute of the day.

  • maria

    I am sick of my comments awaiting moderation.

  • bella

    @Rebecca eat me hanica: It’s none of your business

    She can put on clothes comfortably as she wants…

    @eat me: and You visit her posting sometimes and criticize her

    I hope his fans will not visit her posting

  • bella

    @. shut up

  • jen

    she looks great :)

  • yets

    we love you girl.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    outfit maybe not be good but the SMILE!….Gosh!…it is contagious!even after a long flight,her bright smile never fails to be there.So cute!

  • hanica

    She calls the papparazi on herself way too much!!! She should look into a mirror before leaving the room if we are not supposed to post about how awful an outfit is.

  • druevalentine

    heck¡¡ where my comment go?

  • bella

    @hanica: Stop bull shitting

    You don’t know anything about her.

    If you don’t like her don’t come this board