Demi Lovato Debuts New Blonde Hair!

Demi Lovato Debuts New Blonde Hair!

Demi Lovato took to her Twitter page over the weekend to reveal her brand new hair color to her fans.

“Thank you SO much Nine Zero One salon for my new locks!! How do you guys like the new look??” the 19-year-old entertainer wrote about her new blonde hair.

Demi‘s fans got very enthusiastic about the new hair color and even started a trending topic in honor of it: Demi Blondevato!

“Ahhhahaha Demi Blondevato is a trending topic?!! Y’all are funny! Haha,” Demi tweeted.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi Lovato as a blonde?

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  • Menna

    Better than that red mess she was rockin’.


    in my opinion its better than the red one
    but demi looks beautiful anyway
    love you

  • katalina

    i think black hair suited her the best, it made her look more classy and effortlessly beautiful, blonde doesn’t suit her at all and it makes her look,,, umm how do i put this… “oh my god”?

  • preet

    I LOVE Demi’s New Hair! It’s So fab!

  • preet

    @Menna: I Agree!

  • Jason

    Thank goodness… that red hair was horrible.

  • ego

    @Menna: she got that from your mom ;-)

  • ego

    Demi Hater: Demi sucks hurk hurk! I’m an idiot.

    End translation :)

  • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

    @Menna: idk wat she thought she was doing with that red hair lol love her though, like her with black hair the most and she should lay off the spray tan, makes her look like a kardashian, i like her with somewhat pale skin ’cause it fit the black hair :)

  • Asha James

    I luv it she looks better than that red hair SO GOOD DEMI U ROCK!!!

  • Asha James

    I luv it she looks better than that red hair SO GOOD DEMI U ROCK!!!

  • mysterygirl

    Better than the red one but i think she should go back to her natural hair colour it suits her the most

  • http://@iluvlovatodemi some one worth knowing

    LOVE IT! although i liked the red.. and loved thebrown and LOVED THE BLACK!!!!! Demi had always said the would totally go blonde if she could pull it off! follow me on twitter @iLuvLovatoDemi

  • ken

    i prefer the brown hair or the red one..not this

  • Po

    Really very pretty :)

  • demi lovesvodka

    always copying miley. miley dyes her hair blonde then demi does, miley gets a tattoo then demi does, miley dates a grown man at 16 then demi does, miley gets drunk and high then demi does

  • Ella

    Black hair is her BEST hair color!!!!!

  • foreverdclove

    OMG Shes finally a blonde , whats next? GREEN maybe. :P pukeee

  • ezzy

    i think the blonde suits her but it is possible that she dyed it blonde as it would be easier to get back to her natural colour from blonde than red

  • ezzy

    @demi lovesvodka: why on earth would she want to copy miley,demi is her own person and does what she wants

  • mary

    is she always wearing that much make up?

    but i think so too. the blonde looks better than the red.

  • cookiejar21

    gorgeous :)

  • she’s so annoying

    why must demi always tweet pictures of herself? She looks like an idiot. Her hair looks stupid like that. She seems so self absorbed, taking pictures of herself. The same goes for Miley Cyrus.

  • dani

    whats with the constant change of the hair color?
    u want my opinion? go natural.

  • jen

    she looks great :)

  • Liz

    hey demi lovesvodka I think you suck ass! Miley is copying Demi lovato and did you take notice – miley has not been copying her because demi got her to stop by cutting herself. I think you were drinking at least 7 boxes of vodka when you wrote that! Demi you are beautiful in your own way and you dont need some person to tell you that you arnt. Like Joe – even though you guys may have made a super cute couple… you are still amazing with or without him. BTW love all of your movies and song’s i really love Skyscraper… I am your number one fan. – Truly.

  • Yahoo user

    Love the new hair she’s rockin!!!!!

  • Heyme

    I think she looks pretty but I like her natural hair better

  • ego

    @demi lovesvodka: Actually Demi got her tattoos first, THEN Miley got hers at some points. So that would be the other way around moron :)